The Gift of Christmas Past Release Giveaway

Hello, Readers,

I am so excited to share with you that my Southern Romance Christmas novella, The Gift of Christmas Past, is now available in stores and online!
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This story is very special to me and was so much fun to research and write. Last winter and spring, Erin and I went to Asheville, North Carolina twice. We visited all the locations used in the story, including the historic downtown courthouse and Biltmore estate. Among the helpful events that unfolded to help us with the story, we had a few great conversations with lawyers involved with the juvenile court system.


We tasted delectable chocolate at the French Broad Chocolate Lounge. While at the nature center, my granddaughter, Lucy climbed the same rope structure that a little girl her age in the story also does. We wrote on the downtown “Before I die” wall, also something our characters do. One day it even SNOWED. (Which is pretty special for these Southern girls.)


Thank you, readers, for your support over the years, and I hope you’ll enjoy visiting Asheville with us through The Gift of Christmas Past.


For this release week giveaway, I am giving away an autographed copy of my October 10 release, The Gift of Christmas Past, as well as a special fall collection of hand crafted chocolates from Asheville’s French Broad Chocolate Lounge.  To read the first chapter, CLICK HERE.



Thank you, readers for all you’ve done getting the word out about my books. Since this is my first non-Amish release, it’s really important to get the word out. For a chance to win an autographed copy of The Gift of Christmas Past and The Fall Collection from French Broad Chocolates, please share, and then leave a comment on my blog, or on the corresponding Facebook post.

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70 Responses to “The Gift of Christmas Past Release Giveaway”

  1. 69
    Kathi Longcoy says:

    Love the first chapter! Thanks for sharing it.

  2. 68
    Nancy says:

    Cindy – I just read the first chapter for The Gift of Christmas. It was really good. I hope to read the book soon. I have not read any of your other books. I like to read books about the Amish. God bless you! Nancy Larimer

  3. 67
    Nancy Latina says:

    Your new book, “The Gift of Christmas Past” intrigues me. My brother lives not far from Asheville in North Carolina. I look forward to visiting Biltmore one of these days so am curious what other sites are mentioned about Asheville as well. Every year I begin reading Christmas novels when the calendar page turns to November and am anxious to get started!

  4. 66
    Nancy Fox says:

    Cindy I really can not wait for this book I know it will be a blessing to me they all have. Looking forward to reading this since your daughter helped you I am a believer in family.

    God bless

  5. 65
    marcille says:

    I love your books so much and I can’t wait to read this new one! Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with us.

  6. 64
    Ellen says:

    I would love to win your wonderful book !!! I read the first chapter and love it !!!

  7. 63
    Glenda Fletcher says:

    Good morning, Cindy, Am anxious to read your new book, The Gift of Christmas
    Past. I have been in Asheville. We also visited the Biltmore. Very awesome. I like to sew, so we stopped at the quilt shop not too far from the Biltmore. Nice
    town to have visited. Thank you

  8. 62
    Laura says:

    I’d love to win your new book.

  9. 61
    nancy seitz says:

    As usual the story is exciting. Love your books.

  10. 60
    Mary Ellen Ashenfelder says:

    Sounds like a wonderful story. Looking forward to reading this book. Would love to add it to my collection. Thank you.

  11. 59
    dara montgomery says:

    I would love to win a copy of your and Erin’s book. I always look forward to your reading your books.Thanks for your great stories.

  12. 58
    Rae says:

    I love all of your books and always anxiously await a new one. Thank you for the great stories and chocolate is a very nice snack while reading!

  13. 57
    Randi says:

    Looking forward to reading your new book!

  14. 56
    TAMMI TAYLOR says:


  15. 55
    Marilyn says:

    This is a terrific giveaway. The prizes are great. Thank You.

  16. 54
    Marion says:

    Thank You for the opportunity to win this generous giveaway.

  17. 53
    Joan says:

    What a great prize to win. Thank You.

