Christmas Decorating the Amish Way

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Christmas decorations are popping up everywhere! Before October was over, our local Target store was adorned with snowflakes across the entire ceiling, restaurants began to play Christmas music over their speakers, and Starbucks started selling their coffee in red, Christmas-themed cups.  Although it is still a bit early to be decorating our homes with Christmas trees, tinsel, and lights, I wanted to share some do-it-yourself decorations that the Amish make.

The Amish don’t have Santa or massive electric light displays; they celebrate the birth of Christ in simplicity and tradition.  A favorite tradition among families is creating and sending out Christmas cards. Many families spend the long, dark evenings of fall with craft items spread out over a table. Creativity flows as they use paints, colored pencils, fabrics, buttons, ribbons, and other items to make beautiful and practical crafts.

You can use this idea as a jumping point to create unique Christmas decorations with your own family. If you have Christmas cards from previous years in storage, you can place a string from one wall to another and hang those Christmas cards from the string. As you do, take a minute to reread the names, think of each sender, and share a memory of that person with your children. An evening spent in that manner will stir love and respect for others.

Instead of buying store-made cards this year, try doing like the Amish and make your own Christmas cards to send to friends, neighbors, and relatives. At a hobby or craft store, for just a few dollars, you can purchase packets of fake gems, sequins, or beads, and glue these onto construction paper, along with a personalized Christmas message. Creating unique cards for each person lets them know you are thinking of them in a special way.

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