Poll on Facebook and a Giveaway

It would be so very helpful if those who enjoy a good Amish-based story would answer a question below. Aside from the fact that CBA Amish is clean fiction, what is it about Amish stories that draws you in, that causes you to buy the books, that makes you want to finish one and pick up another one? This is actually an important-to-me opinion poll, and for your thoughtfulness and time, I’ll use Random.org to choose one of you to win all three books in Amish of Summer Grove.

Twelve Months of Blue Skies

For a chance to win the entire series of Amish of Summer Grove, just leave you opinion concerning Amish fiction below or on my Facebook post that asks the same question.

The deadline for sharing your opinion is Tuesday, February 21, at noon Eastern Time. One winner will be chosen using Random.org. All three books will be sent to the winner once the third book is in print and in my hands . . . because it’s very hard to send to you what I don’t actually have! 😉

Because of international laws concerning giveaways or contests, I have to limit the potential recipients to US residents only, but I would appreciate hearing opinions about Amish fiction from readers in every country. Please visit my giveaway rules and FAQ page for a complete explanation of the terms and conditions of this giveaway.

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187 Responses to “Poll on Facebook and a Giveaway”

  1. 187
    Jan Franklin says:

    At first, I wanted to understand my neighbors better. Now I love reading about community, self-sustaining lifestyle, and also being able to read a love story that isn’t full of scenes that I would rather not read.

  2. 186
    Shirley Meadows says:

    I respect their way of life. They stick to belief. I love reading how they cope with life and death. It can be a help to all if us. They go through tragedy and heartache the same as we do. I would live to win this set. I’m getting older and stay home more. Thank you.

  3. 185
    Tammie Fry says:

    I love reading Amish fiction for a couple reasons. Reason one: To learn their ways and religion. Why they do things the way they do. Two: Language. Sometimes the author uses the penn-dutch language. And lastly if their is any recipes in the story. These books are clean reading love stories that i love reading and really enjoy. Keep writing

  4. 184
    Angie Vaughn says:

    I love to read about the Amish. I love their dedication to God, family and community.

  5. 183
    linda vanderweyst says:

    My husband and I can’t get enough of these books, Would love to read more. Get way to live ones life. Simple and God first.

  6. 182
    Deni Breitenbach says:

    I like to read about the real life of the Amish, their struggles, and victories. We have lived in/near Amish communities and I have found that many books portray a false image of the Amish. They are human and have many struggles. What keeps me reading is seeing the humanity and being able to relate to the story.

  7. 181
    Kristina Kohler says:

    I love that they are normal people like us that live life much more simple life style with out the fancy item’s. Love the fact how talented they are when it comes to quilting and sewing, cooking, gardening. Love their customs. and language and family and service with ion the community.

  8. 180
    Terrye Robins says:

    I enjoy the “family” aspect of Amish literature. Novels are clean with no offensive sex scenes and language and that also draws me. It’s nice to “escape” from the hustle and bustle world to slower Amish ways. I love your books! Keep up the good writing!

  9. 179
    Linda Goad says:

    I like learning the customs, their language, obviously a clean story. Also the trials that are presented in actual life situations and how they react to them. Good positive endings.

  10. 178
    Shelia Hall says:

    I enjoy their simple pleasure of simple life

  11. 177
    Sue Gimmi says:

    I love the getting to know these characters. I actually miss them when I finish a series. I love when they have twists in them, and when I can’t decide which would be the best choice for a character.

  12. 176
    beth Chandler says:

    I Love ur books.All Christian books. but I am pulled toward the Amish more for some reason Maybe cause they seem real I mean in other books the Characters don’t break up and have problems and stuff but in the Amish book. they do and they have problems like we sometimes face in our natural lives. I alot of other books if/when they mean a guy or girl in like the first chaper U know they are going to get married but in ur books they sometime s break up and remain firends which is good and Not Everyone Has to be married and in the Amish books u don’t have all the hate and other negative stuff going on

  13. 175
    Donna Wingo says:

    Love learning about the lifestyle and families.

  14. 174
    Cheryl Adams says:

    I have always been fascinated by the Amish lifestyle. We go every year to an Amish community to spend a week. We have sat and had conversations with us. They are very kind, happy, hard working people. I like reading ore about them in your books, even though I know it is fiction.

  15. 173
    Melissa says:

    I love Amish stories so much because they have deep meaning and put God and family first. I admire their heart and soul for God and deep love they have for one another and their sense of community. They extend their love and forgiveness outside of that as well. My heart fills with their hopes and triumphs and saddens with their troubles yet they never lose sight of God . Their sense of family and of helping others is wonderful. I enjoy reading these because of my SOUL. It fills with love and admiration and good. I just feel my heart grow stronger in my beliefs also. I love these stories . Thank you

  16. 172
    Jackie Tessnair says:

    I love Amish books because of their simplicity and their faith.I love how they help one another and that they are always there to help one another.I love how they cope with challenges and the every day stress.I love how the authors use the story to explain the Amish way of life.

  17. 171
    Maryanne Woodyatt says:

    I love reading about the Amish way of life and their customs, They pull together when anything happened in the community. When I start reading a book, it is hard to put it down.

  18. 170
    Bobbie Gore says:

    What draws me to the Amish books is the simple life that the Amish live and the pure principles by which they live.

  19. 169
    Sue Goodin says:

    I escape to a simpler (but SO much harder) lifestyle, where nothing is taken for granted.

  20. 168
    Vickie (Kiki) Walker says:

    First started when I wanted to read some clean story, and choosen an amish topic and my curiosity grew until I’m just having to read each and everyone of them. I sort of feel I am in the story itself. Always leaving me feeling great like a fresh Breath of Air

  21. 167
    Drema Purnell says:

    I love reading your books. Can’t wait to read these.

