How Does Traditional Amish Quilting Differ from Modern Quilting?

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Last month, I shared a bit about why the Amish are so well-known for their exquisite quilts.


Traditional Amish quilting was very practical. Originally, the Amish would only quilt with scraps left over from other sewing projects, such as clothing. For this reason the quilts would often be made of the colors they would wear: blue, green, burgundy, purple, and black.

traditional Amish colors

Traditional Amish Colors

The Amish have one particular quilting tradition that I think is very special. Often, mothers will save scraps from when they made clothes for their children through the years until the child/children are married or are expecting a child of their own. The mother will then use the old clothing (And sometimes old clothing of their child’s spouse, as well!) to create a keepsake quilt. The Amish have been doing this for many years and continue to this day.

The Amish had a few traditional patterns that used to be quite popular. They are still used today, but are often made a bit more intricately than they used to be.

1. Bars

This quilt pattern is quite simple and features strips of scrap fabric that create a square and a border surrounding the stripes.


Photo from Amish Country Quilts online quilt store

2. Diamond in Square

This traditional design looks exactly like its name. It is simply a solid diamond block of fabric in the center of a square of fabric. Its basic pattern allows Amish women to fill the fabric with very detailed stitching. Once completed, it looks far from basic!

Sunshine and Shadows

3. Sunshine and Shadows

I think this pattern is simply stunning. I like it so much that I have a Sunshine and Shadows wall hanging in my office! The close up image above is of some of the beautiful stitching on my quilt.

Sunshine and Shadows is characterized by small squares of different colors arranged in such a way as to contrast the dark and light colors.

Sunshine and Shadows

Quilts are an important part of Amish life. They are more than a beautiful item that provides warmth and comfort. The quilts also illustrate the very nature of living Amish: perseverance, patience, and hard work. Next month, I’d like to share some modern patterns and my thoughts on how these quilts can impact our lives. I hope you’ll join me! Be sure to check back often or to subscribe to my blog to make sure you don’t miss out!

Trunk with Amish Quilt

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