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9 Ways to Fight and 15 Books to Give Away

9 Ways to Fight Writer’s Block
Today, I’d like to answer a question asked by one of my reader friends.
She asked: “How do the ideas keep flowing once you have started your book?”
My answer: I actually have an arsenal of ways to keep a story going. But let me begin with what doesn’t help: banging my head against a wall and wailing, “What happens next?” That only leaves me with a headache, and it’s much harder to think with my head pounding.

Beef, Biscuits, Blessings, and Babies!

Sherry Gore

Today’s post is by a Plain Mennonite friend Sherry Gore. She’s going to share a story of some exciting recent events in her life, as well as an article and a recipe from her magazine, Cooking & Such: Adventures in Plain Living. Read more for a chance to win a copy of Cooking & Such: Adventures in Plain Living magazine!

January Reader Friend of the Month

This month, I’m giving away three copies of The Winnowing Season. I’m reading the type set pages of The Winnowing Season (looking for any elusive typos before it goes to print), and I think readers are going to fall deeper in love with Rhoda, Jacob, and Samuel! I’ve already heard from a few professional reviewers who’ve loved it, and their comments have made me one happy writer!

Hot Buttons: Go ahead and press them!!

Hot Buttons Dating Edition

I have something a little different for you today. Instead of our traditional family-favorite recipe post for the first Monday of the month, I’d like to share a different type of recipe with you, the kind that helps equip and guide teenagers through life’s difficult choices. Nicole O’Dell is my guest on my blog today, and she would like to tell you all about this recipe and how it relates to her new book series.

Recipes for Friendship & a Recipe Swap ~

Recipe box

It’s Amish recipe time again! I would love it if you’d post a favorite recipe in the comments segment and so would the thousands of recipe lovers who’ll stop by this blog throughout the week. But you don’t have to post a recipe to enter this week’s giveaway. All you need to do is leave a comment so I know you’re interested in participating.