  22. 166
    Linda Frisco says:

    I love Amish books because it’s every day life at its finest. Always a good story and ones you can share with your entire Family.

  23. 165
    Lori Mayer says:

    Reading your books is like going home, back to where it was warm and wonderful, even with the hardships, there is still love and warmth

  24. 164
    Janice Clark says:

    It is refreshing to read a good AMISH based book … I LOVE the good clean reading..Keep up the good work….I would love to win this series……

  25. 163
    Brynda Porter says:

    What I love most is that feeling of being there. The peace of family and friends…the almost real feeling moments of talking to my elders to learn their wisdom and sometimes what i learn not to do….lol. At times.. i can almost smell the baking bread or hear the winds drifting through the crops.

  26. 162
    Nora A. Scott says:

    The Amish stories give you a look inside a different way of life. They are based on a lifestyle that is more like the lifestyle our parents and grandparents spent together. They live off the land, depend on one another, build their lives around faith, are family oriented and spend quality time with friends and family. They have retained qualities that we have lost in our modern technology and busy lives. We get so busy with life that we forget to enjoy living it. These stories help us stop and remember what is important.

  27. 161
    Jennifer Caudle says:

    My mother introduced me to Amish stories and you. I love the innocence and the love the characters have for others. The way they come together to help each other out. Even in trials they maintain their faith. Their lifestyle is so different from mine, but in ways it makes me envious of their simple, but hard working life.

  28. 160
    Donna Shepherd says:

    I love reading books about the Amish, because I find the way they live so intriguing. I have a lot of respect for their lack of modern ways.

  29. 159
    Allison says:

    I love Amish fiction because of the simplicity and purity of the lifestyle. I love the peace and the trueness of their faith.

  30. 158
    Wanda Rinauto says:

    I love reading Amish books because they concern about living a serious lifestyle for God,,they leave me with a peaceful and happy feeling inside.

  31. 157
    Bonney Fri FRITZ says:

    Amish books are not all alike .Some people tell me that But they ( writers) have a different store to tell and see things that open our eyes to life. They are good clean stories. That draw you in and can’t wait to see the next book

  32. 156
    Donna Freebourn says:

    Would love to add these to my collection. I’m on my 11th book for this year

  33. 155
    Sally Campbell Repass says:

    I love books about the Amish people. I do some writing too, but don’t know enough about the Amish people to write about them. I sure do enjoy and admire those of you who can tell the story of the Amish!! It takes you away to the simple way of life without all the hustle and bustle that we go through every day. It is such an enjoyment to slip away into their world for a while! God Bless you with your writing!! I would LOVE to read these books!!!

  34. 154
    Betty Escobar says:

    I enjoy amish books because its such a different way of live than mine. I dont think I would enjoy their way of life, I love my modern day conviences, washer, dryer, microwave and etc. but it works for them and maybe that is the pull. All I know is I do like a good amish read and if it has a small mystery or suspense I enjoy it more.

  35. 153
    Shirley Hosband says:

    I love reading Amish books because I like learning about their way of life. And also the good clean story they tell.

  36. 152
    Sandra Hines says:

    I love to read about the Amish and their way of life. I admire their faithfulness to God and their family. Their devotion to God and family along with their commitment to help one another is both refreshing and encouraging in the world we live in today. I love reading your books and always look forward to the next one to come out. May God bless you and your writing!

  37. 151
    Rebecca Stoltzfus says:

    I find them fascinating because I used to be Amish, most of my family still is.

  38. 150
    Nicole acosta says:

    I love reading Amish books my whole life

  39. 149
    Nancy winn says:

    I love Amish fiction! I love everything Amish! I grew up near a small Amish community. At that time it was very secret. I had so many questions. Amish fiction is fiction but you weave some non-fiction truths into the story!

  40. 148
    Rose martinez says:

    Read the first one, love your books Cindy

  41. 147

    I love to read about Amish people.

  42. 146
    Linda says:

    Love these kind of books

  43. 145
    Neva says:

    I love the Amish way of life. Family is important. They spend time together. Sharing work and meals. Actually conversing with one another.
    Not distracted by the technology of today. What ever happened to the art of conversation. The Amish got it right.

  44. 144
    Grammie0907 says:

    I’ve been in love with anything Amish since I first visited Lancaster County, PA. We’ve visited the area many times since. I read anything I can get my hands on about the Amish. We’ve stayed with an Amish family and now consider them good friends.

  45. 143
    Ruth says:

    I have Amish friends and visit them regularly staying in their guest house. I like the quite way of life and I am familiar with many of the areas in the some of the stories.

  46. 142
    Paulette says:

    Being born in Ephrata, PA in 1950 gave me a great start to being an Amish lover. That is home to me and I love the beauty of the farms and fields. I know many words which I learned from my PA Dutch grandparents. Reading them in the books warms my heart. Thank you for such lovely stories.

  47. 141
    MS Barb says:

    I like suspense, a little romance, and interesting facts about Amish culture/customs!

  48. 140
    Cheryle jandrey says:

    Would love to win this series as I have not purchased any of them yet but I have all your other books . Keep up the good work .

  49. 139
    Debbie Loew says:

    I like reading them because I feel they bring you closer to God and goodness. It makes me wish in some ways that we as a community could go back to their ways of living and thinking. It also brings reality to everyday life of raising children, cooking, jobs, religion, and if modernization is good or bad or equil.

  50. 138
    Jayne says:

    Most people will say it is all the ways that the Amish differ from us. Simple life etc…..
    I enjoy the fact that your stories show the real life struggles that we all experience. Whether plain or fancy we all deal with relationships and spiritual struggles.

