Twelve Months of Blue Skies ~ Month One and Giveaway

Blue skies, smilin’ at me
Nothin’ but blues skies do I see
Bluebirds singing a song
Nothin’ but bluebirds all day long

Never saw the sun shinin’ so bright
Never saw things lookin’ so right
Noticin’ the days hurryin’ by
When you’re in love, my how they fly

Blue days, all of them gone
Nothin’ but blue skies from now on

Hello, dear readers,

This time of year is often the time when a lot of us deal with general negative feelings. The excitement of the holidays is over, and we are left with at least two more months of winter. In addition to the usual seasonal blues, it feels like the negativity in the country and beyond is exceptional at this time. It seems we all feel the weight of it.

I’d like my website’s blog to be a retreat of positivity, a protected place to talk without the comment showing up on Facebook or other social media outlets where people can pounce and where the atmosphere itself feels very judgmental, even when we’re sharing a carefully worded or upbeat thought. Negativity can saturate our lives if we don’t push back. But if we can look through the eyes of gratefulness, we will feel hope stir. Let’s stir hope in one another. So, I’m starting a new series of blog posts, one for each month, where we can discuss the silver lining on different subjects of life.

As for me this month, I’m receiving the edits to book three of Amish of Summer Grove, titled Gathering the Threads. As most of you know, editing can be a tedious and difficult process, where I must make decisions on what words to keep or cut. And as you also know, I get very attached to my characters! This process can feel quite emotional. But the silver lining is I have an amazing editor and I can trust that the finished product will be something I will be excited to share with my wonderful, loyal readers.

Oh, and book two of that series, Fraying at the Edge, is one of six finalists in the Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Best Book Awards. I hope no one minds that I don’t expect to win. I’m completely okay with that. The silver lining is I was blessed to able to write it, and it’s been nominated. Those two things are amazing all by themselves.

Whether you work outside of the home, from home, are a homemaker, or a retiree, what work-related silver lining have you found lately? Share with us in the comments. 🙂


Although I won’t offer a giveaway during each of the Twelve Months of Blue Skies blog posts, I’d like to kick off this blog series with a give away of the entire series of Amish of Summer Grove. I’ll hold off sending any of the books until I can get my hands on a copy of Gathering the Threads, which should happen mid-July to early-August.

Twelve Months of Blue Skies

For a chance to win the entire series of Amish of Summer Grove, just leave a comment on this blog.

REPEAT question from blog post: Whether you work outside of the home, from home, are a homemaker, or a retiree, what work-related silver lining have you found lately? Share with us in the comments. 🙂

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635 Responses to “Twelve Months of Blue Skies ~ Month One and Giveaway”

  1. 628
    Chrys Kirby says:

    Cindy! I love the concept of your blog. You’re right, negativity has been a rather large obstacle for me lately so this is forum like a breath of fresh air. Let me just say that wedding planning is not as much fun as I once thought and premarital counseling is a bit harder as well, but my silver lining is that God saw fit to bring my fiance and I together to live in bliss. <3

  2. 627
    Hannah says:

    I love your books and have trouble putting them down once I start reading them. It’s a nice escape for my mind each day.
    Thank you

  3. 626
    Lorinda Perkins says:

    I love your your blogs. Keep them coming! Positive and uplifting words are essential whether a person is dealing with a health issue or not. I love your books Cindy!!

  4. 625
    Gracie says:

    That God is true and faithful, no matter what else is going on in your life.

  5. 624
    Rebecca says:

    My current silver lining at work is one of my coworkers. She is so sweet and such a great mentor. I truly enjoy spending time with her.

  6. 623
    Pam Kappel says:

    I am a caretaker for my husband who is suffering from Parkinsons Disease.The silver lining is we’ve gotten even closer.I also get to read a lot of your books when he is resting.

  7. 622
    Pam Kappel says:

    I think I’ve read all your books.They were all GREAT!

  8. 621
    Patricia Wagner says:

    Love your books. Silver lining being able to be here for my kids and helping others. Has I have 10 basketballs in my car to donate to Special Olympics. Also 6 batting helmets when softball season rolls around.

  9. 620
    Ellen Schumaker says:

    My work-related silver lining is that I have a fabulous boss and great people to work with! Certainly does make the days go by quickly. We work together well, get our jobs done and even have time to relax, talk about our families, even inspire each other. Makes my job easier, having people that build each other up, instead of tearing each other down.

