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Giveaway! Author copies of For Every Season have arrived!

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who participated! This giveaway is now over. The winners are Carol Dodge and Barbara Gauthier. Congratulations, Carol and Barbara! My author copies of For Every Season have arrived! You know what that means, right? Time to have the first of several giveaways! It is hard to believe that the month… Read more »

How Does Traditional Amish Quilting Differ from Modern Quilting?

Facts about the Amish

Traditional Amish quilting was very practical. Originally, the Amish would only quilt with scraps left over from other sewing projects, such as clothing. For this reason the quilts would often be made of the colors they would wear: blue, green, burgundy, purple, and black. The Amish have one particular quilting tradition that I think is very special. Often, mothers will save scraps from when they made clothes for their children through the years until the child/children are married or are expecting a child of their own.