  51. 137
    Cecilia Lynn says:

    What originally draws me in is the book cover and overview of the story. What makes me stay and not-so-patiently wait for the next book is the actual writing style and story plot. If a book is gripping and has well defined characters that I become invested in, then I really cannot wait to read the next book and usually pre-order it as soon as it’s available. And yes, with Amish-Christian novels it is nice to read about real life situations and how family and community come together to help each other.

  52. 136
    Donna says:

    I believe I choose to read and return to Amish fiction for several reasons. First, because it is clean with no blood and guts or in-your-face sexual connotations. I also like the fact that it is a simple life, but they still have the same problems that I have sometimes. And, lastly I enjoy Ms. Woodsmall’s writing. I especially liked the Amish Vines and Orchards series.

  53. 135
    LeAnn Mooneyham says:

    What draws me to read about the Amish.? Their way of life, how they come to get her in a time of need n their devotion to family.

  54. 134
    Pam Jackson says:

    Because for me it is a simple life. People really care about each other and they can live without all the tings we think would make our life so much easier! Alot of them are real blood kin, but they all act like family. I fell in love with your writing God given talent when I read Sisters of the quilt! Thank you so much for bring such joy to my life when you use the talent God blessed you with

  55. 133
    Mary Ann Barnes says:

    I love your books. Great reading

  56. 132
    Melody Amis says:

    Cindy, when reading Amish fiction, not only am I learning about Amish culture and religion, but I am also being uplifted, encouraged and put in the mind set of helping someone else along the way. Thank you for me having down time that is benefiting me!

  57. 131
    Chris says:

    What I love is it makes me feel like I’m right there with them. I’ve never been able to visit that area so I love learning about the food and how they live. It’s so beautiful.

  58. 130
    wilma says:

    love to Amish books!! love the simple life!!!

  59. 129
    Amy Curry says:

    I love how Amish stories weave community, faith, and real life struggles into the plot.. It reminds me that even those who are trying to life a more simple life have struggles too.

  60. 128
    Bruce Payne says:

    I like to read the stories to learn ways to live off the grid, along with what herbs can be used in what situation. Also I like knowing how the Amish cook.

  61. 127
    Kris Ross says:

    Why do I love Amish fiction? You ask besides the wholesome stories that they have….I guess for me…I have been to Amish country twice, several years ago to Lancaster, PA, and last summer (and we are going again this year…YEAH!) to Ohio Amish country….I love it there so much….the country, the people, the food, the farms…the quietness of life (compared to our busy lives) so it seems like an extention of all we loved while visiting the country ….. I can keep that “alive” in my memories of my vacation…..

  62. 126
    Becky Rabalais says:

    I a man drawn in by the details of life for the Amish – homes, meals, relationships, rules. I always love a book with unique characters.

  63. 125
    Vicki Dupree says:

    What draws me in a book is characters, hard work, personalities, journey, challenges, problems, illnesses, tight knit communities, families, God in their lives, God working in & around them & stick to their beliefs, recipes, sharing joys & sorrows, longings the suspense to next chapter etc. It’s like a vacation when I read the books. Can’t put a book down. Keep up the great work in writing books.

  64. 124
    Brenda Murphree says:

    There is something that draws me for sure.
    I think it’s the simple life, even though they work hard their families stay together.
    And they certainly (for the most part) seemed to stick with their beliefs.
    I can understand their beliefs because most of our family Grandparents, Dad and Mom on down to my grandchildren are different from most people too.
    I am Pentecostal, Apostolic or some just call us Holiness.
    Since we are different too, I don’t know how I would feel if authors wrote about us as much as they do about the Amish.
    I am glad there is a market for Amish books because I do identify with them and love to read Amish books.
    Whew! I know this is more than what you were asking. Lol! Please forgive me.
    Thanks for this giveaway because I would love to have these books. I have several of your books and have really enjoyed them.

  65. 123
    Anni Anderson says:

    I love the Amish books for 3 reasons:
    1.) The Amish have such a quiet lifestyle that I envy. Yes, they work hard, but it’s for themselves.
    2.) The firm belief in God, family and each other.
    3.) The isolation from a world gone crazy. I do so envy that lifestyle!

  66. 122
    Linda Landreth says:

    I like books that continue on because the characters are now my friends and I understand them. I don’t want the books to end as my new friends go away.

  67. 121
    Elaine Miles says:

    I like the books in series. I get attached to the characters and love seeing how they are doing a few years later. I love their simple, yet beautiful way of life. I like the fact that they are really just normal people.

  68. 120
    Nicole says:

    Clean stories, that enlighten & inspire, love & family, simple lessons, no vulgar stuff that is typically so prevalent and widely accepted in other mainstream media. The storylines are so normal that although they are fiction, they could kind of be true and I have always enjoyed nonfiction and true stories, not sci-fi and fantasy stuff.

  69. 119
    Patti says:

    How they are so different, yet the same. Hard times, good times, falling in love, every day life – child rearing, work, play.

  70. 118
    Evelyn (Peggy) Bryant says:

    Love reading about the Amish. Their lives are of great interest to me. When I pick up the book I am carried away. There lives seem so peaceful to me..

  71. 117

    I love Amish stories. I have been to many of the places written about. I can picture it the places you talk about. I love the story lines and the lessons learned.

  72. 116
    Kristine Warner says:

    Your Comment here…I like reading Amish stories because my mom enjoyed visiting their settlements, cooking their recipes, and decorating with Amish figurines. Her mother lived in a Mennonite community growing up. My mother’s fondness for the Amish trickled down to me.

