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The item above was first posted in the Want Ads of a newspaper. Please read it now and pay particular attention to the last line. I’ll wait. Done? Okay, here’s my wisdom for you: the next time you have something you want to brag about and don’t know how to share the news fast enough, take out an ad in the paper, explain in detail how great the item is and then say–NOT for sale, which is equivalent to saying–and YOU CAN’T HAVE IT!!!

I was under the impression I couldn’t do much with a quarter these days, but I stand corrected; a quarter was enough money to disrupt the workday of two police officers. My wisdom for the day is if you find a quarter, just pick it up! (Unless you’re in the Enterprise Rent-A-Car parking lot at BWI airport, then ignore the coin . . . because it’s super-glued to the asphalt!)


My wisdom for all you readers of inspirational fiction: the next time you’re fleeing the police–and I know this happens a lot, so don’t deny it–when you’re in hiding and an officer hollers Marco, do NOT respond.


The next time I think I see a suspicious vehicle in my neighborhood, I’m going to drink a cup of coffee before calling authorities. And I think you should too.

(The question that is now on some of your minds is: is she kidding or did this actually happen to her? The answer is no; it didn’t happen to me. But clearly it happened to someone, and, to steal a line from Anne of Green Gables, I like to give “scope for the imagination.”)



Today’s piece of wisdom is from a headline: Utah Poison Control Center reminds everyone not to take poison

There you go. Wisdom you can use.