Authors . . . you be the judge . . .

While in Orlando, I tried to keep a well-known author straight.

Did it work?

Below you’ll find a photo of Brandilyn Collins, writer of Seatbelt Suspense. What I want to know is when reading her Seatbelt Suspense, where’s the padded bar that both surrounds a person and gives them something solid to hold on to–like the ones on the wild rides at Disney?

Her stories will make you want to hold on to something or someone.  Of course this is a story of her needing to hold on to something or someone. Note photo below.

When I learned she was losing it, I hurried to her side.

There she is with my influence. What would she do without me?

Seriously, if you have teens who long to read the darker stuff that might give you reason to pause, you should check out Brandilyn’s suspense books for them. For fans of suspense, her books have the mystery and suspense scary stuff, but also have the faith element of trusting in God.

After the Brandilyn issue was settled, I met up with two other RITA finalists, and they tried to beat me up. What’s with that?

So I wrestled some sense into Amy:

Okay, so we need some acting classes. It’s harder than you think to strangle someone, while Susie (Susan May Warren) gave how-to directions.

But again my influence prevailed, causing Susan and Amy to calm down and come back to their senses.

Oh, man, am I in for it when they read this blog. And I’m picking on two women who write suspense–meaning they know how to commit crimes and not get caught! I’m a sittin’ duck! But as long as my readers are enjoying themselves, I’ll make the sacrifice;-)

This is the artistic work of Creston Mapes as I acted out the title of a book I can’t remember. What can I say? It was a very long and difficult nine days in Orlando.

I had authors to keep straight. Right, Brandilyn?

You can visit her excellent blog at:

Authors behaving. See how that’s done, Brandilyn?

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