Twelve Months of Blue Skies ~ Month Five and Giveaway



Messy kitchen

The pile of dirty dishes is mocking me from its home in the sink. A handle to a spoon is sticking out, as if waving and saying, “Hi, I’m still here!” I sigh.

Fifteen years ago I washed dishes as needed throughout the day and for a last time before heading to bed. When I woke, I would find that the sink had mysteriously filled with plates and cups. Well, it wasn’t too mysterious. I had teenagers who raided the fridge, devouring leftovers while I slept. But they were very clean about it. How do I know? Because evidence showed they never used the same plate or cup twice during any given night! 😉

The teens are now grown men in homes of their own, and my sink no longer fills with dishes when I’m not looking. But somehow dishes still pile up. It’s one of those empty-nest puzzlements that no one warns you about.

My husband is incredibly helpful in every possible way. But he works long hours each weekday in the surveying field, and by the end of the day, his energy is waning. And speaking of long hours, some days I’m at the computer writing, editing, rewriting, and doing all the non-writing aspects of the job from sunrise to long beyond sunset. And we love time with our sons, daughters-in-law, and five young grandchildren.

You know what? I think I’ve solved my mystery I mentioned above of “somehow.” 🙂

(See the miniature tea pot in the sink? It’s a sure sign that my five-year-old granddaughter and I had a tea party, although I hadn’t recalled doing so until I studied the impromptu picture I’d taken weeks ago.)

For the most part, I feel I use my time decently well, just not in ways that are always easily accounted for.

Romantic Times recently awarded me with their Career Achievement Award for Inspirational Fiction. I was very surprised and also incredibly thankful. Incredibly thankful!

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So piles of dishes? No big deal, one of us will get to them soon enough. Dust puppies (you know, instead of bunnies because these are made of our dog, Tassie’s, fur) will be swept away…eventually. My home is rarely in the kind of shape I prefer for it to be in, even when all dishes are done, laundry is clean and put away, and floors are scrubbed. There are still closets and storage rooms that need cleaning out, new recipes I want to try, and rooms that need a fresh coat of paint. When I was a young woman I mistakenly thought life would be slower by now, and I imagined having every thing in its rightful place every day. But I’m at peace that the lifestyle I once imagined isn’t the one I have. There’s more love, spontaneous moments, and creativity in this one than I knew was possible back when.

What little things have you needed to let go of to help maintain sanity and a sense of balance throughout your life, either at work or in the home?


For this “blue skies” post, I am giving away an autographed copy of my August 15 release, Gathering the Threads. It’s the third and final book in the Amish of Summer Grove series. To read the first chapter, CLICK HERE.

gathering threads2

Twelve Months of Blue Skies

For a chance to win an autographed copy of Gathering the Threads, simply leave a comment on my blog.

What little things have you needed to let go of to help maintain sanity and a sense of balance throughout your life, either at work or in the home?

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265 Responses to “Twelve Months of Blue Skies ~ Month Five and Giveaway”

  1. 253
    Ashley says:

    The one thing I need to let go of to reserve my sanity is clutter.

    I want to go through my things and get rid of the things I don’t want or need anymore.

  2. 252
    Gayle Pacce says:

    I Love reading Amish books and you are definitely among the ones I read. I’d like to thank you for giving Amish readers some very good, clean, fun, interesting books. I always find a peace when I read an Amish book, Thank you also for the chance to win one of your books. I’ve found I’ve had to let go of some of the people in my life -negativity just wasn’t helping me. Sometimes you have to stop and realize what your REAL priorities are and should be.

  3. 251
    Vivian Furbay says:

    I have been waiting to read the last book in this series. I love your books and some of them have really touched my heart. Your characters are so real. God’s Blessings!

  4. 250
    Sharon Dummitt Wolf says:

    Truly love all your books… I just want to say THANK YOU….

  5. 249
    Mary Greer says:

    Its a privilege to raise children.. Of course the house may be ‘messy’ at times, by the joy is seen as your children grow. A true blessing

  6. 248
    Beverly Lawrence says:

    I have learned, also, that there are more important things then keeping a spotless home. Besides a home is meant to be lived in otherwise it is just a house.

    One of the more important things is reading one of your books.

  7. 247
    Sharon Flynn says:

    Would love to win this book! You are my favorite Amish author!

  8. 246
    Linda Auxier says:

    Anxious for the release of your new book and would be honored to receive an autographed copy.

  9. 245
    Vicki Dupree says:

    I have enjoyed reading your article as we always get too bisy @ times & dont know where the time goes from the time we get up & then return to bed @ night. I always feel better with prayer. I really enjoy all of the Amish books. Can’t read enough of them as I immerse myself in a book & can’t put a book down. I am looking forward to reading your new book.

  10. 244
    Teresa says:

    Reading your blog Cindy sounded so very much like me and my home. To me spending time with my family when they come to visit is so much more important than doing dishes, vacuuming, dusting ect. That all can always be done but my family is so much more important and in today’s world it is becoming more so. Life becomes hurried and never enough time in the day to get things done. My grand daughter will be 6 in August and I wonder where has time gone and how fast she is growing up! 😢 We need to slow down and cherish the time we have because we are not promised tomorrow. That hit home when my neighbor last week asked me to care for her plants, pool and mail because after returning back from India to take her mother in law home she had to turn around and go back because out of the blue her mother in law passed away. I want to cherish my time spent with my family; forget the housework, it will be there; family may not. I look forward to reading your book!

  11. 243
    Theresa Powers says:

    Love your books! Would love to win

  12. 242
    Nora Scott says:

    Over the years I have tried to use this motto “Don’t sweat the small stuff”. I have learned to let go of the things that in 20, 10 , 5, or even 1 year will make no difference in my life or the lives of those I love. I try to concentrate on the stuff that memories are made of and what will matter to myself or those in my life when we look back and remember.

  13. 241
    Tammy tomez says:

    Love your books!! I would love to have a copy of this one! Please always continue to bless us😍

  14. 240
    Sharon Hays says:

    I have the other 2 and look forward to adding your new book to my collection as well. I love your books

  15. 239
    Linda Martin says:

    I love, love, love your books! Would love to win a copy of Gathering The Threads! Keep on writing these novels!

  16. 238
    Sherry says:

    Cindy I love reading all of your books. My mom got me started reading the Amish books and they are just the best!!! Thank you and please keep giving us great books to read!!!!

  17. 237
    Pat Barr says:

    I love your books. Always wonderfully written. Having raised four sons, I know all about the dishes. I have to admit, if I didn’t get them done, no way could I sleep. I decided I’d test myself and sleep with a sinkfull awaiting me for he morning hour. I found myself doing my dishes at midnight simply because I could not stand knowing they were there. I’m still that way…guess I’ll go ten toes up remaing a OCD gal. Lol can’t wait for the book. Thanks for taking me down wonderful unexpected paths. Pat Barr

  18. 236
    Cheryl Dale says:

    The ongoing mystery of dirty dishes in the sink. I’ve had to let go of the neatly made bed because my hubby is still in it when I leave for work. His idea of making a bed and mine are two different things.

