Twelve Months of Blue Skies Month Four and Giveaway

The Tide

I recently went on a week-long trip to the Georgia coast with my middle son, daughter-in-law, and three of my grandchildren.



It’s hard to get a picture of the vastness of the sand and water. We stayed on East Beach on St. Simon’s Island, where more and more sand is washing from the other side of the island and adding to this side. In this particular area there is quite a difference between high and low tide.

We stayed in a lovely rental home a block from the beach, but since this was my first trip to Saint Simons Island, I discovered once we had walked to the “beach,” I still had a way to go to get to the water’s edge. We went through the low trees and brush on a sandy path, across a tidal stream, dodging tiny crabs, and across small dunes before finally reaching the water. We had two young children, a baby, and all their beach needs. It was more of a hike than I’d expected.


The amount of sand on East Beach is growing fast, washing in from nearby Sea Island. The shifting of sand in this area is a natural phenomenon, but it makes planning a future hard for businesses and home owners. A little over two miles west of where we stayed, the sand is eroding, and quickly. At high tide near the iconic lighthouse there is no beach at all, and although this has been the case for years, the erosion has been increasing.

thumb_IMG_6142 2_1024

(This picture is of low tide. The water will recede several feet for a few hours each day. You can see the lines on the steps and rocks where the water comes to at high tide.)

There’s a popular quote of unknown origin that says “Time and tide wait for no man.”

Yesterday we were newlyweds and planted a sapling. Today the tree is tall and we have become an old married couple. Our babies have been married for many years and have babies of their own.

thumb_IMG_6294 2_1024 (Cindy Woodsmall's conflicted copy 2017-04-27)

(Silas won’t slow down on his growing up, and that’s good, but I need to soak in all I can of each precious phase.)

The silver lining is that although these subtle shifts of time moving onward can drastically change the landscape of our lives, we know there is beauty in every stage, just as children playing on the beach or the waves crashing on the rocks are both beautiful in different ways.

Life is shifting sands, weighty effort to enjoy a few hours on the beach with loved ones, and acceptance that time changes the landscape for all of us.

What place have you visited that brought peace, insight, or refreshment?

(Your answer may encourage others, but if you’d rather not share, any comment will enter you into the giveaway.)



gathering threads2

For this month’s post, I am giving away a copy of my August release, Gathering the Threads, as well as a souvenir magnet of St. Simons Island.



REPEAT question from blog post: What place have you visited that brought peace, insight, or refreshment? (Your answer may encourage others, but if you’d rather not share, any comment will enter you into the giveaway.)

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331 Responses to “Twelve Months of Blue Skies Month Four and Giveaway”

  1. 327
    Susan says:

    Loved going to the Grand Canyon! So beautiful hard to believe it all started with a drop of water.

  2. 326
    Hannah Kilpatrick says:

    I love going to the Great Smoky Mountains. That’s where I go to relax ad refresh. All I need is a good book and a comfy place to relax next to a creek.

  3. 325
    kris ann kowalski says:

    My husband and I had a relaxing fall trip after our wedding to Bar Harbor. We were so happy to finally be done with the wedding stress. Maine is beautiful in September and we ate some heavenly seafood.

  4. 324
    dottie kivel says:

    When my husband and I traveled to Germany and Vienna, the sights there were breath taking and so serene it makes your heart stop and you just say a prayer that you are able to see and enjoy all the sights around you. Would do it again.

  5. 323
    Abbie Peterson says:

    My husband and I are in our 60s and found it very refreshing to recently take a vacation that was all about friends… we visited friends all up and down the east coast that had moved away

  6. 322
    Sabrina Templin says:

    The Olympic Peninsula

  7. 321
    Cynthia St. Germain says:

    I think the one place that I have gone two is a picnic area in the Jemez Mountains, it’s called Battleship Rock and it is so quite and relaxing, with the stream that runs through it. A day up there is so peaceful. It’s only about 1/2 hour from were I live.

  8. 320
    Sheila M. says:

    It looks like a beautiful place to visit! I love lighthouses! Anyplace with the soothing sounds of water is relaxing to me.

  9. 319
    Andrea says:

    I love to read Amish….thanks for a chance to win your new book. I love your writings.

  10. 318
    Mary A says:

    Sea Isle City, in a nun’s retreat house, as we gathered as survivors of breast cancer, gave me peace. My room had a bedspread scattered with sea shells, open to the sea breeze.

  11. 317
    Brenda Andrezeywski says:

    1.Our old Church camp, Camp
    Pamadeva in Hanover, PA !
    2.My Grandparents home in WV!
    Both were places I talked to God as I walked around by myself and just enjoyed the beauty He made!!

  12. 316
    Pat Mungle says:

    My husband and I went to Cannon Beach, OR for our daughters wedding. She had a beach wedding, which was beautiful. At night we slept with the windows open and let the sound if the waves put us to sleep. It was so peaceful. You are right about the waters edge being a lot farther away and my calves got a good workout walking the sand dunes. Loved every minute of it.

  13. 315
    Patricia Shrader says:

    Hi Cindy,
    Glad you got away for a refreshing break with your family! The seashore is always refreshing. I live in Florida now, and the beaches are beautiful, but I particularly enjoy riding along the East Coast of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine! I also enjoy riding around the back roads of Lancaster County, getting off the beaten path. Peaceful!
    All the best to you and your beautiful family!
    Blessings! ~Pat

  14. 314
    Ashley says:

    A place and time of peace for me is when I’m reading. I’m able to escape.
    The TV is turned off and the neighborhood is quiet (hopefully).
    I’m sitting on my couch with several cats.
    That is what peace and tranquility mean to me.

  15. 313
    Sharla Collier says:

    My favorite place that brings me some peace and enjoyment is anywhere with my family ….. me sitting with a good Christian novel, listening to the grandbabies playing in the background and thanking God for His goodness to me.

  16. 312
    Susan Brownson says:

    After my mom passed she left her house to me. I took my family and moved back into the home I grew up in. I felt great peace my very first night back home. I can honestly say I am home.

  17. 311
    Eileen Kavanagh says:

    Cindy, I love your books. They are so wholesome, refreshing and truly enlightening! Your books remind us of the true value of life. Putting our short comings and life’s obstacles in the hands of the Lord is the right way to deal. I no longer read any other books then Christen literature. I feel I am in the right place and frame of mind with these words of wisdom!
    My favorite place to be is at the beach with my christen literature, a cold glass of lemon tea and the waves gently bouncing off the beach!!
    Thank you for bringing me peace!

  18. 310
    Jewel Lowery says:

    My best memory is a trip my daughter took me on to Lancaster, Pa. We saw a lot of buggies, Amish, and just beautiful scenery. I love the quiet peaceful feeling. Not the commercial part.

  19. 309
    Tammy morse says:

    New reader am looking forwarder to reading your books.

  20. 308
    Kathryn Riley says:

    My favorite place of peace and refreshment is on the bluff in the coastal town of Gualala, California. Beautiful!

  21. 307
    Drema Hicks says:

    Cindy, I would love to win your giveaway! 💞 I love reading your books and stories about the Amish way of life. It’s a little escape for me when I’m not able to get in my car and hit the road. I love to get away with my husband, my best friend. We love to sit by the lake and enjoy God’s beauty and peace around us. We attend church regularly…and that is the MOST important place of all to leave our cares behind. 😊

  22. 306
    Linda L Borden says:

    I love going for hikes in the woods looking & enjoying at what God has created.

  23. 305
    Ernestine Kaye Haggard says:

    My place of peace is when I go to Granbury Texas and I walk out on my aunt’s boat dock and the peace of the Lake Brazor surrounds me

  24. 304
    Connie Burnett says:

    I love all of your books! My favorite places to be are at the beach walking asking picking up my Treasures. It brings me Peace!

  25. 303
    Kristina Kohler says:

    My place would be at Spa Resort with a Amish Book and a box of chocolates and a non alcohol Fruity Fizzy;Drink. and relaxing music in the back ground.

  26. 302
    Susan Campbell says:

    Seattle Wa. is my peaceful place.

  27. 301
    Donna says:

    Cape San blass! Peace came in the mist of my storm there an always makes me goo back! Stone

  28. 300
    Terry Grubb says:

    I love to visit a local lake, Sherando Lake. I remember taking our kids there every summer and it brings back fond memories. Two of my children went with my husband and I several years ago and it was like old times….relaxing, soaking in sun and having a sandwich picnic on the beach. Time goes entirely too fast.

  29. 299
    Grace says:

    As a mom of 3 little ones, it’s hard to remember a vacation place that has brought peace and refreshment. I grab small moments of quiet and refreshment when I can…some places we’ve enjoyed are Chincoteague Va, and Tioga Hammond Lake (upstate PA), but one place that I really enjoy is a campfire in our own backyard with my husband after the kids are in bed. 🙂

  30. 298
    Linda Moffitt says:

    I don’t get to travel much. The last time I had a relaxing peaceful vacation was for My honeymoon almost 15 yrs ago. LOL I have 3 kids now is why our vacations are mostly for/about them now I’ll get them back for My Husband and I in a few more years 🙂 Thanks for sharing this with us. It definitely looks like a relaxing time.

  31. 297
    Julie Ernst says:

    Hi Cindy, I enjoy visiting the beach too in the Ft Myers Florida area when we are able to get down that way from here in OH. I love the smell of the Sea salt air and marvel at God’s creation, Hopefully one of these days my family and I will be able to visit the Savannah Georgia area and islands as you have.

