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Beef, Biscuits, Blessings, and Babies!

Sherry Gore

Today’s post is by a Plain Mennonite friend Sherry Gore. She’s going to share a story of some exciting recent events in her life, as well as an article and a recipe from her magazine, Cooking & Such: Adventures in Plain Living. Read more for a chance to win a copy of Cooking & Such: Adventures in Plain Living magazine!

Autumn in Pinecraft

Sherry Gore

When you hear the word autumn, you probably don’t envision Gulf breezes, palm trees, and hibiscus flowers in full bloom. But even in my tropical village of Pinecraft (in the heart of Sarasota, Florida), autumn is as distinct a season as it is for folks in the north. While we don’t have the spectacular changing colors on the trees or a crispness to the air that people enjoy elsewhere in the country, there are other telltale signs of fall.

My Father’s Legacy and a Giveaway

Cooking & Such Summer issue

Today’s post is written by my Amish-Mennonite friend Sherry Gore. She will share a story of the memories she has of her father and a recipe for his favorite dessert–strawberry shortcake. I am also giving away a copy of the summer issue of Sherry’s beautiful magazine, Cooking & Such: Adventures in Plain Living. Read more to find out how to enter.