Apple Ridge Novellas

Apple Ridge

When I saw Jonah face-to-face, his golden-brown eyes stopped me cold. Intrique collided with unease…Not again, not ever again.

The Amish know that Apple Ridge, Pennsylvania, with its lush farmland and rolling hills, is distinctive for far more than gorgeous scenery and kindhearted people. Many say it’s the bishop that makes the difference. He draws in those who struggle with the weight of grief or sin. Where a less kind bishop might scatter young people, he helps those who live in or find their way to Apple Ridge to unearth freedom. This bishop isn’t one to meddle. Most often he’s practically invisible. But his patience and steady offering of forgiveness have helped more than one young couple find their way to true love and happiness in Apple Ridge.

Join us as Lizzy, Beth, Mattie, and Levi, all residents of Apple Ridge, unravel the mysteries of love while Christmas brings them even more joy year after year.