  32. 296
    Shana Adler says:

    I am married to a retired US Airman, so for last almost 19 years, I have lived away from the town I grew up in. I have to say that sitting on my parent’s front porch sipping on some sweet tea or a Big Red is the one place where I can find peace in my stressful world.

  33. 295
    LuCinda LaMay says:

    Walking along the shoreline of Lake Huron near Petosky, Michigan looking for Petosky stones and washer rocks… they have holes washed through them.

  34. 294
    Becky and Ward Grosser says:

    We spent a week in a lovely cottage o the coast in Providence ,R.I. this past summer. It was a trip to reacquaint my husband with a long lost cousin after 68 years. We are in our 70 and reconnected 15 years ago but first personal visit. Awesome. Love your books Always share when I buy

  35. 293
    Gerry Hubbs says:

    I went camping in Central Florida with dear friends over Easter weekend. My tent was set up under the trees & next to the Peace River. I was refreshed, reminded how precious God’s creation is and it brought me closer to Him.

  36. 292
    Linda martin says:

    The place that I got to visit about 5 years ago was st. Simons Island that gave me peace and contentment! Back in 1980 was when I first starting reading Christian novels and one of the series was written by Eugenia price who based her trilogy on the actual man and his family who was the first light keeper on the island! I “fell” in love with her descriptions and life on the island from her.books! So when I saw your blog about visiting there I was so excited for you!! Beautiful place with peace and quiet and to just enjoy God’s beautiful creation! I’m excited to see book #3 is coming out in august!! God blessed!

  37. 291
    Linda Laird says:

    My favorite place to go to is Raymond Gary Lake, outside of Ft. Townsend,Ok. It is so beautiful and so quiet. We love going over there and cooking out and sit on the lakes edge and listen to the frogs and such. It gives my soul a release of any and all stress. Just pure tranquil, peaceful time!

  38. 290
    Myrtle Thorn says:

    Love the cover of Gathering Threads. Can’t wait to read it

  39. 289
    Karleen Mrazik says:

    Smokey Mountains. Gods beautiful creation.

  40. 288
    Mary Calhoun says:

    I think the most beautiful beach is Tybee Island in Ga. Looks like God took a paint brush and spilled colors all over!

  41. 287
    Doris Lankford says:

    My favorite place to go is the mountains. I see the beauty all around me and wonder at the magic of the mountains having been around for years and years. I feel calm and at peace when I am in the mountains.

  42. 286
    Georgia says:

    I am so excited for your new release!! I love reading your work. I have been to so many different places. I love God’s beauty in every place that I have visited. I live in Alaska and it is so beautiful here, peaceful and refreshing. I also love Shipshewana, Indiana. I could visit there every year. My husband, being from IN, would rather go to Hawaii.

  43. 285
    Robin Weiss says:

    The ocean never fails to make me realize just how small & insignificant any problem or worry I might be experiencing truly is. The vastness, waves, salty breezes & powerful roar are a balm to my very soul.

  44. 284
    Nancy Lou Johnson says:

    I love the Outer Banks of North Carolina and go there as much as possible. I love to sit there and watch the waves come in, it is so relaxing, awesome to watch and powerful. You sit there and stare across the ocean and think, gee, Europe is on the other side! God has created such natural beauty!

  45. 283
    Laurie Engle says:

    When I visit the beach or near a mountain stream, I get peaceful and relaxed..

  46. 282
    Bonnie says:

    I always loved seeing Gods beauty all around me.

  47. 281
    Dana Fox says:

    I love going to the beach. Wonderful place to do devotions and pray.

  48. 280
    Nicole James says:

    Usually my place of peace is any beach. anywhere. It doesn’t matter how crowded or vacant. The swish of the waves and my feet in the sand always calms my nerves. I long for the beach every year. I use to live on Long Island where a beach was always a few miles away. Now I’m 2 hours from the nearest beach and it calls to me.

  49. 279
    Ethel Lytton says:

    Your blog today reminded me of my first visit to St. Simon’s Island just after my husband had passed away. Eugenia Price was my favorite author and I had just read her book about the death of her parents. I never located the house where she wrote her historical books about Georgia residents of the past, but the vacation helped me realize I could make it on my own with God’s help.

  50. 278
    Donna adkins says:

    Adore your books looking forward to many more to come hopefully

  51. 277
    Karen G. says:

    I love the beach when it’s not crowded with people. I also love going somewhere to an Amish community and being able to watch the Amish go about their work and daily chores. It’s gives me a sense of peace and a feeling that some places are untouched by the English way of life.

  52. 276
    sharon wilson says:

    So peaceful and relaxing….

  53. 275
    Thelma Hawks says:

    I love visiting the Smoky Mountains. I live in west Tn. which is just about all flat land. I was actually born and raised in Newport, Tn. which is considered part of the foothills of the Smokies. Funny how I never noticed all the beauty right there around me, until I move off and go back to visit. Makes me think we just need to take the time and look around us at God’s beautiful creations. There’s beauty all around us whether in the mountains or the flat lands. As the old saying goes, we need to just take some time to smell the roses. Have a blessed day.

  54. 274
    Kim Ralston says:

    When ever we go to Clearwater beach in Florida I feel relaxed and energized and ready to tackle whatever comes my way. Would Love to win

  55. 273
    Brenda Simmons says:

    When I visit the mountains I enjoy the peace of God’s creation.

    I would love to win this book give away. Love reading your Amish books. Ireadevery night.

  56. 272
    Angel says:

    Last month on my children’s spring break we drove from where we live in Kansas to Virginia Beach, VA and stayed in a beachfront hotel. (Off season the hotel was only $47 per night) Every morning we walked on the beach and marveled at the vastness of the ocean. It was beautiful and peaceful. God is amazing.

  57. 271
    Joan Nunnelley Powell says:

    No website. Just facebook and sometimes tatting books on ebay. Would love ti get a book, much less a quilt!

    Love your work!!

  58. 270
    Debi Smith says:

    Walking at the beach, praying as I walked.

  59. 269
    Marsha Pray says:


  60. 268
    Ginger Berkhouse says:

    What a beautiful grandchild! You are truly blessed.

  61. 267
    Priscilla Anders says:

    I love New Mexico. I love waking up early in the morning to watch the sun rise. there is peace from any part of the world where there is a sun rise.

  62. 266
    Pam Jackson says:

    My husband use to travel with his job and I would go. We was in Pennsylvania and it was getting close to Christmas and I was home sick. I had watched my husband leave out the window and it was snowing. God showed me how beautiful it was with snow so white had things covered. People was walking on parking lot and it was messed up and ugly and then no movement and everything was covered and beautiful again and God says that is what people’s life looks like,but with just one prayer, everything is covered and beautiful again.

  63. 265
    Marie Waters says:

    Haven’t ever one of your prizes but like the lottery, if you don’t enter you don’t have a chance of winning. So congratulations in advance to our winner. Hope you enjoy the great prize.

  64. 264
    Cindy Reeves says:

    The eroding of sand at the light house reminds me that, even though things around us wear out and erode, God’s love never erodes. He is always there for us.
    I love reading your books. Looking forward to reading your next.

  65. 263
    Cath H says:

    While on vacation in Kauai, HI, I found it peaceful to sit on the black rocks along the ocean. I found it very calming to watch the water, a sea turtle once and view the sunsets in the evenings. It was a path from the rented condo where we stayed. Just sitting on the huge rocks and take in the quiet, hearing the water against them, felt very relaxing.

  66. 262
    Chaeli Meerman says:

    This is not exactly a place in the physical sense, more spiritual. Our baby was diagnosed prenatally in December with a fatal birth defect. The news was heartbreaking, but through it all God had brought us closer to Him and has truly given us a peace that passes understanding. Our baby James was born on April 13th and was with us for an amazing 10 hrs before going to be with Jesus.

  67. 261
    Emily S says:

    I don’t have a place I go to, but a time of day.
    I get up 30 minute before I need to wake my children. Grab a cup of coffee and sit on the glider out front. The animals are just starting to stir. Birds are beginning to talk. The peacefulness just helps settle my mind.

  68. 260
    Juanita Cook says:

    Love your books. Thanks for a chance to win.

  69. 259
    Linda St Myers says:

    I love Hilton Head. My place of relaxation and rejuvenating.

  70. 258
    Gail farley says:

    I so love your books. As fulltime care giver to a very ill husband reading is my favorite escape. Keep writing these wonderful stories.

  71. 257
    Naomi Sibbitt says:

    Love ❤️ your books, Cindy!!

  72. 256
    Rachel S Isbell says:

    Galveston, TX brought me peace and serenity!

  73. 255

    What place have you visited that brought peace, insight, or refreshment? From time to time, I like to go fishing. This means going to some body of water where there are no other people. This includes small and large bodies of water. The reservoir tends to be one of the most peaceful places when I’m able to go and ride far up the river in my boat. The quiet, secluded, and peaceful areas allow me to relax and enjoy the great outdoors.

  74. 254
    Jonna Marsh says:

    The Smokies. We prefer the back roads, mountains, streams, wild flowers and wild life. There, I find peace and serenity! God has taken the nature there and taught me lessons!

