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What Does an Amish Bride Wear on Her Wedding Day?

Facts about the Amish

I’ve received some great questions, and today I want to address a couple of them. I will discuss what an Amish bride wears on her wedding day and what language the Amish speak. I am also offering an exciting giveaway of an advanced reader copy of my newest book, A Season for Tending (the first book in my new series)!

Why the Amish and the Mennonites Moved to America ~

Facts about the Amish

Today, I will continue the story of the Amish beginnings by explaining why they immigrated to America. As we’ve discussed in previous blog posts, the Mennonites came from the Anabaptist movement in Switzerland. The Amish then split off from the Mennonites over concerns on how strict the rules for living and discipline should be. Jakob Ammann led the split to a more conservative lifestyle, and in so doing, began the Amish.

Why the Amish Dress the Way They Do ~

Facts about the Amish

Today I’m going to talk a bit about what the Amish wear and why they choose to dress the way they do. The topic of Amish clothing can be a complicated one. As we’ve discussed before, Plain Amish and Mennonites come from many different sects. Each group has its own patterns and however slight those differences may appear to us, I’ve witnessed time and again how those slight changes in style or fabric are very distinguishing to them. But the similarities can make it difficult to generalize on this topic, so bear in mind that what’s true of the clothing for one group may not be true of another.