  18. 52
    Nancy says:

    I have been with you from your very first book and you are still my favorite author. I will read any thing you write even emails. lol

  19. 51
    Sharon Jones says:

    I would love them both!!! xoxoxo

  20. 50
    Bonnie says:

    Cindy, Christmas stories are my favorite books to read and I would love to win. Thank you for the chance.

  21. 49
    Dawn L. Martinez says:

    Cindy, I enjoy reading your books! I especially like to read Christmas stories. I’m anxious to read your next book, “The Gift of Christmas Past”. The chocolates look very delicious. Praying you have A Happy Thanksgiving & A Merry Christmas this year. Love in Christ, Dawn Martinez

  22. 48
    Janet Estridge says:

    Dear Cindy,
    I shared your blog with a friend. I’ve been to the Biltmore House but not at Christmas time. Our readers in the Church Library enjoy your books and they are going to love this one.

  23. 47
    Barbara Wenner says:

    I would love to reathis book sound like it will be a good book,love your books,thanks for a chance to win and congrats on your new book God bless.

  24. 46
    Robin in NC says:

    We love visiting Asheville too!! I can’t believe we’ve missed the French Broad Chocolate Lounge! Definitely a reason to visit again! I really like the cover & enjoyed the first chapter. Thanks for sharing with us!

  25. 45
    Helen Salabak says:

    Just read the first chapter of the new Christmas book and can’t wait to read it all. Your books always grab my attention immediately. Good job, Cindy!

  26. 44
    Susan Peterson says:

    I am looking forward to reading this Christmas book. I have enjoyed reading all your Amish books. That is how I started reading your books. I work on Genealogy and found out that I have Amish ancestors, WOW! I was surprised in a good way. I told my sister about your books since she is an avid reader. We both read paper and e-books. Thanks for writing and sharing.

  27. 43
    Linda Hansen says:

    Love your books. Can’t wait to get my hands on it and what better than chocolate to go with it. Thanks!!

  28. 42
    Karleen Mrazik says:

    pick me, pick me!!🤗 Absolutely love all your books!

  29. 41
    Shelley says:

    I would love to read this book. God Bless.

  30. 40

    What could be better than a book by Cindy Woodsmall and Chocolates. I have been a fan of your books forever, and have read and reviewed many of your books! Thank You!

  31. 39
    Geri M. says:

    This sounds like a wonderful story line. Looking forward to reading it. And the chocolates sound yummy! Blessings…

  32. 38
    Donna B says:

    I always enjoy reading one of your books! Thanks for this giveaway. I am sharing on twitter.

  33. 37
    K says:

    good wishes —

  34. 36
    marti combs says:

    loved all of your books I have read thank you look forward to reading many more – love your stories in each and every one – thank you God Bless!

  35. 35
    marti combs says:

    loved all of your books I have read thank you look forward to reading many more – love your stories in each and ever one – thank you God Bless!

  36. 34
    Ashley says:

    It looks like ya’ll had a fun time.

    Books and chocolate! LOVE!!

  37. 33
    Sharon Baird says:

    I’ve loved your Amish books but I’m anxious to read this one especially in this setting as I have always wanted to visit the Biltmore Estate. The chocolates would be a perfect snack while reading “The Gift of Christmas Past.”

  38. 32
    peggy clayton says:

    Thank you so much for the chance to read I would love to review after reading also!

  39. 31
    Joy Taylor says:

    I love the fact you are branching out. Thank you for sharing part of your research….

  40. 30
    Shirley Bottoms says:

    Love reading your Amish books and looking forward to reading this new Christmas book. I’m sure it will be wonderful. Would love to win the chocolate, also.

  41. 29
    Kathryn Riley says:

    Winning one of your books is reason enough to enter your contests, but the addition of good chocolate makes the entry irresistible!

  42. 28
    Carol Quinn says:

    Thank you so much for all you do to get your books as accurate as possible. Also for such wonderful giveaways

  43. 27
    Susan Johnson says:

    This looks like a great book. I love Christmas books. I shared on Facebook.

