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I’m so excited to announce that my latest book in the Amish Vines and Orchards series, For Every Season is out! It is available TODAY in stores and online! Thank you so much to all my readers who have followed Rhoda, Jacob, and Samuel’s journey so far, and to the new readers just joining us! At the end of today’s post is the last chance to win an autographed copy of all three book in Amish Vines and Orchards, but first here’s a preview of our love-triangle characters and chapter one!


As young woman who for the first time in her life is feeling like she is home, Rhoda is finally embracing her God-given gift of intuition. In the past, this gift had caused her to isolate herself out of necessity. But just like how she shapes and hones the plants in her gardens and orchards, the trials of her past have shaped her into the brave, considerate, and insightful person she is today.

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Although he possesses a  good nature and accepting heart, Jacob is also under a heavy burden, in large part due to keeping secrets. He longs to both give and receive forgiveness.

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Always known to his family and community as the responsible eldest brother, Samuel is dedicated to making his and Rhoda’s orchard a success. However, his growing feelings for Rhoda have complicated the situation. How will he balance doing what is right with following his heart?

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Chapter One

Rhoda tiptoed across the dark kitchen. Only the blue flame under the pan on the stove and a lone candle illuminated the room. Electric lights first thing in the morning bothered her. Besides, when she got up before Bob and Camilla, she found comfort in the familiarity of a wavering flame.

She measured out freshly ground cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon and mixed it into her apple purée and sugar mixture. The aroma of simmering apple butter filled the air. Since she couldn’t start her days at the farm alongside her sister-in-law Phoebe in the kitchen, this was the second best thing—alone and trying new recipes.

Choose… A female voice sliced through the quietness.

Rhoda’s heart clenched. Had she wakened Camilla? Or was Rhoda hearing her sister again? It had sounded like a real person, and something moved, maybe someone in a dress, near the doorway. She turned off the flame under the pan before easing toward the living room. She saw no one.

Choose! The shriek jolted her like an unexpected clap of thunder, and Rhoda stumbled against a table.

Something fell over, and cold water, a lot of it, splashed on her dress and bare feet. The word choose continued to echo in her ears.

Her heart pounded as she skimmed her hands over the tabletop, searching for what she’d knocked over. Perhaps she felt stems of some kind and what seemed like cool textured glass rolling back and forth. A vase, a large one that apparently had been filled with water. She set it upright. As her eyes adjusted to the soft glow of moonlight, she padded across the wooden floor and reached for the light switch. But she paused mere inches from it. How had it come to this—she, a devout Amish woman, taking refuge in an Englisch home?

She lowered her hand, leaving herself in the dark.
The easy answer was that Jacob had banished her from living on the farm. Well, more or less.

He hadn’t made her go. But he’d invited her to leave and then had refused to talk to her. Fresh ache flooded her. Not a minute had gone by that she didn’t miss him. He felt the same way. She knew he did.

Still, here she was. An outcast.


The taunting voice was clearer now. It sounded like Emma, her late sister. Although it had been as real as if someone were in the room with her, Rhoda realized it was her own conscience blaring at her.

She had chosen, but Jacob was too wounded to listen to her. Shoving back her frustration and regret, she set her will to get through the coming day. She returned to the kitchen to get a towel. The digital clock on the microwave glared at her: 5:19.

She’d been up for hours, and thankfully it’d be daylight within the hour. Despite feeling out of place in an Englisch home, she was here, in the dark, trying a new recipe for the canning business and hoping she didn’t disturb her hosts.

It wasn’t a disagreeable place, but she would never feel fully at ease inside this house. Sadness tried to rob determination from her. She was no longer a part of the farm’s mealtime discussions about the workday. Or part of the camaraderie, chats, or even disagreements that were vital to running the business.

What was she going to do if Jacob’s anger and hurt didn’t dissolve?


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