  10. 619
    Richard Rendon says:

    My wife loves all your books . I would love to win these to give her.

  11. 618
    sherry says:

    Would love to win. I used to live in Newburg PA. So when I read your books I often wonder if the characters are based on anyone that I know.

  12. 617
    Sharon Flynn says:

    I haven’t had a Cindy Woodsmall fix in quite awhile. Really need one bad!

  13. 616
    Jackie Howell says:

    My work related silver lining is getting to have time in our home with my husband. I love the fact that now I can go and do everything with the love of my life all day long. We work together as a team to clean and take care of the home and yard. Spending time watching my flowers grow is an extra bonus. Being able to help with the grandchildren, the luxury of going to visit the sick were all things that used to be left undone. But most of all taking the extra time to spend with my God and Savior. Reading is just icing on the cake! I love your Christian books! Thank you for this opportunity to win them! God bless!

  14. 615

    Cindy is a great author! My 85 year old mother loves reading her books and can’t hardly wait until book three is released in this series!
    My silver lining is being the business owner!

  15. 614
    Nina Johnston says:

    I really enjoy reading your books! I can’t wait to read this series!!

  16. 613
    Peggy Nichols says:

    I am retired so my silver lining is being available to spend time with my grandchildren.

  17. 612
    Delores Downes says:

    I love reading your books. I love reading the Amish fiction books

  18. 611
    Kathy Burdette says:

    Being able to be with family. My silver lining is doing for my family.

  19. 610
    Lisa Davis says:

    My silver lining is reuniting with an old friend after 30+ years been a true blessing!!

  20. 609
    cheryl williams says:

    Would to win
    I read amish fiction

  21. 608
    Betty King says:

    My silver lining is meeting some really nice people which outshines the not so nice ones. Working in the public can sure be a challenge.

  22. 607
    Ellen Smith says:

    Love reading your books and look forward to reading this series!

  23. 606
    Ronda Ferry says:

    This is a very nice give away. Thank you

  24. 605
    Flossie Stryker says:

    The best is my health insurance went up 9 dollars but starting this month I will begin getting social security. Also my heart dr. discovered my heart was not beating for 7 to 8 seconds at a time several times a day. I wasn’t going to go to that appt… God urged me to go and I had an emergency surgery to haved a pacemaker put in. Gods watchful hand on my life.

  25. 604
    Jennifer Chatman says:

    I’m a daycare teacher for a two year old classroom. Thanks for a chance to win!

  26. 603
    Kim Leachman says:

    I am very lucky to be able to work at a local quilt shop two days a week. While at work, I get to play with fabric, create shop samples and help customers create their own projects. It is so much fun.

  27. 602
    Barbara Kesselring says:

    Love your books. I am Church of Brethern. A lot of your relate to me. Also from Pa

  28. 601
    Teresa C. Rice says:

    I am a retired teacher. I have read all your books and I share them with friends who also like to read. I will be sooo happy when your newest book comes out “Gathering the Threads”
    You are definitely one of my favorite authors.
    My silver lining is reading as well as doing various crafts.

  29. 600
    Karen Hamby says:

    Work outside the home….bank… relationship banker…. love my precious customers…. all my seniors… no matter what I’m going through they’ll make my day brighter!! 🌟❤️

  30. 599
    Carrie Ann Willoughby says:

    Goin on a cruise! Would love to take your books along then pass them on to someone else!

  31. 598
    Linda McFarland says:

    Love it…awesome books for your to read bucket list for sure….

  32. 597
    Lea Ann Crouch says:

    Would love to read this series

  33. 596
    Rachel Nanzer says:

    Sooo love this series!!!!! Cannot wait for the next book!!!!!

  34. 595
    Diane Clay says:

    I love your books!!! I find my silver lining in staying in the Word of God and knowing that He is always in controll!!

  35. 594
    Phyllis Vander Meer says:

    Would love to win your books!

  36. 593
    Alecia says:

    Your Amish books are some of my faves

  37. 592
    Phyllis Royster says:

    I have read several of your books. And I would love to win these.