  75. 253
    Sheri Rae Patterson says:

    I love visiting Historic Bowens Mills, a working 1864 Cider And Grist Mill in Middleville, Mi

  76. 252
    Evelyn Bryant says:

    I like to visit someplace where there is water. I guess being a Pisces, water is very calming to me..
    I also love your books Cindy..

  77. 251
    Nora Scott says:

    We enjoy visiting the wildlife refuge close to us. We enjoy nature walks and seeing the wildlife. God give us so many things to enjoy. We would love to win this prize package. We all really enjoy reading your books.

  78. 250
    Shirley Culpepper says:

    I love the mountains. I believe the Smokey Mountains are my peaceful place. I could sit by a shady stream and day dream about home, loved ones and pets. I would look up to the sky and thank God for blessing me with beautiful mountains, sky, trees and sweet smells. I just love the mountains!

  79. 249
    Linda Landreth says:

    We live on the Texas Gulf Coast in Corpus Christi, Texas. The most therapeutic in the world is walking on a stretch of beach called Big Shell. You must have a four wheeled drive vehicle to get to it. It is quiet except for the surf and sounds I’d water birds. It has a real calming effect if you are stressed. I have enjoyed waking barefoot on this beach through the years.

  80. 248
    Claire says:

    Another exciting place I’ve visited is the commonwealth state of Virginia. Colonial Williamsburg was a very favorite place to relive history. I love your books and would love to win this book.

  81. 247
    Moe Wooten says:

    Oh I have read all of your books! I love them!!!!!!!!

  82. 246
    Lisa castillo says:

    I went last year to Tybee Island with my four daughters and 6 grandchildren for mother’s day. I really enjoyed being with them for Mother’s day weekend, year before last I went with my sister and two brothers to Tybee, saddly to say one of the brothers died within the year with cancer but I have the sweet memory of the fun we all shared while he was still able to enjoy life. Both trips have been memorial to me.

  83. 245
    Darla hobbs says:

    Solomon’s island, MD. You can stay in the light keepers house right next to the lighthouse. Cove point lighthouse. Awesome anniversary celebration. Would highly recommend.

  84. 244
    Tammy says:

    I live an hour from beaches in South Jersey. It’s a great way to find peace in the calm of the tide and the sand between your toes (especially before hot weather comes & it gets busy).
    I especially find peace & a surreal joy when we finally get snow. We haven’t had enough snow though 🙁

  85. 243
    Sheri Elliott says:

    Your books always take me away to new places and open my eyes and heart.. Unfortunately I have been going through a rough spot and haven’t picked up a book in almost 2 years. It is really sad. I could use a book vacation I need a book vacation. (To get lost in a book is the best vacation for the mind,body & soul)

  86. 242
    Gayle says:

    Love your books! Hope I am the lucky winner!

  87. 241
    Robbie Hollis says:

    We recently visited Switzerland to see our son, daughter in law and two grandchildren. Our surroundings were so beautiful and peaceful and we were very grateful to have this precious time to spend with our family. It was definitely a time of renewal and if thanksgiving!!

  88. 240
    Dawn Crawford says:

    Holmes County Ohio always brings me peace and insight. The way of life in Holmes County is beyond compare. The way the Amish live and their faith is shown in the way they live, how they conduct business.

  89. 239
    Sheilah Cripps says:

    when i am down i go to my moms it seems to soothe my soul

  90. 238
    Joy Gibson says:

    I love your pictures. I love renting a cabin in the mountains for my peaceful vacations, the Smokies in E. TN being my favorite and it’s not far from home. I love your books!

  91. 237
    Lydia Carson says:

    I haven’t experienced a physical place that brings me peace lately. When I feel totally at peace is when I feel the presence of God. He touches my heart and I feel His Love.

  92. 236
    Diane Leon says:

    My family and I love to escape to Chebeague Island in Maine. We find it so peaceful and stress free. Just stepping on the ferry and ridding for 15 minutes calms me right down. The island is so beautiful and friendly people live there. When I want to escape in my mind I think of “The Jewel of Casco Bay”.

  93. 235
    Nilla Harris says:

    What place have you visited that brought peace, insight, or refreshment? I found this at a beach in Italy called Bibione Pineda. The sand was so fine and white and the shops were wonderful!! Will go back someday!!

  94. 234
    Janice Clark says:

    My peaceful happy place is sitting on the balcony of a hotel ,,watching the waves roll in.. LOVE THE BEACH…

  95. 233
    Lisa Thomas says:

    What brings me peace and refreshment is when my husband and I take long relaxing drives down back roads of Northern Pennsylvania.

  96. 232
    Stephanie Cantrell says:

    The place where I find true peace, insight and refreshment would be at the farms of my precious Amish friends. It is a place where I truly forget about the entire rest of this world. Truly, heaven on earth.

  97. 231
    Nancy Brown says:

    Two places refresh me, and give me peace of mind. I go frequently to a place called Reddi Point Preserve, just minutes away from my house. It has a very long wooden fishing pier with benches and provides a panoramic view of the St. Johns River, downtown Jacksonville, the Dames Point Bridge and the beautiful marshlands along the shore. So quiet when I am at the end of the pier! Another place I went that inspired me was Chimney Rock State Park, with waterfalls coming down out of the sides of the mountain, and such beautiful views from the top of the Rock Lookout!

  98. 230
    Vivian Furbay says:

    Living in Colorado and visiting Wyoming and Montana, I like to get away t the mountains where it is peaceful and quiet. We have been blessed to live in a beautiful state.

  99. 229
    Linda Goad says:

    Every October my sister, three daughters and I go to New Bern, NC for a girls “yaya” week. We have a blessed week together since part live in In and Fl. It is a time of laughter and reflection. We yard sale, cook together and pray together.

  100. 228
    Charis Zdrojewski says:

    Hope I win! Love your books!

  101. 227
    Kathy Hastings says:

    I love to go to Daytona Beach Shores. Our timeshare faces the ocean and I can just sit on the balcony and watch the waves and ocean sounds all day and night. So calming!

  102. 226
    Denise Flynn says:

    I can’t wait to read this book.

  103. 225
    Debbie Hazelton says:

    I love to go to the Maine coast to relax, refresh and peacefulness. I find the waves to be so calming. Thanks for the chance to win.

  104. 224
    Deanna Saxton says:

    Outside any where. I love the relaxing sound of the cars going by. The rustle of the Magnolia tree leaves in the breeze, the feel of warmth from the sun’s rays. It is healing for the mind!

  105. 223
    Sue Terrell says:

    I haven’t been anywhere is many many years. Lol but I love your books and anything about the Amish. Thank you for writing them. Your work is great. One of the best writers !

  106. 222
    Sharon Reed says:

    On the porch in the early morning before the world wakes up. Just a few moments of solitude to whisper my hopes and fears to God.

  107. 221
    Leanna Morris says:

    I love tbe peace and tranquility I feel when i focus on something other than everyday issues. That can be someplace as simple as a walk down my coubtry road, or somewhete as distant as the Smokie Mountains or on a beach by the ocean.

  108. 220
    Janet A Grayson says:

    We have a cabin at a campground in Centre County Pa. up in the mountains. It is our place of peace. We can drive in any direction and be in a beautiful valley and pass Amish Farms. To me farms are peaceful: beautiful fields, cows and horses grazing and gardens everywhere. Add an Amish farmer driving his team in the field just adds to the sense of calm.
    By the way, we drive past Doncannon, a town mentioned in Sisters of the Quilt: my favorite of your books.

  109. 219
    Cathy Plaster says:

    I find peace just sitting by the lake or any beach watching the waves or in my backyard by the fire pit watching a small bonfire. Anytime or anywhere I can relax I find peace.

  110. 218
    Sharon Dummitt Wolf says:

    Thinking of your question. I find the most peace at church with my grandchildren. Praising God for granting me such blessings… love all of your books.. thank you..

  111. 217
    Marilyn Saucier says:

    Mississippi Gulf Coast. It refreshes me seeing the beauty God created for us.

  112. 216
    Elaine Shorb says:

    There is a small State Park about 35 minutes from me called Sam Lewis State Park. It is the highest point in York County, Pennsylvania. (You are also looking across the Susquehanna River into Lancaster County.)
    It has a pavilion where you can sit and look out over the river… But, my favorite thing is to sit there and read a book!! It is so peaceful!! (In the Fall, it is so beautiful!!)
    This is my favorite place!

  113. 215
    Patti Bond says:

    Being at any beach brings me peace Just the sound of the waves rolling onto shore and a nice ocean breeze and a good book will do the trick Thaks for sharing your vacation and your pictures!

  114. 214
    Lucy Reynolds says:

    I haven’t really visited many places, but I find peace on my front porch listening to the birds and looking at the mountains. Thank you for the chance.

  115. 213
    Linda Bramlet says:

    My favorite peaceful place was when we visited the Great Smoky Mts in the fall two years ago. Oh, how God paints beautiful pictures for us to enjoy! Cindy, I would love to win one of your new books as I have everyone you have written so far. I love each one of them. Thanks so much.

  116. 212
    Teresa Kalmey says:

    I enjoy all of your books. I grew up in a town where there were many Amish people, so I really enjoy books about them.

  117. 211
    Linda Hearn says:

    I love the beach. We enjoy going to Oak Island NC and Wrightsville Beach NC.

