Coffee ~ A story from author Meg Moseley

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Today’s guest post makes me want to take a coffee break! It’s a lovely story from my author friend Meg Moseley about sharing coffee with her daughter. Then afterwards, she is giving away a copy of her latest book, Gone South! Here’s Meg:

coffee beans in cup
I used to own a small and inexpensive coffeemaker, a gift from my daughter back before she married Mr. Right and moved out. Daughter and I are both coffee drinkers. In our old house, we used to e-mail each other, from one bedroom to another:

Time for the afternoon pot? she would ask.

‘K. Hazelnut or regular?

We often decided on hazelnut.

She worked part time away from home and part time from her computer at home, so we had lots of time for coffee and chats. I, being the one on the main floor, usually started the coffee brewing, then returned to my computer in a corner of the bedroom. She would come upstairs from her basement digs, pour two cups, and bring them to my computer corner. I would stay in my chair, and she would sit on the bed while we talked. She occasionally dribbled coffee on my quilt. (All is forgiven. I never really liked that quilt anyway.)


We talked about Mr. Right. A lot. We talked about other things, too, but it was always more fun to talk about Mr. Right and look at wedding dresses online. We went through a lot of wedding websites and a lot of coffee. Eventually she found the perfect dress, and her father walked her down the aisle when she became the Mrs. part of Mr. and Mrs. Right. Then I was making half the amount of coffee and feeling a little lonely when I poured the afternoon pot.

Kids grow up so quickly. Two of the three Moseley children are married now, and our daughter has two daughters of her own—and one of those new-fangled one-cup-at-a-time coffeemakers. They’re great, I suppose, and maybe I’ll want one someday too.

But here’s a funny lesson I learned from my old and inexpensive coffee maker. When I was in a hurry and I poured the coffee too fast, it dribbled down the side of the pot and made a mess on the counter. When I poured slowly, it didn’t spill. So, I had a choice. Pour fast, and spend time wiping up. Or pour slowly and have no mess. The time spent comes out about the same.

Pouring slowly, you have time to enjoy the aroma and the sight of coffee swirling into the mug. Pouring slowly, you make yourself slow down, relax, and enjoy the moment before it’s gone.

meg moseley

Meg Moseley is the author of Gone South and When Sparrows Fall, published by Multnomah Books. She formerly wrote human-interest columns for a suburban section of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and home schooled for over twenty years.

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