Why the Amish and the Mennonites Split ~

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On the second Monday of each month, I’m going to aim to address readers’ questions about the Amish. Today, I will continue the story of how the Amish began by explaining why they split from the Mennonites.

Over a hundred years after the beginning of the Anabaptist movement, a Mennonite bishop named Jakob Ammann (sometimes spelled Jacob Amman) was worried that the Mennonite church was becoming too worldly. He wanted to return to a more strict way of life that maintained the separation from the “modern” people around him. In addition, there was a lot of disagreement about how serious church discipline should be and how long it should last. Eventually, these issues led Ammann and his followers to split from the Mennonite church and become the Ammann-ish, or the Amish.

Since that time, the Amish and Mennonites have continued to split and establish many separate groups. Some of these groups are differentiated by ideology or rules of living. Others, however, are simply separated by geography. Although many of the Amish seem to look the same to an outsider, there are many subtle differences that mark which subset they belong to that the Amish would recognize immediately. Some examples of these differences are the type of buggy they drive, the type of prayer Kapp worn by the women, the length of time they sing during church, the length of a woman’s dress or a man’s hair, and the type of harness used on horses.

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