  19. 235
    Marilyn J Barr says:

    I love all of your books Cindy and I understand about clean sinks and dust puppies, but it is more important to make those precious memories with the grandchildren having tea parties, so let those dishes pile up I used to be a clean freak but I found out I didn’t have to clean house every day all day long so after retirement I spend more time with my grandchildren and do a through cleaning once a week, just wished I had done that when my own children were small instead of being super Mom cleaning, fixing meals, and working full time so I thank God I got a second chance with the grandchildren

  20. 234
    Belinda Jividen says:

    I’ve read your books for years & love them

  21. 233
    Christine wats says:

    Well have the same problem so many dishes one day doing the dishes God spoke to me Chris be thankful for dirty dishes some people don’t have enough food to dirty their dishes so a Lessing learned always be thankful for what ever you have

  22. 232
    Christine wats says:

    Love your books can’t hardly wait to see if I win if not Amzon I’ll order from thank you and God Bless

  23. 231
    Evangeline says:

    I would love to win this book. Thanks for the chance. 😊

  24. 230
    Helen Lopes says:

    Love your books and the Amish way of life in general!
    Though I will never be Amish and I’m modeling myself after them in some ways to simplify my life.
    God bless,

  25. 229
    MS Barb says:

    I began decluttering w/ a drawer, then a closet, then another drawer…and letting go of things I haven’t used in years is freeing! And, I try to have an assigned place for everything–that makes it easy to see what is “out of place!” 🙂

  26. 228
    Cynthia Adams says:

    I really look forward to getting the third book in this series! To answer the question, I’ve learned to let go of worrying about making sure everything else in the world is perfect and just taking care of myself and family first. I get stressed with everything and I’m much happier now.

  27. 227
    Linda D. McFarland says:

    I’ve given up on keeping things in perfect order at all times. The older you get the harder some tasks are to get done so I don’t ‘major on the minor’. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  28. 226
    Bonnie Bristow says:

    I’m still trying to figure out what to do with my life. My husband retired in March of 2016 and he is driving me insane! LOL I need to get a job I think. Something to keep us a part for a few hours a day. LOL! My Mother-in-law recently moved in with us. So I moved my room upstairs so I can go there and be by myself for a while. Not sure who invented the intercom but they should be shot! LOL I’m so grateful for your books because most of the time they keep me grounded. I just love your books.

  29. 225
    Becky Montague says:

    I love your books! I find them very authentic. I see I need to read 2 books in the next 7 weeks inorder to be ready for the 3rd book in the Amish of Summer Grove series!

  30. 224
    Beverly Duell-Moore says:

    What a cool sounding book! I love the cover!

  31. 223
    Priscilla mellott says:

    I have learned to let go of everything being perfect and in its place, which is not easy task, but with having 3 boys and 1 daughter that was as busy as the boys(if not busier) I finally just relaxed myself many years ago so that I could stay at home and raise my family and have fun times with them, letting the dishes and other things go alittle and found I enjoyed myself. Now they are grown and have learned to let Jesus guide their lives instead of me! Thank u for the chance to win your book.

  32. 222
    wilma says:

    sounds like another winner

  33. 221
    Cynthia Gant says:

    Your books are truly amazing. Have read most of them.

  34. 220
    Lisa Mayfield says:

    Looming rward to Gathering of Threads!

  35. 219
    Teresa Stafford says:

    I would love to win this . Love your books

  36. 218
    Shirley Milbourn says:

    Love your books. I have 5 friends we all share Amish books.

  37. 217
    Sue Williams says:

    I love all of your writings and would love this new book. I have had to let go of worrying about my health and let God take care of me. Which he has.

  38. 216
    Glenda Dixon says:

    I am a not one to get all my housework done. I read and do reviews. So the dusting can wait while I pick up another good book.

  39. 215
    Emilee says:

    I have had to let go and let God have my kids. My 20 year old son is the typical prodigal son and there have been times I was overwhelmed with worries and guilt that I had messed up as a parent but I have to pray and let God handle it. My girls are 15 and 17 and my 17 year old is headed down a similar path.

  40. 214
    Judy says:

    Love your books! I’ve got to get to the bookstore and get this series!!

  41. 213
    Lori Parrish says:

    I love this series and can’t wait to read this one

  42. 212
    Betty Escobar says:

    Wow, would love to win, thank you for the chance

  43. 211
    Ruth Longoria Kingsland says:

    Can’t wait to read this 3rd book from an author I adore! Love each chapter of each book! The best part though would be the autograph! Please, please, please pick me 🤓💕

  44. 210
    Jo Anna says:

    Your first chapter has me convinced that I need a Cindy Woodsmall ‘fix’! Looking forward to another great story. And, yes, our 7 year old granddaughter takes priority over dishes and mopping floors when she calls and immediately asks, “GG, where’s Papa?”

  45. 209
    Joanne. Greenlee says:

    Cindy. You have a wonderful gift from God. The stories you tell through your books. I enjoy reading them. 🙌☺

  46. 208
    Mary Hart says:

    there are always chores to be done! Important things first! Would love to win your new book.

  47. 207
    Kathy Jacob says:

    I still need to be more active in taking care of our home. That will give us more sanity and peace.

  48. 206
    Glenda Van Dyke says:

    I agree that it seems there is always something to do even after one retires. Is it that we just are not as fast as we use to be? I would love to just sit and read your books!

  49. 205
    Cathy says:

    I finally came to the conclusion that I needed to do down-sizing of some of the antiques/collectibles which I enjoyed and had collected all my married life. I sent some things to a consignment store and kept my favorites. Also, I didn’t need quite as much furniture and extra dishes for “what-if'” we had extra company. Love to read and always enjoy your books!

  50. 204
    Cindy Pattetson says:

    Can’t wait to read this series. It sounds like a great series to get in to. I would love to win this series . Good Luck everybody.

  51. 203
    Linda Goad says:

    I never had the opportunity to just sit down and read until I retired. At first I felt guilty like I should be cleaning my house or something,I got over it.
    I love to read about the Amish. Now after losing my soulmate it shortens the long days.
    Would love to win a book.

  52. 202
    Amanda Kinzel says:

    I am a single mom and have a teenage daughter and I’ve learned that I need to pick my battles so it doesn’t feel that all we ever do is argue. I also have had to learn that “this too shall pass” and not to take it personally. She is a teenager and that is a very stressful time for both parent and child. Sometimes I catch a glimpse of that sweet little girl and I know that when we get thru these adolescent years, we’ll come out on the other side as best friends again…hopefully! 🙂

  53. 201
    Tonya Yannayon says:

    Patiently waiting to finish this storyline. I love your books, I believe I have read every one of them

  54. 200
    Mary Koester says:

    Everyone has ideas of how life will be as we grow older and age. I think very few lives conform to dreams. Different is not better or worse necessarily! Sometimes things just turn out different than we imagined!

