Yesterday’s Gone Releases August 30, 2022!

Hello Friends,


I’m so excited to share that I have another book releasing on August 30!


I’ve always loved the classic Christmas movie, It’s a Wonderful Life. That “what if?” question is part of the inspiration behind my new book.


Eliza Bontrager Ebersol waited years to marry her sweetheart, Jesse. But their joy turns to heartbreak when they miscarry twice, and then lose their daughter shortly after birth due to a genetic disease. Nearly out of her mind with grief, Eliza is convinced the rumored “curse” between the two families is real. But in her darkest moment, a mysterious family heirloom quilt allows her to go back in time and change one event. Similar George in It’s a Wonderful Life, Eliza feels desperate and as if things beyond her control have trapped her beloved husband. Instead of wishing away her life, she prays away her marriage, trying to spare Jesse. But the effects of this change are far greater than anything Eliza could’ve imagined.


Come with us to rural Appalachian Amish country… To a place where beautiful streams and meadows meet buggies, bonfires, and Amish singings. Where a mysterious cabin and quilt exist outside of time…

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