Ada’s House series


Because of my mother’s Amish roots, I learned one truth when I returned to her old homestead: the things that bind us will never loosen, but the things that separate us will always stand firm.

I’m Cara, a twenty-something single mom living in New York City. I knew it’d be difficult to raise my daughter without any family or even friends to rely on, but I thought I was tough enough. After all, I grew up without family, pushed from one house to another in years of foster care. Yet for some reason I don’t understand, most of the memories of my childhood before my mother died come from somewhere inside Amish country.

As an adult, I entered a new life—unfortunately, a much worse one. Join me as my daughter and I flee the streets of New York and enter a land that feels as strange as it does familiar. Can we get free of a mad man and find a way to start over?