  55. 199
    Lori says:

    I had to learn to do what I can and let the rest go. If it doesn’t get done today it will still be there tomorrow. Thank you for allowing us to enter your giveaway.

  56. 198
    Martha Peace says:

    Love your books,Would love to win

  57. 197
    Pam Jackson says:

    Thank you for this chance to win! May God richly bless you

  58. 196
    Kathy Nyman says:

    Just love your books. Would be a pleasure to win this. I’m an avid reader, & being bed bound takes me away, giving God affirmation in every area of life. Thanks for blessing me & us with your gift. God bless.

  59. 195
    Marjorie Briggs says:

    I LOVED <3 the first two books in this series. I finished them about two months ago, thinking that the third was about to come out, and was so disappointed that I had to wait. I'm so happy it is coming soon! May have to re-read the others first. SO EXCITED!!!

  60. 194
    Sabrina Templin says:

    THat things or I need to be perfect. I still struggle with this but it helps me have a more balanced life when I let this go.

  61. 193
    C. J. says:

    Love your books, and bought the first 2 in this series! Would be honored to win one!

  62. 192
    Emilee says:

    Oh my goodness! We (mother-n-law& me) can’t wait to read this one! Beautiful cover! Congrats on the release!!!!!!

  63. 191
    Rachel says:

    So excited for the new book to come out!!! 2 more months!!!!!

  64. 190
    Fay Mckinney says:

    I need to win these books. I’ve read alot of your books and I love them.

  65. 189
    Mindy achey says:

    I love your books your an amazing author

  66. 188
    Leanna Morris says:

    I have learned having everything in its place is not nearly important as spending time with and making memories with my grandkids! It is a matter of priorities

  67. 187
    Cindy LaMay says:

    I would love to win this book. I have read so many of your stories. Love them all. I have my 86 year old Mother hooked on these books.

  68. 186
    Emilie Hinton says:

    I’d love to read this book! Thanks

  69. 185
    Janice C says:

    When things get to me, I have to give it over to one who knows the way.. GOD….. I would love to read this series.. I love your books….

  70. 184
    Martha T. says:

    Sometimes I need to let my cat take over my lap and put the tablet down!His purrs make it very worthwhile!

  71. 183
    Connie Elrof says:

    Would love to be entered to win one of your books.

  72. 182
    Sharon Jones says:

    Love love love your books.

  73. 181
    Connie Elrod says:

    I have let laundry go and then realize how had only 1 towel left and 3 people need baths. Would love to win book 3 in this series. Thanks lease enter me in the contest

  74. 180
    suzi failing says:

    would love to win this

  75. 179
    Joelle Strandquist says:

    I have given up on looking perfect and put together all the time. This is especially true in my summer job at Bible camp!

    I just finished book 2 in this series and can’t wait until book 3 is released! Esch of the books end on such a cliffhanger!

  76. 178
    Dawn Archey says:

    I work full time at a veterinary clinic. Sometimes it’s hard not to think about difficult cases at home & to leave work at work. Then of course, there’s always the housework:) I don’t have human kids-my furkids help me keep my sanity & break from the complicated or mundane things of everyday life. They remind me to enjoy life.

  77. 177
    Brenda W says:

    I gave up on perfectionism a long time ago. I just try to enjoy life. Since I live alone, my imperfection doesn’t hurt anyone and my outside cats don’t care. I should make myself do better with my house and my yard.

  78. 176
    Mary says:

    I’m trying to quit thinking I always have to beat the clock. When I worked full time always had to live watching the clock to keep up, after retiring was difficult to adjust and not feel guilty if I took time to sit down and relax.

  79. 175
    Sharon Henning says:

    Ugh… it’s too hard to answer…. I don’t want to let go…. of anything…. hmmmm…

  80. 174
    Donna Dobbs says:

    I would love to win your book. Thank you for the giveaways!

  81. 173
    Joann Fritsche says:

    Thank you for the giveaway! Whether I win or not, I can’t wait to read Gathering the Threads!

  82. 172
    Jackie Tessnair says:

    I love your books Cindy.I have learned that housework can wait..take the time to enjoy life and do what makes you happy.I am looking forward to reading this book and would love to win an copy autographed by you.Thanks for a great post.

  83. 171
    Amy says:

    Coffee. Must have.

  84. 170
    Malenia Orr says:

    Can’t wait for the release date!!

  85. 169
    Michelle Logan says:

    You are my favorite Amish writer! Many blessings to you and your family!!!!

  86. 168
    Kristina Kohler says:

    Thank you for a chance to win the book. I have read several of your books.

  87. 167
    Diane Pippin says:

    Love reading your books; it takes me away for a while living a simple life.

  88. 166
    Ronda Ferry says:

    Would love to win your book. Thank you

  89. 165
    Drema says:

    I would love to win your give away! I so enjoy your books!

  90. 164
    Cindy Partain says:

    Sure like your books. Would love to be a winner!!!
    God Bless!!

  91. 163
    Linda Smith says:

    I can’t wait for this book! Love this series!

  92. 162
    Patty Gluck says:

    I would love to win your new book Cindy. Can’t wait to read it

  93. 161
    Roxanne Lewis says:

    I love you and your books, Cindy! ❤️ Your portrayal of the characters is so realistic I feel like I have a personal relationship with them. I cannot wait to read your new release!!!
    Roxanne Lewis

  94. 160
    Linda Bissonette says:

    I like your writing and would like to receive a autographed copy. I want to win.

  95. 159
    Barbara Kesselring says:

    Love reading your books. I only read a few authors. I’m from PA. Have Pa Dutch in my back ground

  96. 158
    MaryJane says:

    I love this series and all of your books! Anxiously awaiting for the August release.

  97. 157
    Tammie says:

    LOVE your books! I always anxiously await the new release!

  98. 156
    Heidi says:

    I am really hooked on your Amish novels, thanks for writing such fun and clean stories.

  99. 155
    Robin putman says:

    I love all your books. Can’t wait until August.

  100. 154
    Donna Foust says:

    I would love to win your book!!! I really enjoy Amish stories!!!

  101. 153
    Julie says:

    As you know, Bill is also a Surveyor and he also works long hours managing an office. He also comes home tired during the work week. Since I’m not working, looking though, I do have time to do the bills, clean the dishes, laundry etc. But on the weekends he does do the dishes and cooks out. I do hate to dust though and that is the one thing I will let go for a while. But when I get one of your books, not a whole lot gets done. So I guess I could blame you at that time. 😊 Can’t wait till your book comes out.
    Have a good summer! Enjoy your grandchildren.

  102. 152
    Sandra Hays says:

    I could definitely leave the house cleaning to read you newest book.

  103. 151
    Sue says:

    Can hardly wait for this final book in the Amish of Summer Grove series! Your writing is always fresh and challenging.

  104. 150
    Angela Van Heertum says:

    I had to learn to let go at work and home the fact that i cant get it all done by myself. I had to allow other to help me do tasks and accept the way they do it. It may not have been sone my way but they helped me get it all done. I love your books and cant wait to read rhw third book.