  38. 591
    peggy clayton says:

    I find all of your books so good! I would love to read and review on a few sites and wouldn’t at all mind the wait. The covers are so pretty .

  39. 590
    wilma says:

    love your books …..thanks for writing great books!!!!!

  40. 589
    Drema Purnell says:

    I am a housewife, mother of 2 college kids and work part-time at a small hospital doing x-rays and ultrasounds. I enjoy crafts, gardening and reading. I have enjoyed reading your books and have not had the opportunity to read this set. I am sure that your books would help me through a slow night shift at work.

  41. 588
    Susan Rogers says:

    Just celebrated 18 years with my company on February 1st. So blessed every single day to share my days with the most incredible work family!

  42. 587
    Connie Fields says:

    Live your books and would love these.

  43. 586
    Gail chevalier says:

    I have not had the chance yet to buy any books from this series, do it would be great to get the whole collection at once,

  44. 585
    Kimberley says:

    I’m a homemaker who has been dealing with a lot of anxiety issues the last couple of years, and my silver lining is seeing God stripping them away, one by one, as I draw closer to Him and His Word. Praise Him for His faithfulness!

  45. 584
    Kim Ralston says:

    Love your books. Would love to win. Thanks Kim

  46. 583
    Carlyn Casey says:

    Thank you. Love Amish books and I love yours Cindy. I have several. I would love to win this set. God Bless you. Have a great day!

  47. 582
    Lisa Parker says:

    I absolutely love your books. I’ve listened to all of them you have on audio and read as many as my library offers. Thank you so much for giving readers excellent literature to read without having to expose anyone to crude words or sexual content. I greatly appreciate you giving us something to read that has hope and good news. Thanks you

  48. 581
    Shannon Walker says:

    I am currently a substitute in the school where my kids attend. My silver lining is that when my kids have days off from school, due to the weather or otherwise, I am able to spend the day with them and not have to find someone to watch them while I go to work

  49. 580
    Dee Thomas says:

    Love ALL your books!!!! Can’t wait for more to come out!

  50. 579
    Elizabeth Bible says:

    I love all your books. I had read “Fraying to the Edge” and loved it. I read it two days. I just couldn’t put it down. I can’t wait to read the rest al them. Keep writing and I will keep reading your books.

  51. 578
    Valerie says:

    My silver lining is just waking up each day and having another day with the ones I love.

  52. 577
    C. J. says:

    Have loved reading your books! They say that when you get older, it’s called “The Golden Years”. I think it should be called “The Rusty Years” here in the N. W., where we get a lot of rain!
    There are not alot of silver linings as you age, but there are 2 in my life that really stand out ~ 1. Time to enjoy wonderful grandchildren, and 2. Time to read good books!
    Thanks for the chance to win your Amish series! Blessings to U ~

  53. 576
    Emily says:

    I am a full time wife and mother. And my husband is my pastor so I am also a full time pastors’s wife. I am so blessed to serve and work alongside my family! ♡

  54. 575

    I read the 1st book but missed the 2nd one somehow. Maybe I can order from Amazon ..Hope so. I love your books.

  55. 574
    Debbie Rhoades says:

    I am a retired nurse, and my silver lining is that I am able to enjoy the home my jusband and I just bought this week. I have worked very hard all of my adult life, and this is really the first time I can relax and putter and cook and garden and study my Bible and just enjoy my life!

  56. 573
    Lorretta Smith says:

    I absolutely love your books. And “Amish Romance” books in general are my favorite reads. I would love to win as I don’t have these books yet! Thanks for the chance to win! God Bless

  57. 572
    Sandi Ansell says:

    Love your books…been a while!

  58. 571
    Claire says:

    I love your books. I’d love to be a winner. I’ve read the first two books and am anxious for the 3rd in the series to be published.

  59. 570
    Debbie says:

    We just found out my husband’s prostate cancer has come back. He thought he beat it. It’s been 13 years. The only thing that gets me threw is praying to God to help us and maybe give us a miracle of healing. I love to read and a good book helps to distract me from worring about him.

  60. 569
    Sandra Dearman says:

    My silver lining about my job is that I’ve been working mostly day shift which allows me to spend afternoons/evenings with my husband & just the fact that I’m blessed to have a job & be able to provide for my family….<3 Thanks for the chance to win some books….reading is my secret indulgence & helps to escape reality for a little while! <3

  61. 568
    TAMMY HUDSON says:

    I work outside the home. I listen to music to see any kind of silver lining.