  73. 115

    Mom & I like to read Amish stories because u can learn a lot about how they live & survive

  74. 114
    Jamie says:

    The stories take me to a place that makes me forget my daily struggles.

  75. 113
    Vivian Helton says:

    I guess I love Amish books because they concern a much simpler life than most of live. It actually seems to relax me and forces me to slow down a bit. And I like hearing about people doing things by hand. Ido crochet, knitting, sewing, and scroll saw woodwork. So I sort of relate to handmade objects.

  76. 112
    Martha Rollings says:

    I just love how the Amish work together,and help each other.I just imagine myself sitting at one of their food laden tables.Visited Amish country years ago ,and just f ell in love with a little girl,named Anna.She got on our bus and sang to us,and answered questions,so sweetly.I love the way you portray them,and would love these books!

  77. 111
    Vickie Walker says:

    I love how they cook everything from scratch, making their own clothes, to visit one another, whether it to help stitch a quilt, cooking, and lastly is they use snail mail.. with handwriting, mailing it .. I miss the days of receiving letters from love one through postal service… it long gone in the modern world.. not the Amish world.

  78. 110
    Lori Mason says:

    I love reading Christian Amish books. In a world world full of hatred and violence. They take me to a place I want to be.
    A good close nit community of God fearing folks.

  79. 109
    Lois Retherford says:

    Love your books and can’t stop reading them once I start. I love books with good Christian values and messages and real life issues.

  80. 108
    Charlotte Lawson says:

    Amish books are clean and refreshing, the way I would have loved to live. I can get lost in the stories. True Life, true God fearing people!

  81. 107
    Cathy Smith says:

    Love your books and so looking forward to the next regarding Ariana and her families. Wish it was ready right now but I.am going to pick up some of the older books you have written and calm my wait with them…Keep writing…love these books!!

  82. 106
    Brandy Rendon says:

    When I start reading I see myself in the story almost like Its a movie or I am right there.

  83. 105
    Aloma R Doucet says:

    I’ve been interested & respect the Amish & Memmonite & a few other cultures. I’m catholic & see a huge difference but I like to read about the difference in our cultures. When we travel I try to pick up different baskets from mostly Amish, but I also have some from the Sweetwatergrass from South Carolina & some from Native American tribes.⚜🇺🇸❤

  84. 104
    sharon Pratt says:

    I love Amish fiction!💖

  85. 103
    karen says:

    We are near a small Amish Community in Fremont Michigan and also go to Shippshewanna, Indiana several times a year. Reading Amish books is a way of getting to “Know them”. It seems like i get to be part of their lives. During Chemo i felt a calmness in their quiet, but hard lives. Keep writing!!

  86. 102
    Lori Mayer says:

    I find Amish reading a great means of fun, clean, wholesome escape,,to a way of life one often dreams of, having family and community love and support…I discovered you during chemotherapy and have continued to read any amish based book I can find

  87. 101
    Vickie Waxel says:

    I love Cindy Woodsmall’s books.I buy everyone of t hem. You are a very good author.You keep the book interestimg. Love them. Thanks.

  88. 100
    Peggy Davis says:

    I love your books!! I have read eleven so far. I love reading about the Amish, their faith, commitment to their families, communities, and God. I would love to win this series. When I finish one of your books, I pass them on to my friends.

  89. 99
    Jackie Malone says:

    Their faith stands out most definitely. But their strong commitment to family and community is what I believe we all yearn for to a certain degree. I truly enjoy reading the stories.

  90. 98
    Becky Rogerson says:

    Quite simply, I’m fascinated with the Amish lifestyle and have never been able to visit except through books. And it’s a relaxing break from a stressful and busy life of ministry as a missionary in an urban european setting; to be able to “escape” for a few minutes into a world very different from my own, yet a very “real” world is just what I need at times! Thank you for your books and for this opportunity to enter your contest!

  91. 97
    Edith Lipe says:

    Love your writing style! I am a Christian and feel that God answered my prayers when I found Christian romance and was able to read love stories without smut. Amish fiction in particular has always drawn me because of the amount of devotion to God that is written into the stories.

  92. 96
    Kim Gayheart says:

    It good, clean and wholesome stories. More true to life. Plus it shares the struggles and brings a little bible learning. I think we all wish we could go back to the days that having morals was a good thing.

  93. 95
    Elaine Jordan says:

    I enjoy quilting & the first Amish book I read had a quilt on the front cover! I quickly learned that I enjoyed reading about community, family, good values, etc. Now that I have moved from AZ to WI, I see Amish buggies on a daily basis, that bring the stories even more to life for me.

  94. 94
    Fay Mckinney says:

    I Love your books.

  95. 93
    Kathy Wickham says:

    I guess for me…it’s that there is a sweetness to them. A “everything will be ok” in the end. Because they are faith based. But there’s also a simplicity in how they live. I’m a busy (more like frantic) mom of 4. I work as a part time librarian, am a leader of a girl scout troop, sell pampered chef, volunteer on my regional Operation Christmas Child team. My 14 year old plays soccer fall, winter and spring. I am always running somewhere and doing something. If I have rare time to myself I am cleaning, or organizing. I have to force myself to ignore the housework so I can have an hour to myself to read. And that time alone is vital to my well being. I also love the “clean” romance of the Amish lifestyle. I like how the stories vary enough between places, actions, careers, and mysteries to keep my interest also.

  96. 92
    Teresa Guidice says:

    I love the sense of family and community that comes through the stories. I also find the religious aspects uplifting and inspiring although my life lacks any sprituality right now.