  105. 149
    Lisa castillo says:

    Really enjoyed book 1 & 2, can’t wait til book 3 comes out to see how it comes out for ariana, Skylar and Quill. Good books

  106. 148
    Susan Harrington says:

    I have realized that spending time with my mother after my father passed on is more important than a spotless house. The house can wait on some things and the time I have with her is more important. I feel the same way about my grandchildren, children and my husband. Life is to short to be stressed over spotless when you can fill comfortable with healthy clean.I have learned to accept that you can only do so much with working full time; that I’m getting older and making memories with people I love and care about is more important. Thank you for the opportunity to share and I look forward to reading your books. Take care and hope you enjoy your summer.

  107. 147
    Diana Hill says:

    I really like most of the Amish books & I especially like your books Cindy Woodsmall. I love them!

  108. 146
    Lisa Boscoe says:

    Love ❤️ your 📚

  109. 145
    Karen Lightner says:

    Whenever I need to escape the reality of every day problems I can always escape by reading. I have, in the past four months, been able to complete my collection of your books. I have been anxiously awaiting Gathering of Threads, they say you shouldn’t wish you life away but some things are worth the wish. Thank you for my escape!

  110. 144
    Teresa Rose says:

    The way I maintain peace and balance in my life is by remembering what is most important. if my family is well taken care of, happy and healthy – nothing else matters. Housecleaning can wait – we’re busy making memories.

  111. 143
    Donna Turner says:

    I would love to win your new book, Gathering the Threads! I’ve read several of your books and love them all!

  112. 142
    Jamie says:

    Your books are the best!

  113. 141
    Christina Rolsna says:

    I’m looking forward to read your new book! I don’t know how did my mother do it so busy w/ 10 children, cooking, baking, sewing, errands, craftings, many volunteer jobs, homeschooled 2 youngest ones, secretary for my dad’s business and two churches, too loooooong to list it. She had more energy than me in same age! I’m more tired taking care of her with dementia in same age. 😜

  114. 140
    Zelda Houck says:

    I love your books and when I start one, I can’t hardly put it down to do things I need to get done!!

  115. 139
    Susan Perry says:

    I am so looking forward to the book!

  116. 138
    Lucille Griffin Watkins says:

    I have never read any of your books but have seen them on here . I like to read a lot now in my older age. I do have and read Karen Kingsbury books and love them. I think Amish books would be great books. For my birthday year before last my husband carried me to Tennessee to drive around an Amish community, and we went into a few stores.I love it and would love to go and spend a lot more time there.

  117. 137
    Susan Brownson says:

    Realizing that I am human and can not do everything and please everyone. Some days are still a struggle.

  118. 136
    Doris Reedy says:

    That I have people and things in my life that can make me a little crazy. That will never change so I need to remember that I get to choose how to respond. It’s difficult, and it takes practice, but it is so powerful.

  119. 135
    Bonnie H says:

    I had to let go of perfectionism, when we were blessed with 3 sons, each 2 years apart. If things didn’t get done as well as I would have liked, there were more important things. Priorities change, thank goodness.

  120. 134
    Teresa Kalmey says:

    I would love to win this book.

  121. 133
    Deb Burdick says:

    I work full time and trying to get everything done at home is a real challenge. I have decided that certain things, such as washing walls and surfaces that have fingerprints, just might have to wait for a sudden burst of energy.

  122. 132
    Tanya Petersheim says:

    The laundry doesn’t have to be folded and put away as soon as it is done….should be, but doesn’t happen! Love your books!

  123. 131
    Pat S says:

    When your books come out, I drop what I’m reading immediately to grab yours….

  124. 130
    Ola K Norman says:

    Seems like there’s always housework to do! Looking forward to reading this book.

  125. 129
    Stephanie Ziegler says:

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  126. 128
    Jean Fierro says:

    I have the first two books in this series. Absolutely loved them. Can’t wait to read the next one. Thank you so much for writing such great books!

  127. 127
    Diana Lynn Montgomery says:

    Your book sounds great, love to read! Blessings. Diana

  128. 126
    Traci Morrison says:

    Awesome giveaway!!! I read the first chapter and cannot wait to read the rest of the book!!! I have read all of your books and anxiously await the Gathering the Threads and your Christmas book!! 😊

  129. 125
    Dee Payovich says:

    I have anxiously been waiting for this book! I love your writing style, it puts me right there with your characters.

  130. 124
    Mary says:

    Enjoy your books, look forward to this series. Thank you for sharing, God bless.

  131. 123
    Julie Calvin says:

    Love your books! I am working my way through all of your books. (That’s a Joy, by the way, and not a task!)
    Blessings! Julie

  132. 122
    Tiffany Hall says:

    I have learned to quit stressing about the house and everything that I haven’t been able to get completed. It will all be there tomorrow and the next day, but with each day, my children are getting older and my time with them less. So I have decided to try to stress less about things that truly don’t matter at the end of the day, and spend all the time I can with the ones I love.
    Love reading your books! Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy of this book!

  133. 121
    Linda Durham says:

    I absolutely love your books!!! I get so into them my family has to tell me to put them down!! So glad this one is here!!! Sure would love to win it!!! Thanks for the chance!

  134. 120
    Debbie says:

    I love reading your books!

  135. 119
    Christine says:

    I’ve been waiting for this book every since I finished Fraying on the Edge when it was released. Comeson August. I can’t wait to see Quill and Ariana.

  136. 118
    Alisa says:

    I just have to learn to take deep breathes, relax and say it will be ok if its not done right away. I used to spend my days offend clean spotless.

  137. 117
    Cheryl Callan says:

    I love love your books. Will be reading a lot more as grandson getting deployed. And need to occupy my brain. Lol. Look forward for New release. ooo

  138. 116
    Marilyn says:

    So excited for the release of Gathering the Threads!

    As a pastor’s wife I have had to let go of pleasing people and focus more on pleasing and honoring God. I had to learn to pray and say no! People put expectations on you that is not what the Lord has planned so you have to seek Him to find the opportunities He wants you to pursue!

  139. 115
    Linda Palmer says:

    In the past 11 years I’ve lost a lot of ability to do things I used to take for granted. I had a work accident and that started it. I’ve had to realize my that health and relationships with my family are higher priority that a clean house. If I try to do more than I’m able, I pay for it in tiredness and pain and a cranky attitude. I’m not always going to have house chores done when I want them or even to my standards.

  140. 114
    Linda C says:

    Eight years ago my husband & I had to make a move 3 hours away and job change due to my Mama’s decline in health! I am an only child, so I needed to help care for her! After almost 40 years being out of my parents home and living almost 36 years in one particular home, we had to sell & give away things that We had treasured through the years, because there was no room for them combining households. We discovered the important things in life was family, not possessions! The little things that seemed so important, all of a sudden didn’t seem like they mattered! We could do without them but my Mama could not survive without us caring for her! I would not trade caring for my Mama with Parkinson’s for anything! It was a privilege and honor! She has now passed and we can say we did all we could! God gave us grace & provided our need!