  118. 210
    Linda Hearn says:

    I love the beach. We enjoy going to Oak Island NC and Wrightsville Beach NC. I would love to win this book.

  119. 209
    MavisRobertson says:

    We have spent a lot of time on Chincoteague Island in VA. I love your books.

  120. 208
    marge butler says:

    What place have you visited that brought peace, insight or refreshment? That place would be any waterfall. Waterfalls tend to just take all your cares and worries downstream. The make you feel so relaxed that you just want to sit there all day and vegetate. Probably the best one was Souix Falls, South Dakota, that we visited on our 50th wedding anniversary trip.

    Looking forward to this next book!!

  121. 207
    Cindy Webster says:

    I love to visit the Sequoias. There’s a peace there among those huge trees that you don’t find anywhere else. Looking at those hundreds of years old trees, I think of God and all the beauty He put on earth for us to enjoy.

  122. 206
    Kathy Lorenzini says:

    The place I love to visit the most is about ten miles from my house up towards the mountains and right by Vallecito Lake in Bayfield, Colorado. I can stop anywhere along the water’s edge and be amongst the pine trees and hear the birdsong and my heart is instantly calmed. It is so quiet and peaceful there I can always find an answer or calm my soul.

  123. 205
    Debbie Rhoades says:

    Well, I can think of two places right off the top of my head. One is Mendocino, CA, and the other is Sulphur, OK. They are both deeply calming and kindly beautiful places.

  124. 204
    Steph J says:

    Anywhere there is beautiful scenery and a beach helps bring me peace. But I especially like the beach in Florida called Siesta Keys.

  125. 203
    Tabatha Waybright says:

    I love going to Red River, NM. The whole enchanted circle brings peace and rest to my soul.

  126. 202
    Courtney says:

    Charleston, SC. So beautiful and historic….

  127. 201
    Judy Bortz says:

    We live in a beautiful tourist town in Northern Michigan. On nice days we like to go and sit on the shore of Little Traverse Bay and read and listen to the waves. We feel fortunate that we do not have travel far to find our kind of peace.

  128. 200
    Linda c says:

    The mountains in Austria was a peaceful retreat for me. Right now I am reading and enjoying your Amish Vines & Orchards series. Thanks for a chance to win.

  129. 199
    Shelley says:

    I would love to visit Saint Simons Island. Looks like a beautiful place.

  130. 198
    Carol Denlinger says:

    We went to Idaho last fall. The slopes in Sun Valley were beautiful colors. God is the best artist. It was our 50th State to visit.
    I would love your new book.

  131. 197
    Pamela Morr says:

    I enjoy any beach. The ones I have been to the most are on Lake Michigan in the Frankfurt, Mi. area.

  132. 196
    Ruth Longoria Kingsland says:

    I enjoyed reading about your Georgia retreat, as I also feel such a relief and release when I am at the ocean. My special place is Redondo Beach, California. I lived there several years ago, when I worked as a youth director for The Salvation Army. I was a block from the beach, so I spent a lot of time at the pier and just relaxing and enjoying the presence of God as the sun beat down and the waves rolled in. I loved Redondo so much that long after I moved away, I was married at a park overlooking the water there. It was a great way to feel God’s presence as we said our vows. Though I am up in the Northwest now, enjoying the magnificence of Mount Rainier and the other beauty God created here, Redondo Beach will always be my special place.

  133. 195
    Ingegjerd Williams says:

    I LOVE your books. My peaceful place is by the creek on our property. I could sit there for hours just watching and listening to the water.

  134. 194
    peggy clayton says:

    Mine is Yosemite. It is a wonderful place and so pretty. My son loves it there and he went there alone when he was going thru some relationship issues and it really cleared his mind. He now takes his wife as they are going to have a baby and they find it as peaceful as I did.

  135. 193
    Kimberley says:

    I’m looking forward to reading your upcoming book. My husband and I have taken a Conoe trip on the Blue River in Northern Indiana a few times. It is so peaceful and enjoyable. We are getting ready to go on vacation to Florida in a couple of weeks. It will be my first time visiting. I’m looking forward to it. Blessings to you and your family.

  136. 192
    Glenda Fletcher says:

    We traveled to Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl. a few years back for a month. It was so relaxing and fun. We would walk on the beach twice a day. In the morning early there weren’t very many people out there. It was so quiet and peaceful to walk and hear the waters’ waves come in. Just so gorgeous. Can’t say enough. Also on the side got to pick up a few shells and sea glass which are neat.

  137. 191
    Pauline Osborne says:

    Hi, it has been a pleasure seeing through your eyes a part of Ga, I have visited this area before and seeing from your eyes is different. Your love of family shines through. My place to go and be content is always visiting my family. I have some in Texas-Nebraska and Ky. living in Ga alone has been hard for me. thanks for sharing your new book.

  138. 190
    Carla Johnson says:

    I eagerly await your new releases and enjoy all of your books. Our most relaxing place is Tres Ritos, New Mexico which is in a national forest in the mountains. It is a cabin without TV or access to the internet, cell phones, etc. It has a cold water creek that flows down the hill. The children and my husband would try to catch trout, and we would cook hot dogs, etc. by the side of the creek. It brings back many wonderful memories.

  139. 189
    Trudy says:

    Thank you for the giveaway, Cindy. I am looking forward to your new book. God often refreshes and strengthens my spirit whenever I am soaking in His creation. Blessings to you!

  140. 188
    Brenda Ayers says:

    I love reading your books and have a lot of them in my library. The beach does give one a sense of peacefulness and feeling a closeness to God. You can look out at the marvelous wonders that God has created and just feel amazed at his handiwork. It seems like the sky and water meets in the distance. It’s been a while since I have been to the beach but I do love going . God has created so many beautiful things for us to enjoy and we take them for granted so much of the time.

  141. 187
    Phyllis Royster says:

    When we went to the Bahama’s on a cruise.

  142. 186
    Deanie Sanders says:

    I recently went on a cruise with my husband in January to the Eastern Carin bean and just seeing all that water was so relaxing. No phone contact with my job or anyone else was so peaceful. It was my first cruise and it was such blessing to me.

  143. 185
    Patty says:

    My Mom, aunt, and I just went to Savannah, GA a few weeks ago. If we had one more day we talked about driving to St Simons. Savannah was beautiful and we enjoyed our brief visit thoroughly!

  144. 184
    Connie Musick Terronez says:

    I read about your adventure and your sweet pics of your Grandchildren and enjoyed .Well my daughter and I usually go to Fredericksbourg, Texas as we live in Cleburne ,Texas and go to the Wildseed Store and they have acres of wild flowers planted with little walking trails and seas to sit in and take your pics of you with these wild flowers in the back ground and we find this relaxing and very peaceful and serene. My older will be 22nd of this month 15 yrs. Old and is blind toy poodle so we haven’t went anywhere since she become blind she turd blind two weeks after her 14th birthday last year she can’t be left and we’re afraid to take her it might be too stressful ,she has heart condition she has developed .I am on a fixed income very small so it’s better for us to go somewhere close by.we have traveled to Eureka Springs and seen the Passion Play but we also have one near where we live in Glen Rose ,Texas. Went to Brand some and seen the Dixey Stampede like the one in Tennessee Dolly Parton has.We went to see the Laura Ingalls Wilder home and museum ,however this was a good many years ago had lots of enjoyment Cocoa was much younger and could see .well I have talked or wrote far too much as it is .Thanks I have all your books and have read and loved them and so am looking forward to the next one in August Gathering the Treads ,I sure do like this one so very good .Thanks again for your time.

  145. 183
    Jeanette Durkin says:

    The most restful place I’ve been is Indian Rocks Florida. It’s a wonderful family-oriented Beach it’s just so relaxing to get up in the morning and only hear the waves and watch the sun rise up from the water.

  146. 182
    Patricia Young says:

    i love your books, when I finish reading them my amish neighbors borrow them.

  147. 181
    Patricia G Moore says:

    Thanks for sharing your pictures. We used to live in Savannah GA & have been to St Simon’s several times. Been a fan of yours for several years and love your books. You are on “favorite authors” list at a Used Bookstore (I know – dirty word – not there though) and they order books by my favorite authors as soon as they receive a release date. That way I don’t have to worry about missing any of my favorite authors’ new books. They order new books by request from any of their customers. A lot of their customers are like me, we give them that list & they order. They have a shelf for their special orders. Thank you for all the hours of treasured reading. So many times your books have touched my heart or answered something I was praying about. I’ve read most of your books but would love to win an autographed copy to put on my bookshelf with other treasured books.

  148. 180
    Valerie Hohenberger says:

    I love your books and would especially be honored to win one! I have a couple of peaceful places…Alaska and the beach! My husband and I travelled to Alaska a couple of times and I would go back in a heartbeat! We also have visited Myrtle Beach many times as a family. My daughter and I also visited Pensacola with my sister and her husband several years ago.

  149. 179

    Our honeymoon 33 years ago this May 19. We went to Door County, Wisconsin; lighthouses, cold, cold water, cherry blossoms, fish boils, wonderful memories; that we returned with our children and they honored us with a weekend when they were grown.

  150. 178
    Linda Thompson says:

    I soak up reading your Amish books along with many authors. I am a RN with a lots of stress on my job and when I pillow my head at night, I reach for this escape into a different world. It lifts my spirits, calms my being, encourages my heart to always remain the woman God wants me to be while tickling the hidden “wanna be author” desires buried within me. Please keep the books coming because they are not simply a “pass-time”. They minister to heart and souls in this chaotic world.