  97. 91
    Angel says:

    Along with community, faith, and family, I like to read about the details of their everyday lives of cooking, cleaning, gardening, sewing, quilting, work frolics. I wish I could have grown up doing all those things.

  98. 90
    Linda Laird says:

    I love your books and anxiously waiting for the third novel. I am disabled and I have turned to collecting and reading Amish novels. I love the sense of feeling like I am there in the story. I get wrapped up in the characters and laugh and cry with them. The life inspires me with my Christian beliefs and it is always a pleasure to look forward to the next book! Thank you for the most heart warming stories

  99. 89
    Ellen says:

    Living near the Amish was amazing. There home and gardens are picture perfect. There love for family young and old is more than I have ever seen. There love and dedication to God is beyond my own experiences, ever. I went into an Amish home and it had nothing but wallls, raw wood floors and walls. I am so selfish with my modern wants. If we ever were reduced to nothing “they” would survive. I probably read more about the Amish than most fiction books, but always come always with such desire wanting to be more like them.

  100. 88
    Cris-Annette Nicholas says:

    I love reading Amish Books because they draw me into a different way of living where there are no modern amenities, where families are close knit, and faith is an important part of the day-to-day life of each person; and where life lessons can be learned in such a faith-based way.

  101. 87
    Nadine Jordan says:

    Such wonderful stories. I think that lessons are learned and reminders of a good life that can be lead.

  102. 86
    Kim Savage says:

    I love reading novels about the Amish cause they are a very simple and forgiving people. I have been reading Amish novels for 7 years now. It also transforms me into a different world.

  103. 85
    Janet Long says:

    I enjoy the simplicity in their lives and admire how they live their faith on a daily basis!

  104. 84
    Nancy Tague says:

    The Amis stories that you write are good. Wholesome reading. I enjoy everyone because the are all unique. Love them, keep writing.

  105. 83
    Sharon Pray says:

    I think I enjoy the Amish family stories because it takes me back to my childhood and how it was in the small town where I grew up 65 – 70 years ago. Also, it gives the reader insight into how hard it is for the Amish to survive and flourish in modern times. Lastly, it shows how important faith is in todays’ world.

  106. 82
    Sherry says:

    I love Amish fiction!! My mom got me hooked a few years ago by loaning me a couple of her books. We trade back and forth now.

  107. 81
    Sheri Rae Patterson says:

    I love the fact that the characters are usually looking for more from their Amish faith. This alone inspired me to worship, appreciate and act on my own faith. Who doesn’t love a love story, and I love the fact that I can have all the romance without all the smutty details! I currently own 225 Amish Christian books, including Cindy, and will continue to add to my collection! Thank you!

  108. 80
    Judy Dinges says:

    Just teaches you the simple way of life with God as your guide. Love these books! Am on a walker and don’t get out much but do love your books. Thank you

  109. 79
    Lisa marker says:

    I just love Amish fiction and a cup of tea. It feels so good for my soul.They bring such peace and harmony to my day.

  110. 78
    Linda Lee says:

    Amish fiction draws me in with its simplicity, the complexity of the characters and their dedication to God, but mostly the feeling I get when I get involved in their lives; the feeling that no matter what the problem is, God will provide an answer.

  111. 77
    Gracie says:

    Dear Cindy,
    I REALLY like your books!! Ever since I first read A Season For Tending, I’ve been hooked! I think I can honestly say you are my very favorite Amish author (possibly one of my favorite of all time authors :-)). I like the complexity in your stories, and they just feel…”real.” I like Amish fiction because of the faith displayed in it. I like how they view family. I like how they help each other, and the sense of real community.

    P. S.I really like Arianna’s story (btw, I like her name!), and I CANNOT wait till Gathering the Threads comes out–I am too excited!!! 🙂 I am super excited to see how everything turns out.

    Thank You for these wonderful books! 🙂 🙂

  112. 76
    Rhonda Beck says:

    I like reading Amish fiction. I especially like the books that leave you hanging as to what’s going to happen in the next book. I keep checking at the store to get the next one as soon as it comes out.

  113. 75
    Connie Saunders says:

    I think Amish Fiction reminds us of a simpler time and perhaps a more innocent time. No, my family isn’t Amish but I have such wonderful memories of my grandparents on their farm. My grandmother in the kitchen where biscuits were made every day, cooked oats were served each morning, and very little packaged food was prepared. The days were long and the work was hard but families managed to get by. Neighbors were not in the next lot and they may have been a quarter of a mile away but you knew their families and you knew you could call on them at any time. Faith was talked about but more importantly, it was shown in action and in deed! People cared and they demonstrated this caring.

  114. 74
    Kathy Denniston says:

    How family is family! They work together..pray together.. They see how God is working and not ashamed to tell or show it. Respect for others even if they disagree.

  115. 73
    Melissa says:

    I love the Amish books, because they have a way of drawing you in, and you feel like your there living it with them, in our high tech, rushed world, it’s just nice to take some time, slow down and become a part of their world. The simple life, faith, closeness, the ability to forgive and move on, time for family. It’s all so refreshing.

  116. 72
    Vickie Moats says:

    I love reading your books I read everyday and love the inspiring experience when I read them I just live your books I have so many keep them coming

  117. 71
    Martha Peace says:

    Love your books,Thanks for a chance to win

  118. 70
    Yvonne says:

    We traveled up the Pennsylvania Dutch Country several times a year we always enjoy the scenery the Beautiful Homes all the Amish. I got hooked on reading these books because all the authors that did them were true Christians. You never heard of a bad word used in one of these books and that is so unusual in this day in time. l I live about an hour away from a community of Amish. In Lawrenceburg Tennessee I enjoy going and riding the back roads and seeing all the farms and how they live. I love to go in the fall and see them preparing their land to sell their goods in the summer months. To me there’s nothing better trade than a good Amish book.