  141. 113
    Jen Neitzke says:

    Anxiously waiting for this release! 😊

  142. 112
    Tracy Snyder says:

    I need some summer reading! Hope I’m a winner! Thank you for the chance!

  143. 111
    kay widdows says:

    Love your books! Would like to win!

  144. 110
    Anna Gonzales says:

    Love ur books! Hope I win😍

  145. 109
    Kathi Longcoy says:

    I so enjoy your writing Cindy. It’s a such a treat and many times a wonderfully refreshing “escape.’ Thank you !

  146. 108
    Tracy Hooks says:

    Oh me!! I’ve been waiting so long for this book to come out!!! I’m so excited!!

  147. 107
    Erica Clerebout says:

    Like you the little things I needed to let go was a perfectly organized house. I would rather spend time with people and have my pets than keep a perfect house.

  148. 106
    Peggy Murdock says:

    Counting the days till I can get my hands on Gathering the Threads. I’m looking forward to curling up with it and forgetting everything except your wonderful writing.

  149. 105
    Phyllis Glaz says:

    This series is so refreshing in there stressful times.

  150. 104
    Maryanne Woodyatt says:

    Love to read books about the Amish and learn about their customs.

  151. 103
    Peggy Bryant says:

    Looking forward to your latest book. An autographed book would be very special.
    One thing I have had to let go of is always getting “things” done before I can enjoy the day.
    Thank you so much for all the time you spend writing for us Cindy, your books are so enjoyable…..

  152. 102
    Debbie Hazelton says:

    This books sounds and looks great. Thanks for the chance to win. Have a blessed week.

  153. 101
    Mary Tullila says:

    I’m remarried after suicide loss and have moved numerous times. Each time pieces of my life story dissappear into storage …never to be seen again. Letting go of things isn’t easy when they’re attached to memories .

  154. 100
    April Bernd says:

    I am sooooo excited for this book to come out! I have the release date in my phone so I am sure to buy it as soon as I can!!

  155. 99
    Claire says:

    I can’t wait for this book to be on the shelves. But in the meantime I’d love to be a winner.

  156. 98
    Linda Landreth says:

    I love all your books! Can’t wait to read this one!

  157. 97
    Jennifer Cochran says:

    I always thought we would be empty nesters by now, but with a son with chronic pain and his son living with us that is not happening any time soon.

  158. 96
    Teresa Sego says:

    Looking forward to reading this!!

  159. 95
    Norma J says:

    I have read ALL your books, and find myself completely absorbed in the lives of the characters, (who seem real to me). Looking forward to your newest book in August.

  160. 94
    Patsy Higgason says:

    I love your books!

  161. 93
    Jody Davis says:

    I’ve learned to not stress about all the projects not getting done because they will eventually. ..hopefully lol! I love your books and can’t wait to read this one!!!

  162. 92
    Patricia fluke says:

    I have had to let go that my house is pretty clean
    And I can’t make it perfect
    I quit work almost two yrs ago, and am busier now than before
    I am a writer so I need more time for that
    Also to read all books from my Fav authors

  163. 91
    wilma says:

    love reading your books!!!!

  164. 90
    Audrey Geers says:

    I struggle with some of the same things you do! We are almost empty nesters, with a son getting married this weekend and our youngest only home for college summer break. To keep my sanity, I gave up needing to have the floor always clean and the sink always empty in order to have more time for my 3 little boys. I now get frustrated with myself that I haven’t yet figured out how to go back to always having everything clean (we have dust puppies, too!) Thank you for the reminder that there are more important things in life! (Also, I read chapter 1 of “Gathering the Threads” and can’t wait for it to come out!!)

  165. 89
    Megan Parsons says:

    My kids help me around the house, but I don’t mind doing most of it by myself. It gives them more times to just be kids : )

  166. 88
    Janie Shouse says:

    Good Morning!

  167. 87
    Patricia Smith says:

    Love your post…have never used a dishwasher in all my years of raising a family and have had my share of overstuffed sinks through the years…they always got washed and put away at some point and as the work was in progress, I had a chance to reflect on how fortunate I was to have the need do this chore…a family fed and obvious abundance in foodstuffs…now I am alone…kids grown and far away, husband passed last year in a horrific accident…so I seldom cook since everything makes too much…lots of sandwiches and frozen entrees or cereal mixed with yogurt these days and any dishes or utensils used are washed right away….the blessings of a full sink would be a joy ….now I spend my very quiet days reading book after book and occasionally checking FB to keep up with friends and send messages of encouragement to those in need of such…Recently finished Fraying at the Edge and am eager to read Gathering theThreads…:)

  168. 86
    Cecilia says:

    Sanity! No really, my need to be in control of everything.

  169. 85
    Cathy says:

    Wish me luck

  170. 84
    Deanna Stevens says:

    Love your covers & books! would love to read this one 🙂

  171. 83
    Sandy Arnold says:

    Read the first chapter…hungry for more! A great, honest series.

  172. 82
    Diane says:

    Looking forward to reading this book!! Thanks for all of them!!

  173. 81
    Kimberly says:

    I love your books, looking forward to reading the new one

  174. 80
    Janet B. says:

    I have always enjoyed the sentimental things around my house – too many of them to dust & care for now that I’m older. They don’t have the same hold on me that they once did & I’m slowly placing items in a Goodwill box & feeling OK about it. Less clutter but still good memories stored away in my heart!

  175. 79
    Debi Smith says:

    I am trying to NOT stress so much when my son leaves toys out. Friends tell me it shows you have kids.

  176. 78
    Debi Smith says:

    Love your books. This sounds like an awesome one.

  177. 77
    Melody White says:

    These days it’s not what I let go of, but what I cling to that keeps my sane…..reading and sewing. 🙂

  178. 76
    Martha Franks says:

    Overscheduling clutters my life. I’m learning more and more to prioritize my list. It also helps if I don’t get carried away with facebook and pinterest! Would love to win your new book!

  179. 75
    Claudia Thompson says:

    I have learned not to deep clean before guests arrive…yes straighten, dust and vacuum, freshen bathroom if necessary;otherwise I am too tired to enjoy guests!!

  180. 74
    Michelle Mackay says:

    As I’m in partial empty-nesting, and working full time, I have had to let my OCD housecleaning lag, and I don’t spend uite as much time seeing as I did when my girls were teens and I was a stay at home wife/mother. I spread my time now between family, church, work and then home. I am enjoying a more relaxed attitude and enjoying my grand-daughter, my kids and redefining my 30 year marriage, without the responsibility of child rearing.
    I have thoroughly enjoyed the first 2 books in the Summer Grove series. Thank you!

  181. 73
    Barbara Wenner says:

    Thur out my life I’ve try my best to be a good daughter for my parents, and a good mother for my 3 kids, and I think I did, they wasn’t on drugs or drinkin or in jail for any thing, I thank God that he help me I owe my life to him.