  151. 177
    Tina says:

    There is know place special because I can see and talk to God anywhere and all you have to do is look around and you can see the beauty in Gods hands and all the beautiful art work by his hands. Thanks for all the great reads. God Bless.

  152. 176
    Kailey B. says:

    I always feel at peace in the mountains and at the beach.

  153. 175
    wilma says:

    love to take walks just listen to the birds sing!!!!

  154. 174
    Lucille Watkins says:

    After the terrible loss of our 13 year old son in 1980(which still seems like yesterday sometime) we were at such a loss and we moved several times but you can’t move away from it. We found a little house on the lake and it seemed to give some peace sitting on the deck around the water was calming. Still not gone away but more peaceful we are still living here. Never dealt with such a loss as your child. Reading gives me comfort.

    • 174.1

      This is heart rending, Lucille. I appreciate that you shared a piece of your heart with us.

    • 174.2
      Pauline Osborne says:

      Lucille, I am sure there is nothing more worse then to lose a child, they should not have to go so soon. we have lost three in our families and the Mothers are grieving just as you say, pain never goes away but just maybe God willing it lessens. I hope you win this book to read in that home by the water.Thank you for sharing-now others will be praying for you and God will hold you closer.

  155. 173
    Jessie Young says:

    One place I have visited that brought peace was Mackinac Island. No cars. Slowed lifestyle and beautiful! I can’t wait to go back.

  156. 172
    Elaine Laczny says:

    The Lord spoke to my anxious heart as I walked along Kanapali Beach in Maui Hawaii and prayed only to look up and see a 🌈 and be reminded of His great faithfulness and hesed love ❤️

  157. 171
    Glenda Middleton says:

    Loved Sleeping Bear Dunes in MI

  158. 170
    Tina Dewe says:

    Alaska was my favorite getaway for reflection, peace and relaxation. It was a once in a lifetime vacation that I wish I could do every year. It is so peaceful and beautiful there.

    On another note, your grandchildren are adorable. Love the superhero t-shirt and swimsuit.

  159. 169
    Donna White says:

    I would love to win this book.

  160. 168
    Pat says:

    I have heritage from Georgia and Maine. Several years ago, one of my dreams came true. I went Whale watching at Boothbay Harbor, ME when I went to visit my mother. She grew up on the coast of Maine, but she was not allowed close to the ocean by her parents. We took her with us, and she insisted on wearing her jacket and sitting outside in the mist of the boat. She had never done this before. This trip showed at least 5 lighthouses and many different sea animals. It was a refreshing trip. We went over 20 miles out into the ocean before we saw the whales. It was a very enjoyable trip. [My mother will turn 90 her birthday.]

  161. 167
    Ellen says:

    I would love to win another wonderful book of yours !!! I hope to be the luck one!!!

  162. 166
    Karen Tackett says:

    Many years ago we worked for a helps ministry and ever so often we would leave town and go to a wonderful B & B in the Hill Country of Texas. The small Sunday House was in the middle of a pasture and the cattle would pass by on their way to water. It was an amazing quiet place to spend time with the Lord, refresh and refill, so that we could return to our much needed work filled with the Spirit and ready to be the ambassadors for Jesus He desired. Love the refreshing times of our life. Sounds like your Georgia trip was that for you! So enjoy your books Cindy!

  163. 165
    Gerri Moore says:

    I love going to the Smokey Mountains. Getting up early to enjoy the sunrise in the coolness of the morning with a cup of coffee, is as near to felling God’s presence. Always stay in a cabin, so nature is my back door. Hearing the birds waking up and watching the squirrels begin to scamper about, beautiful. I love God’s grand awakening.

  164. 164
    Roseanne Impellizzeri says:

    We were just recently at the shores of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea where we experienced sunrises that there were no words for. We have been to Italy, Holland, Belgium, France & England & to each belong their own quaintness, history & beauty. The one place that has inspired me the most, beyond the shadow of a doubt, is the Holy Land, Israel! To walk where He walked is too much for my mind, my heart, my soul to express. It was the nearest I had been to the One who created me, who created this entire Earth and all its inhabitants & the Creator of the Glorious new Earth where we will live forever. To walk in the tomb where He once lied and to march down the Via Delarosa where He suffered on my behalf….where can one find more inspiration?

  165. 163
    Elyse Bartee says:

    Every time we go to the lake camping or I am around water – I am at peace and I love to just take in the beautiful sunsets and taking pictures of those sunsets and I often find myself thinking of all the good ole gospel songs we used to sing around a campfire growing up in Oklahoma with youth devotionals from church. My father as well as my brother have gone to be with the Lord and I treasure those precious memories of the water that we shared all those years ago.

  166. 162
    Amanda Kinzel says:

    Last year my family (my fiance, my daughter, and my parents) and I went to visit my best friend (since first grade) and her family in Oahu, HI. Her husband is stationed there. I really enjoyed the beaches but what really brought me peace and tranquility was actually the hikes to the waterfalls. These waterfalls are off the beaten path and takes some effort to get to but it is so worth it & I’d say more peaceful and relaxing because of it! And it was so much more special because I got to enjoy it with friends and family!

  167. 161
    Ruth Townsend says:

    When I lived in Florida, there was a park in town called Venetian Gardens. It was surrounded by a lake on three sides, had little bridges, palm trees, picnic tables and climbing trees. There were also alligators ducks and other wild creatures. This was my oasis when I needed quiet time.

  168. 160
    Judi Trimble says:

    I love the mountains and forests. A visit to the mountains in North Carolina several years ago refreshed me and left me feeling peaceful and full of wonder of God’s handiwork!

  169. 159
    Pam Kappel says:

    I’d love to win your book.

  170. 158
    Diane Whiting says:

    St, Simon’s is gorgeous. I love your work. I work in a small, rural, poor library….Emily Taber Public Library in Baker County (Macclenny) Florida. We depend highly on donated books. We never have enough Christian fiction. I hope I win. I would donate to our library and then read.

    My serene place is the library, surrounded by all that I love.

    If you ever have extra books….hahaha…we would gladly accept them.

  171. 157
    Roberta Underhill says:

    My favorite place is Sanibell island off the west coast of Florida. The photos from your Georgia vacation remind me of it a bit, but if you want to find the most beautiful shells, you definitely need to go there.

  172. 156
    Kerry Dexter says:

    I’ve been fortunate to visit several places that inspire and bring peace. Though you might not at first think of it that way, one of those is Glencoe, in Scotland.

  173. 155
    June Deese says:

    We went to the”Pretty Place” in Cleveland SC last weekend. It’s a chapel in the SC mountains on the grounds of the YMCA camp. It over looked the mountains you could see for miles….so peaceful….could feel Gods presents in that place

  174. 154
    Kris says:

    Wow enjoyed seeing the pictures of St. Simons Island and your vacation…..we moved to the Ga mts almost 3 years ago so I am still getting used to places in Georgia to see….possibly go visit….just plain know about…..and I love lighthouses….will have to check out how far it is from the mts here….Thanks for the opportunity to try and win….Have a Blessed Day!

    • 154.1
      Kris says:

      wanted to say, got carried away w/ commenting on your vacation….our first trip to Lancaster Pa Amish and then last year to Berlin, Ohio….OMG so peaceful….calm….just love riding and looking at the farms and just how there IS not great traffic, horns blowing…. and more makes it such a quiet calm peaceful vacation to go to….going to Ohio again this year….with sister and bro in law

  175. 153
    Nancy Horn says:

    It is hard to nail it down to one place, however, I think Ocean Drive in Newport, Rhode Island is the place I found quiet peace within. It is lovely there, with the constant rush of the ocean waves and the piercing cries of the multitude of seagulls above and picking along the shoreline. It is a wonderful place to reflect and think. As millions have done before, I would often just sit there on the rocks and watch the water, while I rid my mind of the “stinkin’ thinkin’!

  176. 152
    Donna Young says:

    I read all your books. I can’t seem to put one down I love all your stories. Thank you for
    letting us go to another time and place with all your wonderful books.

  177. 151
    Brenda Sterne says:

    I love your stories of your family and the adventures. My place I love to go is in the mountains for refreshment. Just to look and enjoy all the beauty. Since we live in VA its easy to take to the mountains.

  178. 150
    Louise Elliss says:

    We go once a year to Lotties Rustic Retreat, it is close to the Bennett Springs state park in MO. Rest and relax and pop over to the park for some Trout Fishing.

  179. 149
    Gladys Alexander says:

    I would love the giveaway and magnet for my mother.All she reads is Amish Christian stories.

  180. 148
    Patty Gluck says:

    Sounds like a wonderful vacation Cindy. Can’t wait until your new book is published I love all of your books

  181. 147
    Sherrie Miller says:

    I love your books. They make me feel like iI am right there…..a mini vaca if you will…lol…Thanks for your wonderful stories!

  182. 146
    Martha Peace says:

    Love your books,Thanks for a chance to win

  183. 145

    I love the covers of your books. They are always great.

  184. 144
    Theta says:

    I love gardens…..flower gardens….water gardens…..we were recently at Monet’s garden in Giverny. Beautiful and peaceful.

  185. 143
    Jane Squires says:

    Lived in Arizona for four and a half years. Loved it there.

