A tidbit about Amish life

Back by popular demand . . . A tidbit about Amish life ~

The Old Order Amish meet for church service every other Sunday. They refer to the non-church Sundays as “between Sundays.” Since they don’t have a church building, the meeting place is rotated among members of their district. With approximately 25 families in each district, every member holds church on their property—either in their home, barn, or shop—once each year.

When the rotation rolls around to a family’s turn, preparations—which include a lot of cleaning—begin a week or two in advance. One room is cleared of all furniture. If it’s a shop or barn, all tools and equipment are stored away to make room for the benches.

On Saturday afternoon, a horse-drawn wagon arrives from the homestead that held the last service. The driver unhitches the wagon and leaves it on the property of those who are hosting the current Sunday meeting. The men set up benches in two separate sections: one for men and the other for women. An elderly person, or one with health issues, can bring in a chair with a back.

These are the benches that are used during the church meeting. There are enough so everyone can have a seat. When the service is over, it’s time for the meal. Some of the benches will remain benches and some will be converted into tables. A simple family-style meal is served, but only some of the people can be served at a time, beginning with the church leaders and elders.


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