  62. 567
    Sue says:

    My silver lining has been my decision on January 1st to restore my joy. Last year was a difficult year. I lost two of my closest friends in a two week period. Both were unexpected. The holidays were sad, but on January 1st when I chose a random bible verse, my verse was 1 Peter 5:10 – “And the God of all grace, who called you to His eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will Himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast.” God is good, and my joy is returning.

  63. 566
    Gayle orazine says:

    Being able to work with medically fragile children makes me stop and thank God for the ability and health to do so. The silver lining in my life.

  64. 565
    Susan Nichols says:

    What a wonderful idea to get away from all the political drama. I find I am on a lot less than I used to be. Would love to win the books. I really love to read.

  65. 564
    Charis Zdrojewski says:

    Hope I win!!

  66. 563
    Martha Franks says:

    Thank you for your positive blog! I am so tired of politics! I love Amish fiction. It has encouraged me to slow down more and to simplify my life.

  67. 562
    Kathy McDougal says:

    Love your books!

  68. 561
    Ernestine says:

    Hello Cindy
    I love your books and all Amish books I read every one I can get my hands on I take them every where I go to the Dr. to babysit my grand children I even tell them about the book I’m 📚 i bought my daughter one and my mom and all my aunts read them we pass them around when we get done reading them reading one of your books is the high life of my day thank you for writing such good books and been a great arthuor. God Bless You Ernestine Haggard

  69. 560
    Carolyn Snider says:

    A cold, cold day here at home! My silver lining is the wonderful friend I have made in my husband’s caregiver (he has Alzheimer’s Disease & has a caregiver 5 days/week for 4 hours each day through the VA). She is so patient & kind with him, getting him to talk & eat well. Although I am retired, this frees me up to do the bookkeeping for my church and a local camp where I am treasurer. You cannot work with columns of figures or write checks when you have to jump up every few minutes to check on someone! We both are blessed to know her!

  70. 559
    Sheri wright says:

    Love Love Love 💕❤💯 your books

  71. 558
    Shirley Culpepper says:

    Hey, Cindy! I am so excited about the five-away. I am in hopes of winning. I am an elderly lady who is also an amputee. I lost my leg about 7 years ago die to a bone disease. I started reading Amish fiction and love all the authors that write it. I am confined to home since I don’t get around very good. I always have a book in hand. I look forward to reading these books even if I don’t win. Thanks for sharing your talent! We love you!

  72. 557
    Sandy Thayer says:

    I retired in December1, 2016. That is my silver lining. My husband has been very sick since 2000, and I work for insurance to pay for his medical bills. I thank God I am now able to be home with him even though I had to retire on disability because I was no longer able to be as housekeeper for our local hospital! My silver lining is being home with my husband full time now, even though we are both ill, we can take care of each other!

  73. 556
    Jan says:

    The silver lining to my life in retirement is the time I have to enjoy my family and friends by doing the things with them that I didn’t have the time to do when I worked.

  74. 555
    Sandra Hines says:

    We are surrounded with so much turmoil in our world today, but there is always a silver lining in our lives each day. Mine is when I first get up in the morning, look out at God’s beautiful creation, and always find a blessing to start my day. It may be the sunshine, a beautiful flower, or the birds at my feeders. Whatever it is, it helps me greet the day with a smile. I love your books and it would also make my day to win the Amish of Summer Grove series.

  75. 554
    Martha Rollings says:

    I have read your books before,and loved them.I also love,love,reading about the Amish. Keeping my 77 yr. old book loving,fingers crossed!!

  76. 553
    Donna says:

    Would love to win! Your books are great!

  77. 552
    Darla says:

    I love all Amish related books. I love to read, it is my escape from real life.

  78. 551
    Jan Franklin says:

    We have been trying to get rid of things cluttering our house. My husband brought a box with curtains that were never opened. . I have been searching for these for 10-15 years! Great surprise!

  79. 550
    Barbara Wenner says:

    I’m a retiree since I retired from work I do a lot more reading, I live in a retirement center,we have 50 units all on the ground floor,that make it better as when your out walking you can meet and talk to people,like to sat on my back porch with a good book and watch the clouds go by,that is when the weather your books.

