Poll on Facebook and a Giveaway

Winner- Sue

It would be so very helpful if those who enjoy a good Amish-based story would answer a question below. Aside from the fact that CBA Amish is clean fiction, what is it about Amish stories that draws you in, that causes you to buy the books, that makes you want to finish one and pick up another one? This is actually an important-to-me opinion poll, and for your thoughtfulness and time, I’ll use Random.org to choose one of you to win all three books in Amish of Summer Grove.

Twelve Months of Blue Skies

For a chance to win the entire series of Amish of Summer Grove, just leave you opinion concerning Amish fiction below or on my Facebook post that asks the same question.

The deadline for sharing your opinion is Tuesday, February 21, at noon Eastern Time. One winner will be chosen using Random.org. All three books will be sent to the winner once the third book is in print and in my hands . . . because it’s very hard to send to you what I don’t actually have! 😉

Because of international laws concerning giveaways or contests, I have to limit the potential recipients to US residents only, but I would appreciate hearing opinions about Amish fiction from readers in every country. Please visit my giveaway rules and FAQ page for a complete explanation of the terms and conditions of this giveaway.

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