  182. 72
    Marla W says:

    The ever present dishes… washed, dried and put away then turn around and find something I apparently missed or the husband sneaks in on me and places another pile. At least those are my explanations. Seems to appear out of nowhere. Laundry is the same way, I is a never ending story of completely it then starting all over again.

  183. 71
    Abbey Cannon says:

    I would let go of checking Facebook. I enjoy the aspect of keeping in touch with friends, but need to do this less…as I find it takes up too much of my time.
    I LOVE your books Cindy!

  184. 70
    Judy Weaver says:

    That evil sink and those dirty dishes. One of life’s many mysteries. Along with the missing socks, right! Love your books and hope you are doing well.

  185. 69
    Karleen Mrazik says:

    I can relate about a sink always filled with dishes and laundry calling my name. I have 3 teenagers in the house.

  186. 68
    Emma Wilson says:

    I am still trying to give up being what everyone wants me to be.

  187. 67
    Eleanor Cawthorne says:

    Hi Cindy,
    I just finished Fraying at the Edge last night…can’t wait to out what happens with Ariana and Skylar….
    While waiting I’ll return to my Janette Oke, Song of Acadia stories.
    Interesting, but these stories are also about two young girls who have been raised by each other’s mothers. The mothers who are great friends have been forced apart due to military decisions and are quite aware however that they are raising each others daughters. They too are very wholesome
    refreshing stories, as are yours

    In any case, thank you for your books…I think I’ve read just about all of them so far!

    God Bless you …and please keep on writing,

    Eleanor Cawthorne.

  188. 66
    Robin in NC says:

    Your article made me smile…dirty clothes are another mystery to me! Like you, it’s just the two of us now, but how in the world can two people dirty so many clothes?!?!?!? Keep enjoying your tea parties! Thanks for sharing!

  189. 65
    Diane Leon says:

    What little things have you needed to let go of to help maintain sanity and a sense of balance throughout your life, either at work or in the home?

    Hello Cindy,
    I have ask this question over many years and came up with your answer. It will get done in due time. I gave my husband the cooking job which is working out very well. I get to the cleaning when I can with working a full time job. Lastly I want to let you know I was not a reader till I was older and Amish stories got me hooked. So thank you and the others who write stories that draw me in. Diane

  190. 64
    Kathryn Riley says:

    Letting go of the perception of a perfect house is hard, but it sounds as if you have reached the right balance in everyday life. That tea party with your granddaughter
    is so much more important. Even if you don’t remember it because of all the chaos of your life, she will.

  191. 63

    Congratulations on your award. Your books are great, and I enjoy reading them. I am now going thru chemo treatment and I read your books help me thru 5 hours of treatment. Look forward to your new release

  192. 62
    Pat Shrader says:

    Hi Cindy. Congratulations on your award! Well deserved!
    As I’ve become older, and widowed, what seems to help me is getting rid of “stuff.” I feel better when I keep excess things to a minimum. When my home is less cluttered, I feel peaceful. Plus it feels good to donate excess household items and clothes to our church thrift shop, and pass along already read books instead of piling them up.
    Thanks for all your great writing!

  193. 61
    Beverly M. says:

    As I’ve gotten older, I clean less, pick my battles more carefully, and don’t sweat the small stuff. I let more things slide and I enjoy life more, giving more time to grandkids.

  194. 60
    Nancy Brown says:

    Two weeks ago on Monday, my dad passed away, from Parkinson’s. I’ve decided to let go of a lot of little things that don’t matter, and to live NOW for what and WHO is important. Just today as I was dusting the knick knacks, I started throwing out a lot of those little things that cluttered up the shelves.
    Tonight I finished knitting a Christmas stocking for a charity I’m determined to stay involved in, even on those days when I just don’t feel like doing anything. I’ve let go of unforgiveness, although that was hard, and have decided to live for Jesus, and do what He says to do in the bible.

  195. 59
    Connie Roberts says:

    I am a worrier, my husband is always telling me I worry too much about things. I struggle with this so I just try to let go & let God take care of it. Thanks so much for having this giveaway!

  196. 58
    Marion says:

    I try to not worry about tomorrow.

  197. 57
    Marilyn says:

    I tend to take one day at a time.

  198. 56
    Joan says:

    I tend to let things work out for themselves.

  199. 55
    Hannah Kilpatrick says:

    I tend to be a little OCD when it comes to certain things. I am a teacher and I have learned that I can’t always have the “perfect” classroom. Things will never goes as planned or something will interrupt the schedule. I have learned to let go and just go with the flow.

  200. 54
    Debbie Rhoades says:

    well, quite a few things I let become big things that kind of snuck up on me. Social media like Facebook used to be a big problem for me (chatting with friends, etc.), but I cut WAY back and only look at it once a day for a few minutes. Online games like Candy Crush. another big time waster. Long phone calls. too much TV. I have really tried to eliminate all of my time wasters except for reading lol. I did replace alot of those things with Bible study and scripture writing, gardening, getting fit again after years of not being (a work in progress, slow but sure progress). Thank you for the chance, Cindy!

  201. 53
    Bonnie says:

    With age I have had to slow down and I was surprised that it dosent bother me as much as I thought It would.

  202. 52
    Shelley says:

    I love reading your books. Looking forward to this one too. God Bless.

  203. 51
    Peggy says:

    I enjoyed the first chapter very much, it was one of those books that catches your interest in what is going on in Ariana’s life and she needs to sort things out without other influences. Growing up Amish or even Catholic you are taught what that religion or way of life is from little on.. The older you get the more you realize you have to think and do what is right for you.

    • 51.1

      So very, very true! Even if a person isn’t raised Amish or Catholic, we must come to a place of sorting out what we were taught from what has true merit, and learn how to think.

  204. 50
    peggy clayton says:

    I always wash the dishes as soon as we are done with dinner and that came from years and years ago being in a strict foster home. My foster mother died and i was one of the oldest 11 so all the chores i had to make sure were done and my always chore was cook all meals and keep kitchen clean. So it was instilled that way many years ago and i have never let it go. It bothers me to get up and do something else and see dirty dishes there! I so enjoy reading your blog and seeing how my rotten foster home experiences are nailed in my head and i can’t change them.

  205. 49
    Tina Dewe says:

    As women I don’t think we truly let go of anything. I think we can do it all! We just need to stress less about it. Enjoy all the small, simple pleasures of life a little bit more! Enjoy quality family time with the kids and worry less about housework. Someday they’ll be grown up and gone and you’ll miss the hectic, crazy busy life!

  206. 48
    Marcia White says:

    I have always let go of the unkind comments and opinions of others.

  207. 47
    Roseanne Impellizzeri says:

    For me, I think ‘staying in,’ ‘staying home’ bought me more time. Instead of running out for every little thing, errand after errand, making due with what I had at home & saving errands for one day a week rather than several days meant more time. It seems once I GOT OUT…. It somehow turned into an even longer event than planned thus consuming a majority of my day and keeping me from reading and or doing those things I enjoy.

