Amish-made Quilt Giveaway

Win an Amish-made Quilt

The 2013 Amish-made Quilt Giveaway is closed.

Thank you to everyone who participated.

We’re verifying that ALL contest entries have been put into one folder before drawing a winner, and we’ll make the announcement as soon as possible.

Each year some of our Old Order Amish friends have a school sale/auction on their property. The money earned through this event goes to benefit their community’s school. These events are where I purchase Amish-made quilts and wall hangings to give away.

  • 2013 winner ~ Patricia Shrader of Allenstown, New Hampshire
  • 2012 winner ~ Sharon Dummitt of Mansfield, Ohio
  • 2011 winner ~ Janet Estridge of Lakeland, Florida
  • 2010 winner ~ Susie Lancaster of Joshua, Texas
  • 2009 winner ~ Kelly Beaver of Warren, Michigan
  • 2008 winner ~ Nedra Wright of Lawrenceburg, Tennessee
  • 2007 winner ~ April R. of Temecula, California

It has been a lot of fun doing this giveaway for the past six years, but 2013 was the last quilt giveaway for a while. Thank you for participating and making this giveaway such a joy!