Life on the Run . . .

Does it ever strike you as odd to know that we can be on the run and yet, at the same time, be sitting in a chair at a desk umpteen hours a day?

I’m starting to write on a new novel that will be out in 2010. Our oldest son is getting married in May. Our youngest son is schooling at home, and my husband’s traveling to another state as needed to help deal with his dad’s failing health. And those are the things I can blog about. Is it any wonder I haven’t posted here in forever?

But readers are very patient and encouraging as I prioritize to the best of my ability. I know there are a lot of people who’ll stop by this site who are also an active part of being in the sandwich generation–careers, raising (rearing) children, and taking care of aging parents. My brother and his wife are so courageous and quite worn out as they work with her (my sister-in-law’s) mother.

But . . . spring is here! Okay, that was a rough transition, but compared to a roller-coaster ride, it was fairly smooth. 😉

And with spring comes the latest edition of Plain News.

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I’ve been in Virginia for the past week, brainstorming with my critique partner Marci. While I was packing to go there, snow was on the ground in Georgia and even more snow in Virginia. So I took numerous jackets and plenty of warm clothes, including boots and leather gloves. But the day after I arrived, so did warm weather. We opened the windows, took long walks, and enjoyed eating ice cream while sitting outdoors. There were a lot of people out in Alexandria, milling about and welcoming the first warm days of the season.

Marci and I had a great time brainstorming on my next novel to write. There’s a new character who is unlike anyone we’ve worked with before. She’s quirky, that’s for sure, and she has a wit that causes those around her to see the humorous side to life. There’s no telling how she’ll end up looking on the finished page, but we sure did cackle at her antics when she showed up during the brainstorming time. The character is also deep, intelligent, and painfully vulnerable. But regardless of her spirit, many only see her “Achilles’ heel.”

I’ll visit my Amish friends come May, and attend their Amish School Auction/Sale. I’ll purchase a wall hanging similar to the one below. It won’t have the same pattern, but the overall look will be similar. If you’d like a chance to win the item, just leave a comment below. I’ll draw a winner on the third day of summer—Tuesday, June 23.


For those who’ve been waiting for a winner to be drawn for the Amish-made American flag wall hanging (see Contest ~ Amish-made American flag wall hanging, January 23 blog post), one will be chosen on March 20, the first day of spring!


Em Gott sei Friede (God’s peace),


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