  119. 69
    Sue Schober says:

    I like to read Amish fiction because they are good wholesome books. They invite us into living families living a simpler life. It’s just attractive. The comraderie of the community. They are so caring and helpful to one another. It reminds us of everything our society is not but we long it to be. Their unashamed love for God and the importance of faith is something our country lacks. Their respect for life. You read and wish you could be a part of their lives. It’s like something we all long for and crave but our lives fall short of our hearts desire.

  120. 68
    reta.holder@gmail.com says:

    I love how they live such a simple life and how they help out each other and are one big family

  121. 67
    Barbara Meldrum says:

    Cindy, I so much enjoy reading your books and would love to be considered for receiving the series of Amish of Summer Grove. I love reading about the Amish because they lead a very simple and Happy life. Thank you, Barb

  122. 66
    Theresa M Downs says:

    I love reading Amish fiction. I love getting lost in the simplicity of life that is portrayed in the stories.

  123. 65
    Judy Fields says:

    Once I start a book, I can not stop until I have read the entire series. I love the Amish and visit their communities often. My minds eye can see and follow everything you are writing about. Keep up the great work.

  124. 64
    TINA ANAGNOS says:

    I love the Amish books because i can actually lose myself in their world, When i was younger i really like the horses and buggies. Now as an adult i enjoy learning about other cultures. i just plain love reading.

  125. 63
    Carol Daigle says:

    The Amish books are such good stories and easy reading. The life and ways of the Amish are always so interesting and you can feel like you really know them. I visited the Amish community in Berlin, Ohio and we enjoyed seeing how they live, their beautiful flower and vegetable gardens, and the cleanest barns.

  126. 62
    Dianne Casey says:

    I really enjoy reading Amish fiction because I like reading about the Amish way of life and how they live their faith every day. I think it’s so interesting because of the totally different lifestyle most of us live. I admire how they can live without the modern conveniences.

  127. 61
    Tina Bolyard says:

    I love reading about the Amish and how hard they work. I love that they lift up Jesus everyday and are willing to help in any way that they can. Thanks for all the great stories. God Bless.

  128. 60
    Patricia fluke says:

    I love Amish fiction because of the simplicity of their lives, I love to read about how hard they work, how they help on another

  129. 59
    Michele Moore says:

    Cindy, I appreciate Amish fiction, especially yours, because the characters are genuinely human. People like me doing our best to walk out our faith one day at a time. And a side note for me . . . I grew up in the northeast, but have lived in Florida for going on 30 years. I miss the seasonal changes from my growing up years. In a sense, I experience them vicariously through your characters. Thank you for sharing your gift.

  130. 58
    Christina says:

    They have substance. They’re not just fluff stories. It seems like the characters are real and the things they face are real.

    I have actually laughed to myself during a story and said, “Let’s see how you get yourself out of this one.” But I really appreciate that you don’t have your characters take the easy way out of hard situations. They handle it with integrity and are God honoring.

  131. 57
    Pam Mowrer says:

    I love Amish fiction. I can hardly wait for the next one to become available from my favorite authors.

  132. 56
    Ginny Pokoj says:

    One of the reasons I enjoy Amish romance books, especially yours, is the way the Amish life is portrayed. The simplicity and complexity of the Amish life has always amazed me and these books bring it to life for me. These are one of my most favorite genre to read. I have most of your books on my Kindle and definitely enjoy reading and re-reading them.

  133. 55
    Teddie Gray says:

    It always teaches forgiveness and love for God

  134. 54
    Janice says:

    I like to lose myself in the stories that bring back a simpler way of life. Although it would be hard to live in their world completely, some of their ways would be so much easier than the way we live in this secular world. I love the mystery in your books and the need to get yet another book to tell “the rest of the story.” Can’t wait to read Gathering the Threads. I totally loved Sisters of the Quilt!

  135. 53
    Karlene Schmid says:

    I grew up on a farm and appreciate the hard work of the “simple life”. However, it is the way the Amish demonstrate forgiveness in every situation that speaks volumes to me.

  136. 52
    Sandra Hatfield says:

    I really like reading Amish books. Plus I like horses.

  137. 51
    Dawn L. says:

    I am fascinated by the Amish way of life although I know I’m too attached to modern conveniences to live it. What usually makes me buy one is the description at the back of the book.

  138. 50
    Sharon Dummitt Wolf says:

    Love to read Amish love stories. So informative and good morals. Please keep them coming

  139. 49
    Susie Koenig says:

    I’ve always loved the Amish genre especially because most of the families are large and the characters have many brothers and sisters. I’ve always wished I had more than one sibling and I can live vicariously via a fictitious family !! =) Being clean and faith-based is icing on the cake !!

  140. 48
    Barbara Holton says:

    I find the Amish lifestyle fascinating and have really liked the Amish people I have met here in Iowa. I enjoy taking part in the story and experiencing their lifestyle vicariously.

  141. 47
    Beverly Dunlap says:

    I think it is both learning a little of the language (with the English printed after) and learning some of the customs and culture. It helps me when I visit Holmes County or Lancaster, PA to understand how and why things were done as they were. Not only are these fictions clean, but I actually learn something from each one I read.

  142. 46
    Tina Rehkopf says:

    I love to read Amish fiction. I have read so many. I love the simplicity. I love the Amish way of life. I enjoy reading books where their is no swearing, hatefulness, killing, etc. The books take me into their time and place where it’s a peaceful world.