  208. 46
    Kathy Kanauer says:

    I used to be doing one thing and thinking about something else. After losing objects, ( my keys, sunglasses, etc.) I had to work on being mindful of what I was doing. This has saved time and frustration more than once.

    I have also given up trying to keep every single weed pulled from my flower garden and beds. they are still beautiful!

    • 46.1
      Roseanne Impellizzeri says:

      I totally related to your post Kathy, well said! I have to work at being more mindful of what I’m doing as well otherwise I’m throwing the wrong things in the garbage, haha!

  209. 45
    Debbie Brown says:

    As I was reading your email, I too was smiling and shaking my head in agreement. I used to believe I would have more time as an empty nester….Well my youngest got married last month and I am not finding the “extra time” I believed I would see. I have learned to just do what I can in the hours that I have and ENJOY my family time. Chores will be here for another day!

  210. 44
    Susan Campbell says:

    I have decided to spend more time reading and with family instead of watching television and facebook.

  211. 43
    Glenda Fletcher says:

    Hi Cindy, Thank you for adding something special to my day as I enjoy receiving your blogs. I’ve started to read more rather than watching tv. My collection of your
    books is increasing, which is great.

  212. 42
    Christy Chilson says:

    I had to realize when I brought my children home to home educate that the house needed to be put on hold. I tried so hard to keep up EVERYTHING and school my scholars. I was depressed and in tears, something had to give. So the sink had some dirty dishes, laundry did not get done everyday….yikes!…..we have 14 children! But realized that I was not called to perfection, but to rest in the One who is perfect. Funny, my world that was spiraling out of control stopped. Now only 8 out of 14 live at home, our youngest is 12, and I am glad that my children were priority.

  213. 41
    Cherese Akhavein says:

    You know we all have our own happy place within our life and home, what’s most important is God,family and love ones, friends then work. We all need to find our peace and balance and no one can judge another for their life, least they look at their own first. I’m looking forward to reading this series very much I know it will be every bit as good as all your other books.

  214. 40
    Lisa Korell says:

    I had to stop doing so much for others. People who didn’t appreciate my help. Because when I needed time for me they would be highly up set. It took awhile but I figured it out. Thank you for this chance at the give away.

  215. 39
    Granddad Williams says:

    It might surprise you that this 85-year-old enjoys Christian romance fiction. I discovered it after my wife of 57 years died. In spite of now living in the same town with my Pastor, who is also my son, and his wife and my church and its activities, I got lonesome and bought an iPad. I now read ebooks. And the story you wrote, “The Dawn of Christmas”, that is part of “Christmas in Apple Ridge”, was one of the best. I had a great Mom and Dad and two older sisters as I was growing up–blessings galore! And now four grown grandchildren and two greats, even! Sorry to be so long-winded. You keep up the good work in your books. Bless you.

    • 39.1

      Thank you for taking the time to write, Mr. Williams. I admire your strength and determination to find new ways to keep your spirits lifted and new ways to cope with loneliness. About seven years ago, I noticed this unique and powerful gift in my stepmom. She’s very skilled at this, and I take notes on how well she does, how determined she stays. She has lost two husbands to cancer, and despite the grief and loneliness, she uses a myriad of ways to keep herself buoyed. I hope I have the inner character that’s required when the time comes.

  216. 38
    Dotty says:

    I still struggle at letting chores slide… and a messy sewing room . But it seems as we age physical limitations make it necessary so I just have to let it go! And it is getting easier!
    In 100 years will it really matter? I think not! Lol !
    Thanks Cindy for all your enjoyable books!

  217. 37
    Dianna says:

    I let go of obligatory housecleaning a long time ago. With 2 kids, 3 pets, and a busy husband, PLUS my full-time teaching job, it’s too much to try to keep up with all the household stuff!

    One area that I finally cut the cord — keeping magazines that I like. I used to hoard magazines for recipes, decor inspiration, and the like. Since it’s so easy to pin or google something, I just decided to get rid of that clutter.

  218. 36
    Valerie Hohenberger says:

    I have done a complete 180 degree on my housekeeping! I used to spend hours and hours on uselessthings like dusting and polishing but now I spend hours and hours reading and listening to the sounds of God’s creatures around me here in the country! I cannot see another home from mine, but I sure can hear them! Particularly when hunting season comes around! Love your books and appreciate the opportunity to have even more! Blessings and congratulations on your award!

  219. 35
    Cathy Plaster says:

    My sink mysteriously fills up too. Have had my grandchildren last couple weeks and my house is messy but the time spent with them is priceless.

  220. 34
    Elaine Beckham says:

    Thank you for having this giveaway and giving us the opportunity to win this great book. It sounds like an awesome series and a great summer read.
    Thank you
    God bless,
    Elaine Beckham

  221. 33
    Mary Dias says:

    Trying to be a perfectionist. I quit too many things because I can’t pick it up quickly. This is something that I am working on. I am trying to learn Line Dancing but couldn’t pick up the steps as quickly as others in the class at our resort in AZ. I went to the library and found a book on line dancing steps –, beginning, intermediate, and advance. I hope I make it. Keep me in your prayers.

    • 33.1

      That is truly great, Mary! Good exercise, and it’s always good for mental health to get the good chemicals of endorphins releasing in our brains, and it’s great for the memory to learn new things. I hope you can make it too! It’ll give me hope to take on something similar. If you think of it and can, keep me posted!

  222. 32
    nancy seitz says:

    Excited to read to read third book.
    I do more stressing when I look at sewing room!!

  223. 31
    Jewels says:

    Hi Cindy, I used to stress about a few dishes in the sink, especially at bed time. But now days I am more interested in “conserving water” and waiting for enough dishes to really worry about…ha, ha. Love reading your books. Have a blessed summer.

  224. 30
    Barbara Rosebrook says:

    Hello Cindy
    Your story has touched me more then you know… I’m going through what I guess you could say is the empty nest…Our oldest son got married this past May this past Christmas my youngest son got engaged and on top of all that We just celebrated 30 yrs. of marriage where has the time gone.
    I find myself especially this year going through closets and parting ways with my boys stuff their school arts & crafts papers from preschool to 12th grade and even letting go things they had kept in their rooms. As now their bed rooms sets empty I still can see the memories when I peek in.
    I would love to win your contest thank you!

    • 30.1

      I’m so very grateful the post touched your heart, Barbara! There is a lot of information out there about transitioning into motherhood, and how hard that is, and it is. But transitions from a bustling home to a quiet one are really hard too. And the challenge becomes…what now? What can we do to enjoy today while cherishing yesterday. It’s hard. I never expected to miss those days this much. Prayers and good thoughts for you.

  225. 29
    Randi says:

    Family time is more important than spotless house. Especially grandchildren time.