  44. 26
    Susan Campbell says:

    I can’t wait to read. I look forward to reading your books when they come out.

  45. 25
    Tina Dewe says:

    Sounds like a great read, keep up the good work!!! I hope I win!!!

  46. 24
    Amanda Kinzel says:

    I absolutely love your books and I love Christmas novels so I am really looking forward to reading this!

  47. 23
    Cherese Akhavein says:

    I’m very excited to venture into this new book with you. I look forward to see where this leads you. The summary sounds very good and I can only imagine the rest of the book bring just as wonderful. Good luck everyone.

  48. 22
    cindy flynn says:

    would love to win and add to my collection

  49. 21
    Loretta Shumpert says:

    Hope that my library will have this…but hope that I win it so that I will have my own copy to keep 🙂

  50. 20
    Paula Lambert says:

    I am so looking forward to reading this book! Love your books!

  51. 19
    Maxie Anderson says:

    Hi Cindy. This sounds really good. I would love to win it to go with your others I have. Please put my name in. Maxie Anderson

  52. 18
    Pat Shrader says:

    I got my copy of this book yesterday – so looking forward to reading it!
    Shared on Facebook.

  53. 17
    Nancy Brown says:

    I’ve never read a book about foster children, and this sounds quite interesting. Thank you for the first chapter being made available for people to read.
    I hope to win a copy.
    Jesus loves you!

    Romans 10:9-13; John 3:16-21

  54. 16
    Joyce Loy says:

    Can’t wait to read your new book. I’ve been a fan since your Sisters of the Quilt series.

  55. 15
    Suzanne Sellner says:

    I loved Asheville, NC, when my husband and I visited there, and I’ve loved every one of Cindy Woodsmall’s books. I WILL be reading this Christmas novella before this Christmas. I can’t wait!

  56. 14
    Melinda says:

    Looking forward to your book.

  57. 13
    Clara H. says:

    Cindy and Erin, I am looking forward to reading this new book on The Gift of Christmas Past. I love reading your books so much that I have a hard time putting them down. Please enter me in the drawing for a chance to win this new book. Thank you!

  58. 12
    Bernice says:

    This looks like a great story & coupled with a box of chocolates sounds fabulous. Thanks for the chance to enter your contest.

  59. 11
    Beverly M. says:

    The first chapter pulled me right in, can’t wait to read the rest. Thank you for the opportunity to win this novel and chocolates. Good luck on your new release.

  60. 10
    Emma S. says:

    I am looking forward to reading The Gift of Christmas Past. Thank you for the opportunity to win. I enjoy reading your books. Have a wonderful week.

  61. 9
    Kathryn Voss says:

    Shared!! So excited for your new release!

  62. 8
    Judith A says:

    I shared on the link provided about the give away. Please enter me in this give away for The Gift of Christmas Past and the delicious chocolates. Thanks Cindy!! Judy F

  63. 7
    LINDA says:

    Excited for you and your new book!

  64. 6
    Kay Hilton says:

    The book sounds wonderful and the chocolates – oh, my!!

  65. 5
    wendy says:

    Loved the first chapter! Can’t wait to read the rest of the book.

  66. 4
    Sharon Mendenhall says:

    I’m a senior (71) who can’t put your stories down. I love the story lines and characters. I’m curious to read your “non” Amish book.

  67. 3
    Eva M Warren says:

    Love your books, I also share them with my sister. Our mom loved them as well and read them until she went home to be with the Lord in January of this year. Thank you for giving us such reading pleasure.

  68. 2
    Kat says:

    This is the prescription for Holiday rest and relaxation~~~

  69. 1
    Sunnie says:

    As is the case with all of your books, this sounds terrific! I love books about Christmases especially those in the past. Love to reminisce about all the Christmases I have experienced and those are all wonderful memories to cherish! Thanks for the opportunity!