  143. 45

    There was a period in my life when Amish books helped save my life . I was so low just being diagnosed with Breast Cancer .I was house hunting ,at one of the home’s I saw a Amish book laying on the coffee table .It was strange how drawn I was to that book .As we were leaving I asked my Husband to please write the title and author down for me .It was wonderful how I just couldnt put the series down .It let me leave my terrified feelings for a few hours .I could leave my life and go to live in the warm and loving pages of Amish life .I am now Cancer free ,and have a true love and understanding for the Amish people . Gods Blessings ,
    Michele Kant Caspers

  144. 44
    Dorothy George says:

    I have read Amish books for years and they are my favorit

  145. 43
    Cheryle jandrey says:

    Would love to get these ooks to add to all the other wonderful books of hers I already have , love them

  146. 42
    Toni says:

    I enjoy your books because of several reasons. They are faith-based. They are well written and they are well edited,with no misspelled words like some. I love the mysteries that are always in your books and that I can’t figure them out until the end. I will keep on reading your books. Thanks for writing.

  147. 41
    Loretta Shumpert says:

    It’s a world that I won’t ever live in but I can see all of the positives, I can admire the way that they live and for several days, lose myself in that world. It’s safe, clean, usually christian, and an interesting read.

  148. 40
    Dawn Crawford says:

    I love reading amish fiction because to the clean content, the love of family and God. I love being drawn into the story and laugh and cry along with the characters. Sad when the stores end and happy when things work out for the characters.

  149. 39
    Valerie Kresse says:

    The family ties. With my family’s hectic schedules I love the closeness in the stories and image it as my family.

  150. 38
    Susan Ferrell says:

    The Amish genre gives you a peek into a completely different way of life. That’s unusual, considering they live practically next door to us. Their sense of community, commitment to God, to quality, good, honest work is admirable — and enviable.

  151. 37

    I love the life style of the Amish people their ability to forgive those who do them wrong and their dependence on God in every situation.

  152. 36
    Vickie says:

    I love reading about the Amish life…a simpler way of life and depending on God more than society. I love the brotherhood of the people and when one is in need, the whole community helps and supports them.

  153. 35
    Judith Richardsin says:

    I am a grandmother who enjoys so much Amish books. In our fast paced confusing world I long for simplicity and a chance to worship in a society that recognizes God in all things. An impossibility, perhaps but Amish books keep me in touch with that lifestyle.

  154. 34
    Dali Castillo says:

    Aside from what you’ve already stated, I like them because they generally have a faith based message. I also like lthat I learn something of the Amish way from authors, like you, who have done research or have first hand information. Although the stories are fiction, I learn from them.

  155. 33
    Connie Lee says:

    I enjoy reading a variety of books, I’ve just started reading a few Amish ones and have really enjoyed them. I like seeing how their families work together and look out for each other. I like to see how they deal with modern type problems and still remain faithful to their beliefs. I like seeing their romances develop and some get complicated if they happen to fall in love with one not of their kind.

  156. 32
    Kay Bossard says:

    The simplicity of their lives compared to those of us in the “English” world! Most of us are bound by modern technology and opinions of the world. They are not a perfect people but most of my Amish friends are happy with the life they live. Different districts have different customs but still are not worldly! I would love to win these books. Thanks for the opportunity!

  157. 31
    Teresa Knear-Bell says:

    I enjoy reading your Amish books with the details of the families in particular when it is a continuing saga or series. I know the books are Christian based. There are a lot of Amish in Southern Indiana where I leave and it is interesting to know their history and beliefs. It provides a unique insight to their lifestyle and how the “outsiders” can interact with them. Keep on writing!

  158. 30
    Jonna Marsh says:

    Love it and have quite a collection!

  159. 29
    Ma potter says:

    Love love Amish fiction . Never have to worry about anything that is embarrassing or offensive.

  160. 28
    Jamie Hughes says:

    I just love Amish stories. I love to read about their different emotions, and how they deal with life and forgiveness. …..

  161. 27
    Nancy winn says:

    Amish fiction allows me the opportunity to live life in their shoes. I grew up near an Amish community and I had so many questions. Now Amish fiction answers those questions and allows me to peak into their secret life!

  162. 26
    Jean says:

    I like Amish stories about quilting and also, some light mystery. That doesn’t stop
    from reading other types though.

  163. 25
    Phyllis Kemp says:

    I have enjoyed visiting the Arthur,Illinois Amish since I was a young mother. Their quiet personalities and peaceful lifestyle attracted me then, as it does now. I was invited into the homes of a couple of Amish housewives, and the harmony of the singing canaries that one raised made an impact. The appreciation for all things natural was explained, too. I began to read Amish stories as a way to “see” more of the ways the people live. As I read about their reverence for God and the respect for the teachings of their church, I appreciate them more.

  164. 24
    Cora Armstrong says:

    I am not sure why I was so drawn in at first, but once I read the first few, I was hooked. I know now that I hear the word of God through these books, especially yours. It’s easier to read these stories than to try to stay awake and read an hour or two of the bible. I still read the bible but I love the books. I have my favorite authors, of which you are one of course. Nothing else seems to hold my attention like these books.

  165. 23
    Linda says:

    I love that they put God first and they live to serve Him. I also love knowing I can read an Amish based book and it is full of faith and love and there is nothing trashy in it. Many years ago I bought an Amish book by Beverly Lewis and after reading it, I was hooked. There are so many good authors out there now so I can always find something I haven’t read. Thank you all who write these inspiring books. God Bless You!!

  166. 22
    Danielle says:

    I enjoy the more simple way of living in these books.I also enjoy the spiritual and wholesomeness of the Amish books.