  226. 28
    Bernice says:

    ‘Loved reading this blog. I so remember fussing over dirty dishes, an untidy kitchen, etc. That stuff definitely can wait. Time spent with your children & grandchildren is much more important. Yea for those tea parties. They WILL be remembered. 🙂

  227. 27
    Janet Estridge says:

    My problem is that all my “little” things are “big” things.
    The other is that I can’t let go.

  228. 26
    Carole Bliss says:

    I love your writing and would feel honored to win an autographed copy of your newest book.

  229. 25
    Ruthann Dulaney says:

    I gave up having to think everything had to be perfect and spotless. Life is too short. Now I sit and read and if the house isn’t perfect….oh well.

  230. 24
    Suzanne Sellner says:

    I, too, have had to give up meticulous housekeeping to accomplish much in other areas like church work, other volunteer work, tutoring, etc. Understand that I’ll go to heaven because of my faith in Jesus as Savior and Lord. However, when I get to heaven and Jesus asks for an accounting of how I’ve used my talents and the skills that He’s given me, perhaps to decide if I deserve any rewards, I don’t think he puts housekeeping at the top of the merit list. I think sharing the gospel message and serving Him in ministry to others in His name will be much higher on the list.

    I’ve loved your series about the Amish of Summer Grove and eagerly await the third book in the series!

  231. 23

    I would so love to win a copy of this book! I have been a follower for a long time and really enjoy your books.

    wfnren at aol dot com

  232. 22
    Diane Blaser says:

    I don’t mind if my floors have little dust bunnies these days. I would much rather spend my time playing with my one year old grandson and let those floors wait for another day. Thank you, Cindy! 😊

  233. 21
    Jane Carrico says:

    Empty nesters for 12 years, me recently retired and my husband to retire in August, I have to tell you that I would trade that empty sink any day for a houseful of our kids and grandkids. Days when the dishwasher sometimes runs 2x a day. Days when towels are washed daily to make sure there are clean ones for the next day. Days when you might have to wait to use one of our 3 bathrooms. (There are 19 of us when we are all together.) Those days are too few and far between. But I cherish each and every one of them. And on the days when the sink is empty, there is no laundry to do and I can have my pick of bathrooms, I thank God for my family and look forward to the next time.

  234. 20
    Connie Saunders says:

    Circumstances have caused my daughter and 3 year old granddaughter to live with my husband and me so I often have clutter! I try to remember that this too shall pass!
    I would love to win your new book. Thanks for this giveaway!

  235. 19
    Lisa P says:

    Take more time for family. Use paper plates to cut down on chores if needed. There will always be chores to do, but not family to enjoy. Our son & family will be leaving soon for full time Missionary service (in Mexico), with 1 year in Costa Rica for language school. We are trying to use every moment we have together as a family to make special memories. We will certainly miss the 10 & almost 4 yr old Grandkids. Mixed emotions for this Nana.

    I love your books and have read them all. I can’t wait for this new one. Thanks
    for writing!! 💗💖💕💓💞

    • 19.1

      So beautifully true. You and many others are in that place of “yes! our children are sacrificing for the greater good!” and “this is bittersweet.” Loved the beauty and pain in your note, Lisa. Thank you.

  236. 18
    Dottie says:

    I really enjoyed the first two books in this series and am anxiously awaiting book 3. Please enter me in the contest

  237. 17
    Michael Beckham says:

    Not my Circus, not my Monkeys.

  238. 16
    Debra Bearden says:

    I worry so much about the things I think that I need to do and never seem to get done that it does take away from the joy in my life. I am going to try to do better and just take it as it comes.

  239. 15
    Joy Gibson says:

    I love reading the Amish genre’! I also love your writings! You have been a favorite author for me for years!

  240. 14
    Sarah Corwin says:

    It’s not easy letting go of who you normally are. Suddenly having to ask your husband for help to move to another room or even to get dressed. Asking your daughter to come and stay with you because you are afraid you will slip and fall and break your new hip. Telling that precious grandchild with the bluest eyes that you can’t finish the doll pj’s because you can’t sit in a chair and use the sewing machine. A fall, surgery, and yet another fracture have forced me to let go. It’s been so hard as I have been active and ready to do for others. Finding peace through God’s words have allowed me to let others do for me.

  241. 13
    Claire says:

    I am anxiously awaiting your latest book, “gathering the threads.”

  242. 12
    Gloria Schilling says:

    I used to “Spring Clean” an 8 room house, upstairs, one week, the downstairs the next week. Now I am in a 3 bedroom ranch and it takes me almost a whole year to get that much done! Aging makes the work go a little slower. I used to be a family of six, but, now, just me, so, who cares!!

  243. 11
    Elaine Rieder says:

    Have loved all your books and would be honored to win an autographed one.

  244. 10
    Sonja says:

    I loved the first two books and can’t wait for Gathering the Threads. I will definitely be keeping my eyes open for them. I know what you are talking about and my kids are grown and it’s grandkids that come by and make the days so much better!

  245. 9
    Teresa Collett says:

    Does keeping my car spic and span clean inside and out count? I haven’t had the time to do it myself nor the money to have someone else clean it. That’s just one thing I’ve had to let go. My car looks presentable, just not I’d like it to be. (smiling!)

  246. 8
    Judy Stewart says:

    I enjoyed the first two volumes of the series, although I find Rudy unappealing. Looking forward to the third book.

    • 8.1

      Oh, my. LOL. I found him adorable, but I think my editor felt like how do. If you have time, I’d like to know how you feel about him after you read the third book.

  247. 7
    Judy says:

    Like you, I never went to bed with dirty dishes in the sink. Even worse, I never went to bed with a messy house. For years my rule was a place for everything and everything in its place. I do so regret the time I wasted that could have been spent with my daughters when they were young. I have learned to let go of a sparkling house and enjoyed time with the grandkids. Now that they are older, my time is spent with my husband or enjoying your books and other authors. Like you, tomorrow is another day. Maybe they will get washed then. Maybe.

  248. 6
    Natalie Keating says:

    Looking forward to reading Gathering the Treads.

  249. 5

    In my life, I have needed to let go of trying to get everything done in one day. There are times when the laundry can wait until tomorrow. Sharing time with family is much more important than making sure every dust ball is gone. 🙂

  250. 4
    Andrea Woodard says:

    I love all your books, I have read Ties that Bind, I have the second book, but haven’t gotten to read it. Would love to win the 3rd book.

  251. 3
    Alberta Kliem says:

    Oh, wow, I can’t wait to get this final book, what a wonderful story this was, the first 2 books were such cliffhangers and I have been waiting for this one for months now. You do a excellent job of writing and explaining also the Amish ways. Thanks love your books

  252. 2
    Karen Taylor says:

    Love your books Cindy, and read fast enough I have to wait for the next one! :-))

    Thanks for writing.


  253. 1
    Renea Yarolim says:

    I have learned to let go of all the complaining at work. I try not to get drawn into it and I just keep doing my work. Thanks for the great giveaway. I love your books!!

    • 1.1

      Yes, Renea! I’ve known a few women who’ve taken a stand, and it really makes their lives better, but it takes a strength of character to be able to do that. 💖