  186. 142
    Patricia says:

    I would love to win the book and magnet.

  187. 141
    Paula Lambert says:

    II find complete peace and true relaxation in Shipshewana Indiana. We try to go there yearly. Our next trip is only 3 weeks away!!

  188. 140
    Samantha says:

    When I went to Thailand in 2013. Just the difference in culture gave me an insight on how much I actually take for granted….I hope to someday go back and visit the friends I made while there. 😀

  189. 139
    Jayne Noble says:

    The beach! I love the awesome display of Gods power. And the peacefulness of his creation!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  190. 138
    Nyla Kay Wilkerson says:

    The Smoky Mountains do it for me. They remind me of Psalm 121.

  191. 137
    Alea Shinn says:

    My husband lost his job in early February, so we don’t travel anywhere these days, so my new favorite place to visit is our backyard. We’ve been living in an apartment since we got married in 2000 and finally bought a house at the end of 2016. I love being outdoors in our yard and restoring it from the previous owner’s negligence. It’s so nice to see everything coming together and looking so much better. It’s peaceful outdoors and I love to hear the birds chirping and other nature noises. Definitely refreshes and clears my head.

  192. 136
    Mary Gilbert says:

    I love all your books! I want to read your new one as soon as I can.

  193. 135
    Bevery Hollowell says:

    In 1976 my husband and I visited Israel and the joy and peace I felt as I walked where I knew our Lord walked gave me peace, joy, and happiness beyond description.

  194. 134

    My husband and I just spent the weekend in San Diego at a Hawaiian Festival. It was truly an exciting experience. Everyone was so friendly and willing to share their cultural ways. Even the children were friendly.

  195. 133
    Janice Henderson says:

    I’m not sure the year but the first time I saw “Old Faithful” it was such a joy to be there. I am from Ga and in my child hood we took trips to states around Ga. Colorado seemed like it was just so far away I thought I would never get to go. I was in my early forties when I did get there thanks to my husbands business. And yes, I did cry!!

  196. 132
    Jen Neitzke says:

    My most peaceful place I’ve been is at “The Shack” in Ewen, MI (the U.P.)….A getaway cabin that is shared among many extended family members and used by many to rejuvinate.

  197. 131
    Lisa Harness says:

    Kalispelll, MT. I can just breathe God there.
    St. Simon’s Island also just gives insight into God’s vastness.

  198. 130
    Wendy says:

    Big Sur on the coast of California.

  199. 129
    Syble Ditzler says:

    Loved St. Simeon’s Island. Was lucky to be there only once for a short time but loved getting to go there. Had read books by Eugenia Price and could just picture the area.
    Loved seeing the ocean for the first time-it was like seeing a new world. Think I would love to live near the ocean until hurricane season!

  200. 128
    Ida Rice says:

    Anywhere as long as I’m with my kids and grandkids. My family means everything to me. It doesn’t matter where we are or what we are doing as long as we are together. God Bless and keep up the good work.

  201. 127
    Ida Rice says:

    My favorite place would be anywhere with my kids and grandkids. It doesn’t matter where just as long as we are together. Family means everything to me. Good luck and God Bless

  202. 126
    Nancy Seitzl says:

    We just visited Clify Inn in Madison, IN. We say on the balcony of our fourth floor room and were able to watch barges going up and down the Ohio River. Relaxing to me.

  203. 125
    Melissa says:

    The most peaceful place is when I finally got to see the ocean riding a ferry across the ocean standing on the side watching the sunset it was beautiful and the most awesome thing ever.

  204. 124
    Carol Daigle says:

    The most relaxing place we visited was a r v park up in Glacier National park. There were beautiful mountains all around us , and no television, so it was great for reading.

  205. 123
    Joan Kurth says:

    The place I have visited that brought peace, insight and refreshment is Alaska! It is so beautiful that God must have had a wonderful time making it. We liked it so much we went again!

  206. 122
    Sonja says:

    I love finding that peace you describe. I have to admit the place that brought me peace was going to Poland and finding the homes, and walking the streets my ancestors walked years and years ago. It makes me never want to leave. I love to feel of their lives in mine.

  207. 121
    Bernice says:

    Loved the photos of the Georgia coast, but the place that always brings me peace is when we visit Lancaster County, PA. We especially enjoy Ronks & Strasburg.

  208. 120
    Ruthann says:

    I am at peace in Holmes County sitting on the porch at the Bed & Breakfast listening to the horses clip clop and looking at the beautiful countryside.

  209. 119
    Beverly M. says:

    My favorite place is camping in the mountains with shade trees and a stack of books to read. This always rejuvenates me, the peace and quiet of nature in God’s world.

  210. 118
    Julie says:

    Whenever I am kayaking or camping, it brings me peace. Or sitting on the beach watching the ocean waves. I feel calm and relaxed and close to God.

  211. 117
    Gloria Schilling says:

    A peaceful place I visited was several years ago. This place was Beulah Beach Church Camp along Lake Erie. The atmosphere was peaceful and relaxing and the presence of the Holy Spirit was so prevalent.

  212. 116
    Brenda Anderson says:

    My husband and I love visiting the Smoky Mountains. The beauty and peacefulness of it is so relaxing! We’ll be celebrating our 50th anniversary in August, and even though our children offered us a trip to Hawaii, we turned it down in favor of another trip to those gorgeous mountains!

  213. 115
    T. Burris says:

    I currently live in the middle of the midwest. Although, I love raising my daughter here, I find a strong connection with God sitting on a beach overlooking the ocean.

    I’ve truly been blessed to be a single mom and have the opportunity to escape the day to day grind and take my daughter on ocean adventures. It brings me great peace to see God’s sunrise on a warm beach standing in the sand barefoot and the salt in the air. AMAZING!

  214. 114
    Elaine Rieder says:

    The beach at Cancun always refreshed me and brought me closer to God because it wad so relaxing and the people were so kind.

  215. 113
    Natalie Keating says:

    Island looks beautiful and kids seem to be having a great time.

  216. 112
    Susan Fletcher says:

    My late husband and I enjoyed Gatlingburg, Tennessee. If we decided to stay nearby instead of a long travel, we stayed at our beach house in NC. Precious memories!

  217. 111
    Cheri Howard says:

    I winter in central Florida and we have many lakes around. Nothing is better than a good book and a peaceful park or beach. We go home in the spring from having a refreshing, peaceful, stress free winter.

  218. 110
    Linda D. McFarland says:

    Going home to spend time with my mom always brings peace, contentment and refreshes my spirit. Nothing like time with my precious 89 soon to be 90 year old mom! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  219. 109
    Jackie McNutt says:

    I was my father’s caretaker for almost a year, he lived in Garden City, S.C. a block from the ocean.
    I always tried to go there when I had someone who could visit with him, and I would soak in God’s peace and pray while walking the beach.
    Even after I moved back to Ohio I still can close my eyes and hear the ocean and remember how blessed I am and search for that peace again.

  220. 108
    Kathy Kanauer says:

    I love to go to our camp in the Adirondacks. The sights and scents are quite relaxing. Life moves at a much slower pace. It is truly a place to find peace.

  221. 107
    Judy George says:

    I feel calm and relaxed while riding through Amish Country. It is so beautiful.

  222. 106
    Ronda Ferry says:

    The beach at Top Sails NC. Was so beautiful.

  223. 105

    My special place is Damascus, Va. It is a little village of less than 1,000 people. The mountains surround us and the river runs through town. We are called “the friendliest town on the Appalachian Trail.” People sit on the front porch and talk to their neighbors. We can walk to restaurants, pharmacy, the park, the post office. When we gather at the Farmer’s Market on Saturdays, it is a time to buy fresh bread, crafts , and homegrown vegetables and flowers. This little village makes me think I have time traveled back to a place where friends, neighbors, church and the beauty of God’s creation are valued… a place of peace and rest for the soul.

  224. 104
    Tiffany says:

    For me, it is the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee. My family and I love to vacation there. It is such a relaxing environment and always a good way to release some stress and just sit back and enjoy one of God’s beautiful creations!

  225. 103
    Kit Gatewood says:

    I’ve been living in Ga for four years and was delighted to visit our shores through your eyes. My spiritual place of travel was Ireland. My fraternal great grandparents were from there. Seeing all the ruins and resting places of all those that have gone before me made my soul content. I’m an Indiana girl living in a Georgia world.

  226. 102
    Joyce Arnold says:

    Visited Colorado, while traveling by the rail car up Pikes Peek after we left the green tree line and just before entering the Pikes Peek top we went through one of the most beautiful valleys that I have ever seen. I looked at my husband and said ” How can any one doubt that there is a God after seeing this magnificent valley. The grass was a lush green, it had hi’s and low’s and the sun shone brightly from the perfect blue sky. This was a very serene sight to behold.

  227. 101
    lanore lewis says:

    My family and I love the Outer Banks in North Carolina. I just love all the lighthouses in the area as well. I find it there to be, very relaxing and it is also Beautiful. Would love to one day live as close to the OBX as possible.

  228. 100
    Suzanne Sellner says:

    Retreat centers in the country provide peace, quiet, and a time of rest and reflection for me. One of my most relaxing vacations was at Hilton Head in a condo where the balcony provided many relaxing hours of reading and rest. In addition, we visited with my sister and brother-in-law, who had invited us to stay with them in the condo. For exercise, my husband and I enjoyed walking on the beach early in the morning before it became quite hot.

