How Reader Friend of the Week works

How Reader Friend of the Week works.

Each week I give something special away, often an autographed copy of one of my books, sometimes a gift card or an Amish-made wall hanging, etc. Everyone who leaves a comment or hits Like on this Facebook page throughout the week is automatically entered for a chance to win for that week. You may leave as many comments as you like, and each comment is another chance to win.

Reader Friend of the Week begins each Monday. And, starting January of 2012, I’ll post an announcement of the recipient on this Facebook Friday afternoon.

Because some of the navigational abilities on Facebook, I can’t, as the Admin of a Like page, go to your Facebook page and send a private message. I hope Facebook changes this policy, but for now that means I have to put the responsibility of follow through on you. So if you leave a comment on this page, be sure to check back on Friday afternoon to see if you won. I suggest checking back on Friday so you don’t chance missing the announcement, but the announcement will remain there, and you’ll have three weeks to e-mail me.

To choose a winner, I tally the number of participants and use to pick a number. If there are seven hundred comments left throughout the week, and you posted five comments that week, hypothetically making your commenter numbers 31, 105, 276, 503, and 699, if chose any one of those numbers, you’d be the recipient of that week’s giveaway.

If you’re the winner, copy and paste the announcement I post into an e-mail and send it, along with your postal address, to Recipients will have three weeks to claim their prize by sending me an e-mail with a copy of the announcement message.

I can only offer this giveaway to residents in the US, but if you know someone in the US who’d be willing to receive the item for you and send it on, you are welcome to do so!

I aim to get the prize out the door ASAP, but it may take me up to two weeks after receiving your postal address before I can get the item sent out. I have a very active family life and lots of writing deadlines to meet, so I appreciate your patience and understanding about receiving your prize.

Behatz Sei Hoffning (Embrace His Hope),