  167. 21
    Janice Clark says:

    A side from Amish books being clean reading,, I love learning about their love of God and family..I STOPPED reading romance books years ago.. As a Christian, I could no longer finish a book with so much graffic”” romance””.
    My sister finally talked me into trying Amish books.. Loved the books. I have learned so much about the life style they live.. PLEASE keep up the good work…..THANK YOU….

  168. 20
    Sheila M. says:

    My primary reason for reading these books is that they are “cleaner” than average fiction. I also like the focus on the strength of community and family. The characters are appealing and there is a mystery to contemplate. Cindy Woodsmall is my favorite author and her characters are compelling.

  169. 19
    Shirley Meadows says:

    I lived in Amish country for many years. I have so much respect for these people. They live their faith, no matter about the outside world. I admire these people so much, that I never get tired of reading more about them. I would love to be the winner since I just lost my son to cancer and need books that interest me to try to take my mind off my loss. Thank you.

  170. 18
    Virginia says:

    I like the fact it is faith-based and clean. I like the fact that in many ways the characters are living a life less absorbed with chasing the world (although some of the characters are often intrigued by chasing the world), and are not afraid of hard work. At the same time, I appreciate books that do not sugar coat the reality of living a life apart from the world. I like the strength of family. I like how faith is worked out in their lives. I am quite choosy about what Amish books I will read and what ones I will not; I appreciate the fact that in your books you tell a good story. Amish books or not, plot and character development mean a lot to me!

  171. 17
    Karen Dowdy says:

    I love how The Amish are so family orientated. The laid back life of a different time. Something we as readers can escape to while reading. Especially in this fast pace world.

  172. 16
    Tracy Snyder says:

    What I find most enjoyable about Amish fiction is being taken to a more simple, caring, and kind society, an escape from this hurry up, hasty, no time for family and friends that aren’t on social media world we live in. Not to say that those who are Amish don’t have problems and challenges themselves, they just seem to make time for what is important, God, family and friends, in spite of. Thanks for asking our opinions and having this giveaway.

  173. 15
    Pam says:

    I love reading Amish books because I am in love with their simple way of life. I wouldn’t want to live their way of life but I love to put myself right there with them.

  174. 14
    Amber Delezenne says:

    The thing that draws me in is the family dynamics and clean romance drama. I love following the family stories and seeing how they turn out!! I feel like I really know the characters!

  175. 13
    Melanie Pike says:

    Our daughter got me into reading Amish fiction and I love it! What I love about it: their faith, the family ties, how hardworking they are (they teach me lessons about that!), and the community ties. 🙂

  176. 12
    Shari Grant says:

    I love the Amish fiction it’s about faith family and community. I really enjoyed your sister of the quilt series, and the Ada house series,they were Amish fiction but they were realistic. You could hear the struggles of living in such a community,and how the outside world is a temptation to the youngsters,but not only the young people there is strife among some of the older people and the struggle for the Amish who wish to carry on with education,and ambition. I thought I would leave a comment about your books,because I have enjoyed them so much.
    Kind regards Shari Grant

  177. 11
    Autumn Farley says:

    I enjoy reading the culture in Amish stories. The closeness of families and the willingness to work together. I really enjoy Christian fiction because I know it will brighten my outlook on that day. It isn’t that the Amish life is uncomplicated but rather that the stresses are uncomplicated.

  178. 10
    myrtle thorn says:

    I love reading Amish fiction. I find it very relaxing and love feeling like I’m living right among the characters. I love reading about their value, their beliefs and their culture.

  179. 9
    Melanie Dunham says:

    I LOVE Amish based books. Have always been drawn to the Amish culture. Love the family closeness, work ethic and dedication both to life and God.. Love reading the books because it takes me there and gives me the feeling of true goodness in this world. I enjoy the simple and hard working life. Was raised in similar ways. Have tried to pass it on to my children so they can “live” and be happy without “world” things. Thank you for sharing your gift through your books.

  180. 8
    Debi Smith says:

    I get pulled into the stories, wonder what it would be like to have a less complicated life and closer family relationships.

  181. 7

    I always feel hopeful and uplifted when I read the scriptures that are alway worked into the story line. Some of them are so inspiring that I write them down on sticky notes and put them through the house to see and read whenever I want. Thanks, Cindy, you are helping readers like me to have more faith…!!!

  182. 6
    Bonnie Carlson says:

    Would be honored to win your biiks, thanks for the chance!

  183. 5
    Linda Critcher says:

    The Amish life is interesting because it is so “family oriented”. A slower pace life, but also caring for one another. I love to read the books and if it’s a series I’m interested to find out what happens next. In our culture today (even as Christians) we can become self-centered and so busy with life, we forget to truly care about the welfare and happiness of others. I think the Amish put this in perspective. I don’t agree with all their beliefs, but I do like this caring attitude, and providing for elderly parents! Would so love to win these books. God bless.

  184. 4
    Kathy says:

    I live in the center of an Amish community. We have respectfully left them to their privacy. We see the Amish driving their horse and buggy past our house a few times a day. They are friendly and wave to us. I have not read any of your books yet. I would bet they are heartwarmingly good for the soul.

  185. 3
    Peggy Murdock says:

    I love the good clean story line without all the violence and foul language. The honest humble lives and lifestyle are inspiring!!

  186. 2
    Diane Wallace says:

    I enjoy reading Amish fiction for many reasons. I admire their lifestyle and how they try to live their lives daily by putting God first. They seem to be very family oriented. I admire their slower pace in their daily lives. I think we could all learn from the Amish and get our priorities in the correct order. When I read an Amish book, most of the time, I feel like I am right there with the characters and that is always nice😊

  187. 1
    Melody White says:

    Why do I read Amish fiction? I find the Amish lifestyle fascinating.