  229. 99
    Janey Carrico says:

    St Simons Island would be on my bucket list if I had one. Years ago I enjoyed reading Eugenia Price’s historical novels set on St Simons and have always wanted to visit. But my favorite place is Nubble Light on the southern coast of Maine. Trips there have been infrequent over the years but it has never ceased to be my #1 spot. My family vacationed in Maine during my growing up years. My husband and I honeymooned there. And we vacationed there a few times with our 5 children. Sitting on the rocky ledge admiring the lighthouse across the inlet has brought moments of peace and contentment. Pictures of Nubble Light are good substitutes as they cause me to pause and reminisce about some of my favorite times.

  230. 98
    Kathryn Voss says:

    It looks so beautiful there!my most relaxing places are nature on a hike. I love the beauty of Gods creation.

  231. 97
    Lori Weller says:

    My patio swing where I can think about the past, present, and future.

  232. 96
    Judy Weaver says:

    I love St. Simons and love to go sit at the pier area and just watch the water and the ships.

  233. 95
    Debra Bearden says:

    I love to visit the Great Smokey Mountains, seeing the beauty of the mountains and trees and just riding through the park and Cades Cove are so peaceful to me.

  234. 94
    Claire says:

    My most relaxing place of refreshment is our trip to Hawaii some 30 yrs ago. I loved the beauty of the islands and the relaxation it gave me.

  235. 93
    Cindy Leckron says:

    My family went to Hawaii in 1992. We got to enjoy the islands many pleasures, but we got to enjoy our time together. It was peaceful and relaxing and a great way to enjoy our family time together. Of course, anytime we go to a beach is a good time no matter what beach it is.

  236. 92
    neva says:

    My go to place is sitting on our back porch surrounded by tall pines. It’s a place for renewal and refreshing.

  237. 91
    Gwenda Bruhn says:

    We loved Williamsburg VA, so peaceful there.

  238. 90
    Alberta Kliem says:

    Know the feeling, traveling through our marriage made for many good times, our haunt, so to speak was always Disney trips to Florida and many special spots we sat in without anyone around and sad to say now we are no longer able to do that, had to give it up a few years ago.Traffic -money,retired now,driving too much for a 78 and 77 year old to do -but we rehash the great times there and the favorite places we decided was ours alone-so long as we keep our memories, we’ll keep reliving our wonderful places to be at.

  239. 89
    Sandy says:

    Several years ago a friend, now with the Lord, offered her little beach home up in Jonesport, Maine to my husband and I for a week. Jonesport is about as far as you can go in Maine. Quiet, serene, near the water, small town where folks are in bed before sunset. And speaking of sunsets…WOW! We enjoyed the quiet, read, took walks, naps, ate late lunch in town one day. A very fond memory!

  240. 88
    Martha Troxel says:

    I find that being in a rural area is peaceful.

  241. 87
    Leanna Boynton says:

    I spent a month in Lakeland, FL. In January, and loved walking along Lake Morton watching the swans, pelicans, egrets and all the other birds there! It’s so peaceful and tropical! Also love the Saturday Night gospel concerts at Lake Gibson Nazarene church!

  242. 86
    June H says:

    The beach – I love sitting on the beach and watching the waves come and go…. I know that my sins are washed away in the name of Jesus!

  243. 85
    Leanna Boynton says:

    The place I’ve visited that brings me peace and refreshment is Lakeland, FL. I love walking along Lake Morton watching the swans, pelicans, egrets and sll the other birds there!

  244. 84
    Dorothy Martin says:

    This summer we are renting a condo that is beachfront at Myrtle Beach. I enjoy staying on the balcony to read and watch the family having fun on the beach. I also enjoy trips to a friend’s cabin in the Smokies near Pigeon Forge.

  245. 83
    Judith A says:

    I find peace anywhere when I am with my husband and God are.

  246. 82
    Loretta Shumpert says:

    My place of calm used to be the beach….now it’s Lancaster County. Not sure why that changed but it has. Your photos are great of the Georgia coast. I’ve been to Jekylls Island but it’s been a very long time ago, otherwise, I go to Myrtle Beach.

  247. 81
    Sharon Jones says:

    Although, I grew up with Florida beaches, my peace on earth is our little farm in Cana, Virginia, nestled among the beautiful and peaceful Blue Ridge Mountains. We are surrounded by farms and orchards of all kinds of fruit and especially the best cherries I’ve ever tasted! The breeze never stops while we rock or swing on the front porch and listen to the birds talk and watch the deer nibbling the bushes at the spring house across the road. It is a great place for reading your books, Cindy!

  248. 80
    Elaine Lauzon says:

    3 places I felt at home and so relaxed were first of all was in Fiji! The people there are so wonderful! How they love to laugh! And the children there were so nice…We also loved Yuma Arizona and went every winter…. Loved seeing all the Navajho items! Such nice people! Jewellery was out of this world!
    (PS met a few Amish people up north in Ontario! Those buggies are truly works of art! Didn’t know they lived up there! Got that nice surprise!….)

  249. 79
    Charolette Romero says:

    One year we went to Oklahoma it was very refreshing

  250. 78
    Pamela Pavkov says:

    We just got back from spending 9 days in Holmes County, Oh. The peace and tranquility was wonderful. We would go out on the deck and listen to the birds it was so quiet. Now the city noise and traffic really bugs me. Born to be a country girl I think!!!

  251. 77
    Julie Finke says:

    Sarasota Florida’s beach is amazing! The sand is so white and fine. Stays cool all day. Bill and I went there a few years ago and I loved it. Just sitting in a beach chair with my feet in that cool sand just zones me out. Very relaxing.

  252. 76
    Wenddie Mikulcik says:

    I love going to Mackinac Island in my home state of Michigan it’s like stepping back in time. No automobiles allowed just horse drawn carriages and bikes.

  253. 75
    Melissa Henderson says:

    The beach always gives me peace and comfort as well as refreshment. I love the sound of the waves and love watching the dolphins.

  254. 74
    Susan says:

    Love to go to Church camp in Clay City In

    Its located on 40 acres of woods and it’s so peaceful there

  255. 73
    Ola K Norman says:

    Looking forward to reading this book!

  256. 72
    patricia matney says:

    please pick me i enjoy reading all your amish books

  257. 71
    Kathy Burdette says:

    My favorite place is Canaan Valley/Blackwater Falls, WV. Staying in cabin and being up in the mountains is so relaxing. If you ever get to go to that,area you will love it!

  258. 70
    Heidi says:

    The most peaceful, refreshing place is Tahiti.

  259. 69
    Cheryl Callan says:

    Camping is my place. Food taste better cooking on open fire and eating outside.

  260. 68
    Moya says:

    I loved and felt more at peace in Grass Valley or Big Bear CA. out in the country In the outdoors in nature (birds and others animals, and just peace) In the world to day there is just so much stress and so I love that

  261. 67
    Bonnie says:

    I love the beauty, majesty and peaceful feeling of being in the mountains, so Colorado is a wonderful place to visit two of my sons and their wives. I enjoy a rural setting.

  262. 66
    Barbara says:

    Thank you for the giving away.I enjoy reading your books

  263. 65
    Lori says:

    I love your books and would love to be a winner.

  264. 64
    Deborah Bentley says:

    I have read all of your books. I live in Georgia and have been to St Simon’s many times. I have a precious memory of sitting on the beach having a long conversation with my grown son. So peaceful, relaxing and memorable❤

  265. 63
    Linda Critcher says:

    Returning to the beach after not going for over 30 years, brought so many oohs and ahhs. It reminded me of my childhood & being there with my parents and childhood friend. Now Daddy was in heaven but Mama was able to join me along with several cousins. We enjoyed walks each day and absorbing the sunshine. Just great fellowship with one another. We were able to repeat this scene approximately 4 more times before Mama would now be in Heaven. It’s a reminder never to take for granted those family members whom you cherish. Their absence is a tremendous loss in our lives. Last year I was able to return to the beach with my 88 year old Aunt. But almost one year later has brought drastic changes in her memory and physical abilities. Will we share another beach trip? It’s doubtful, but thank God for the treasured times we’ve all had over the years. A seaside group photo each year reveals more and more family member’s absences. But we look forward to a great Reunion Day because of Jesus! Treasure the memories and redeem the times!

  266. 62
    Diane Wallace says:

    I have a couple of places that I enjoy serenity. I enjoy the beach, especially when the sun is rising. Sitting there watching the ocean gives me peace and makes any problems I may have seem small. Puts things in perspective. I also enjoy staying at a cabin in the fall where I can enjoy the fall foilage.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win “Gathering the Threads”. I always enjoy your books!

  267. 61
    Susan Harrington says:

    When I was growing up my parents would take us to Fripp Island out from Beaufort SC for vacations. I cherish those memories; those were times I felt stress free and well spent time with family. My father passed away a little over a year ago and oh how I miss him but I always remember the wonderful vacations that he planned for us.

  268. 60
    Lisa Knipp says:

    Pick me please!!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win… would love to read it!!!

  269. 59
    Stephanie Ziegler says:

    Unfortunately it’s been a very long time since I’ve felt inspired or encouraged. But thanks for the giveaway opportunity. I love your books.

  270. 58
    Linda says:

    Love walking on the beach !