  80. 549
    Betty Escobar says:

    Just waking up every morning and feeling blessed for what I have and can do the things I want to do cause its a good day.

  81. 548
    Pauline Osborne says:

    I was sure I had commented on this site about your blue skies but don’t see it and when I stop over you always have so many ahead of me….gigantic reading fans for you.
    I like having time since I retired to watch the blue skies and to read more.thanks for sharing your thoughts and your books.

  82. 547
    Dawn L. says:

    This may sound odd but my work related silver lining was my ability to take a day off and reschedule work. Earlier this week, I had to call in sick and someone was able to replace me. I didn’t know it at the time but that worked out well because later I had to take my dd to the ER unexpectedly (she’s fine thanks). The next day she wasn’t able to stay at school but I managed to juggle my schedule to take care of her. I’m blessed to have a semi-flexible part-time job.

  83. 546
    JudithHarmon says:

    my mother and I love sharing and reading about the Amish, looking forward to readying your books!

  84. 545
    Jenny Propst says:

    I don’t work any more because I’m disabled and as bad as I hate being disabled it does give me to be available to those who need a friend to talk to at any time when things aren’t going well for them. Recently a friends mother passed away. She was dealing with the loss and family issues that weren’t good. There were times when she needed to talk and it was well into the night. The only friend she knew she could call then was me. I was glad I could meet that need for her, it blessed me just knowing I could help her because I was not able to be with her. The other day she blessed me when I received beautiful flowers from her. I didn’t do it to be thanked or to get flowers I did it because it is how I can serve and I want to still be there for others.

  85. 544
    Cindy Bazzy says:

    Wow, what a wonderful giveaway. Love your books and this would be a treasure of a win. 🙂 I’m a business owner who longs to be a homemaker again, love blessing others through my homemaking, don’t seem to have the time for it as I did. ;(

  86. 543
    Evelyn Lingo says:

    I love all Amish books, I buy them & donate them to my church so others can enjoy.

  87. 542
    Brenda Scott says:

    I love this author! Excited about this series. I could use a little diversation after the loss of my younger brother to cancer. Xo Brenda

  88. 541
    Vinnie Bartlett says:

    I was a Mussionary in Australia for 23 years. Hence the Aussie email addy. But, we retired back to the U. S. four years ago. Started reading your books after visiting the Amish on one of our furloughs and have been reading them ever since. No matter how dark things become around me. I just look up and know the Lord is my silver lining.

  89. 540
    Susan Collins says:

    I would love to win! I am a homemaker and love being home and taking care of everyone.

  90. 539
    Marilyn Harvey says:

    Would love to win your books.

  91. 538
    Debi Smith says:

    I am a stay at home mom with s spcial needs son. I get encouraged when he had a good day not only at home but at school as well

  92. 537
    Joyce Hoezee says:

    My job now is take care of my retired husband. He has been a diabetic for nearly 40 years and requires my special love and care. The silver lining in my job are the special Bible verses I read each morning with the instructions on loving and praising God.

  93. 536
    Anna Gonzales says:

    Would love to win these great reads!😍

  94. 535
    patricia matney says:

    my silver lining is i stay here at my sisters i have been here staying for bout 14 years now,she has real bad arthritis she never knows when it will hit her” in the day time,or late at night it hits all at once her toe’s her legs,and finger they cramp awful bad and she cries cause she’in such pain,but i’m here for her all the when the arthritis hit’s i get up with her late at night crying because she is in such i get up late at night and rub her fingers and arms and she will drank pickle juice that seems to help some.i go with her to all her doctor appointments because she can’t here either we have to talk real loud to her so can hear us.i am her ears where ever she goes,and i’m her legs cause she gives out of i love my sister she has always been around for me also,that’s my silver lining,”BUT THE CLOUDS AIN”T ALWAYS GREY WHEN IT RAINS CAUSE I KNOW BLUE SKIES,ALWAYS SMILIN AT ME AND EVERTHING I DO GOD WILL BLESS ME”! all of your books are awesome i enjoy reading all of them thank you cindy woodsmall for the great wonderful work you do in writing all the books you write you do an awesome job.

