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What Makes Amish Small Businesses so Successful?

Facts about the Amish

Last week, I posted about the different types of heating stoves the Amish use to keep their homes warm through the winter. In The Winnowing Season, Rhoda is excited to rebuild her canning business in the new Amish settlement in Maine. After researching how the Amish start and run a business compared to how we as non-Amish start and run a small business, I’ve seen a pattern that at times gives them the upper hand in becoming a success and hanging on to it. At other times those Amish ways work against them—at least for a season.

Amish Home Fires and a Giveaway

Facts about the Amish

While visiting an Amish friend one winter, I woke to the gentle creaking of old wooden steps, and I knew my dear friend was on her way to the cellar to add wood to the stove. Her husband was on a three-day hunt, and while he’s gone she’s diligent about maintaining the wood stove so her family stays warm throughout the night and no one shivers when crawling out of bed in the morning.

Homemade Raspberry Cream Cheese Tarts

Melissa K. Norris

UPDATE: This giveaway is now over. Congratulations to Nancy Cashwell, the winner of an autographed copy of A Season for Tending.    Today’s post was written by Melissa K. Norris. Melissa will be posting here once every other month. She’ll share recipes, tutorials, etc. that reflect the Amish lifestyle for those of us who still live… Read more »