  271. 57
    Tabitha VanHorn says:

    The best time I had was in Upper Penn, Michigan. It was very peaceful and calming. Went up with my sister and her son’s. Loved it!

  272. 56
    Sue Williams says:

    The Grand Canyon was so beautiful and peaceful. It portrayed God’s handiwork. We enjoyed our trip there tremendously.

  273. 55
    Jane says:

    Hi Cindy!
    I can’t wait for this book to come out and buy a copy of it!

  274. 54
    Caroline Biggs says:

    Ft Morgan Al beach. Surf Side Shores so quiet and peaceful

  275. 53
    MaryJane says:

    There is no place like home on my front porch!

  276. 52
    Kathy says:

    A few years ago we stayed at a quaint beachfront resort at Carolina Beach on Pleasure Island off the coast of North Carolina. It was so serene, so peaceful! Just relaxing in rockers on the porch or on a blanket on the beach, falling asleep to the sound of the ocean. And is there any better way to start your day than a sunrise walk on the beach? To this day that is still my favorite vacation trip of all.

  277. 51
    Nancy Barr says:

    Love your books!!!

  278. 50
    w says:

    love taking walks and listen to the birds…and seeing the flowers~

  279. 49
    Krystal Smith says:

    I would love a copy of your new book📚

  280. 48
    Patty Bowmar says:

    In April we made a trip to Walnut Creek, Ohio. Like you, my husband and I went with our daughter and two grandsons. I enjoyed spending time with them in a beautiful and peaceful area. My oldest grandson will graduate from high school next year and the second grandson will be a teenager this year. When people make comments about how quickly they have grown up, I always think “we have grown older just as quickly”. Where has time gone?

  281. 47
    Julia Thoel says:

    I have rad 95% of your books. I enjoyed each one.
    My quiet reflection comes from sitting in a very gentle breeze on a warm summer day and looking across the landscape to corn and beans growing. Am I from an Iowa farm?

  282. 46
    Helen Earle says:

    I love your books. So inspiring to me. They bring me closer to God. Love sitting on a beach and listening to the waves.

  283. 45
    Anna Gonzales says:

    I love to visit Colorado. The mountains are so beautiful. The peaceful. I wish i could live there💗

  284. 44
    Judy Stewart says:

    Sam A. Baker State Park, in Patterson, MO.

  285. 43
    Sharon holweger says:

    Sitting in the shade on a hot day, or the sun on a cool one just listing to the waves crashing onto the shore of any beach or Parkside. So calming….

  286. 42
    Cheryl moser says:

    Any of our local campgrounds with our modest trailer ALWAYS brings me refreshment. Even though we are not far from home, we are far away from the every day things that tend to stress us so much.

  287. 41
    Peggy Rayburn says:

    My happy place is Disney, next is Hawaii

  288. 40
    Joslin Beyer says:

    Love your book, have to say that you are my favorite author 😊🌻

  289. 39
    Judy Tulloch says:

    Thirty years ago, my youngest, who was 5 at the time, and Iwent to Maine for 2 weeks to visit friends. They lived in one of the houses that surrounded a pond. My special time was early morn before anyone got up. They had 5 children and I had my one. You can imagine how boisterous they could get playing and having fun. I would put on a pit of coffee, take a mug and go sit on their deck looking at the loons and other water fowl swimming on the ponds. It was so relaxing. I loved listening to the loons.i loved it there.

  290. 38

    I just took my first trip to Hawaii and it was so relaxing… because we left the kids back on the mainland with my mom! 🙂

  291. 37
    Autumn Farley says:

    Any time I’m with my family on vacation brings a sense of peace. Our favorite getaway though is the Lancaster area. Everything seems to be at a slower pace and we can just enjoy each other’s company.

  292. 36
    Donna says:

    Anytime I can take an afternoon and go fishing brings me perfect peace. Sitting in the sun, floating on the water is my favorite place.

  293. 35
    Sandy Gray says:

    Last year was our 45 th wedding Anniversary, we drove to Branson, MO from Texas. It was so refreshing. We went to see the live show “Moses” at the Sight and Sound Theater. I highly recommend anyone who can, make a trip to see a performance there. You won’t come away disappointed.

  294. 34
    Jennifer Horning says:

    I would loved to win your giveaway I love your books and your one of my favorite authors

  295. 33
    Rebecca Skaggs says:

    I love going to the beach. I find peace in the early morning sitting on a beachfront balcony listening to the ocean and talking with God.

  296. 32
    Sandi A. says:

    I love the beach at Siesta Key in Florida. The sand is so white and the sunsets are phenomenal.

  297. 31
    Nancy Durst says:

    My happy, peaceful place is Sanibel Island FL. We love the beach, but this place is quiet, dark( not much night light), and just downright heavenly. Just love it there, oh lots of shells too.

  298. 30
    Cassie says:

    I went to Savanah Georgia with my girl scout troop back when I was 14 and it was the most beautiful beach I had ever seen.

  299. 29
    Ruth Haer says:

    Revive Us Again Retreat Center in Ditmore, Missouri is such a wonderful place to have a Christian Women’s Retreat!

  300. 28
    Kimberly Kiesey says:

    Dolliver Park in IA – Love looking at the landscape and wildlife the good Lord made for me!!

  301. 27
    Kathy Schutt says:

    Shipshewanna, Indiana is a very peaceful place for me. I love it there.

  302. 26
    Cheryl Turner says:

    I have always enjoyed any of your books I have read. Looking for new books for Fall reading.

  303. 25

    I think Clearwater Beach (St. Petersburg, FL) is one of the most peaceful places I’ve visited.

    Thank you for the chance to win a copy of “Gathering the Threads”, love the cover.

    wfnren at aol dot com

  304. 24
    MaryEllen Ashenfelder says:

    My spot to relax and unwind is the Amish Country in Holmes County, Ohio. So peaceful and love the clip clop sound of horses as they pass by. Beautiful countryside for a nice drive.

  305. 23
    Debbie Holladay says:

    Glad you enjoyed our coastline!! Born and raised in Georgia!

  306. 22
    kerry sutherland says:

    Newport, Rhode Island!

    I can’t wait for GTT – thanks for a great series.

  307. 21
    Teresa Kerr says:

    Honestly, I haven’t been fortunate enough to visit many places in my life yet, and, therefore, I have never felt that any place I have visited has given me any of those things that you have mentioned. My intentions are to do more traveling and visiting in my future, so I’m hoping I find that somewhere in my future.

  308. 20
    Christine says:

    The beach is my place. The sound of the waves never fails to completely relax me. As I’ve told you before I’ve been fixated on August to see Ariana and Quill again and find out the rest of their story. Thank you for this opportunity.

  309. 19
    Cecilia Lynn says:

    I love the beach but the Ozarks where I live are so peaceful. I live this series and cannot wait to read this new novel.

  310. 18
    Cherrse says:

    Every time I visit Amish country I feel refreshed and relaxed. It’s something about the slow passed life and the way I always feel accepted I just love my time their.
    Then whenever I visit a beach of any kind life seems to just float away and I totally relax.

  311. 17
    Carol Kelley says:

    I love the beach and Lake Michigan!

  312. 16
    Brandi Davis says:

    My peaceful place was when I was growing up in Ohio and riding bikes on the back roads with my brother. Watching all the Amish go about their days working together, kids out playing and running up to actually talk to us. Nothing more peaceful than the county life and corn fields.

  313. 15
    Sharon Dunning says:

    I have experienced the most peace when I’ve been near the water, especially an ocean or the Gulf. There’s something about seeing just water, and no horizon, that puts things into perspective. We are like a grain of sand, but God sees, and hears, each one of us.

  314. 14
    Jeanne Bugg says:

    I love all of your books! Can’t wait to read the new one!!

  315. 13
    Rose Hunter says:

    The Blue Ridge Mountains , especially the Parkway is the most peaceful, calming , place I know. It restores my mind, body , and Soul. It is so relaxing !

  316. 12
    Cathy Atchison says:

    Anna Maria Island

  317. 11
    Dianna Nance says:

    I love going to Virginia Beach and after the sun goes down when all is quiet I walk. I love to here the sound of the waves. I grew up in Norfolk and go back at least every other year. My children and my granddaughter love the beach also!!! I can hear the waves calling me now.

  318. 10
    Sharon McGuire says:

    I love to read your books especially in the last five years since my husband died. I must say I enjoy the mountains more than the beach. Love snow covered mountains. Have read over 1000 books in the past 5 yrs and yours were some of the best

  319. 9
    Sue Bredenbeck says:

    Depending on season and weather Emerald Isle or Mountains of Ashville, both in NC.

  320. 8
    Rebecca Stoltzfus says:

    I love the beach. Outer Banks is probably my favorite.

  321. 7
    Liz says:

    i would say the beach is by far my place.

  322. 6
    Carole says:

    I love all of your books keep up the good work

  323. 5
    Heather roncone says:


  324. 4
    Kathy adamski says:

    Would love the chance to win ,LOVE your books recovering from surgery would make my day. Thank you so much.

  325. 3
    Emma williams says:

    Love your books!

  326. 2
    Bonnie Carlson says:

    Would be honored to win your new book! Thank you for the chance!

  327. 1
    Shirley Goos says:

    Have been anxiously waiting for your new release. Cannot wait to read it and would love to win it. I have read all of your other books more than once. Thanks