  95. 534
    Cassie says:

    I’m a stay at home mom of twin 6 year Olds , they are my silver lining. We have been through a lot in the past 3 years since our car accident and they keep fighting. This is my son’s 3rd surgery on his skull and he just keeps amazing me with how happy and upbeat he is through it all.

  96. 533
    Jan Duffy says:

    My silver lining is that at the end of my hectic work day I get to go home and work on my quilting and read at the end of the night. My other silver lining is my 93year old mom just got out of the hospital and is more worried about me than herself.

    Love your books!

  97. 532
    Breanne farris says:

    I am a graduate student, work win…I just got permission to write my dissertation Friday. Graduation in August!!

  98. 531
    Janice vincent says:

    My silver lining is raising three grand children Since I retired from owning and operating a beauty salon for 32 years.

  99. 530
    Nancy Cribbs says:

    My silver lining is Jesus..all things are possible with Him in my life …Blessings

  100. 529
    Sherry Kemp says:

    Yah, I would love to receive one of your free copies. A new Amish novel is always a welcome guest at my house.

  101. 528
  102. 527
    Chris Meyer says:

    I came home from work today feeling like someone who had armor on all day to keep others from pushing their lousy moods and attitudes off on me.
    I’m a very positive person, especially at work and I wish more people would lighten up and try enjoying their job instead of finding anything to complain about.
    Silver lining? I make my own 💕
    I’d love to win your books!

  103. 526
    Ginny says:

    While working from home I can listen to music that blesses my spirit.

  104. 525
    Janice Mooney says:

    Would love to win. I have read so many of your books & love them! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  105. 524
    Nancy Esmon says:

    Love all of your books. I would be honored to receive these.

  106. 523
    Elaine says:

    I love your books and would be thrilled to win these !!

  107. 522
    Trish Blaauw says:

    I volunteer at a Hospice Home. Helping the families, with anything they need. That’s my silver lining

  108. 521
    Wenddie Mikulcik says:

    My silver lining is that I’m glad I’m a homeschool mom and I get to see my kids all day and be there when they learn something new and light goes on.

  109. 520
    Jackie Malone says:

    I’m an assistant in a 3-4 grade special education class. I would love to have this to read over the summer. I usually share Amish books with my parents. We all love your books.

  110. 519
    Dotty Atcheson says:

    I am one of the lucky ones to miss the cold weather in PA by coming to Florida for 3 months. I thank my husband everyday for being able to be here. We lived in the New Wilmington Volant area of PA for 10 years and had wonderful Amish neighbors. I mostly read Amish books because they are light reading and really enjoy your books. Have a blessed day and thank you for your great books

  111. 518
    Lisa says:

    My sliver lining is my coming home to my children. Yes, I know that there are times that I wonder why I had them however I cannot imagine my life without them.

  112. 517
    Dixie Myers says:

    Love ur books!

  113. 516
    Vickie (Kiki) Walker says:

    My silver lining is I’ll getting closer to my honey retirement, and Hope we’re healthy enough to just enjoy our remaining days of loving, soaking up the family, friends, and catch up on some long time needed rest.

  114. 515
    Valerie Cook says:

    My silver lining every day is knowing that I will see my grandson or talk to him on the telephone. He is only 20 months and he can sure make me smile! I would love to win these books, Amish stories are my very favorite! Thank you!

  115. 514
    Bonnie Miller says:

    I would love to win this give away. I love readingyour hooks and I love reading about Amish!!!
    I can’t get enough of Amish books!!!

  116. 513
    R Lowe says:

    Would love to be able to afford to read them.

  117. 512
    Charlene Wilson says:

    I love reading your books about the Amish. I work at dollar tree and I love people that why I work there

  118. 511
    Cindy Woolworth says:

    I work outside the home in a nursing home. Some days when I am Sooo tired and dread going home to house work and cooking my wonderful husband steps up and does it all so I can air with 1 of your books and relax a bit ……he truly is the silver lining to my days!! I would love to win this series….Thank you for the opportunity to try!!

  119. 510
    Brandy Rendon says:

    I love reading your books! Thank you

  120. 509
    Lori Buchanan says:

    Love your books

  121. 508
    Jen Jones says:

    I love your books and would love to win!

  122. 507
    Janice Clark says:

    They look like a wonderful story line.. I love the clean reading of Amish fiction.. Thank you so much…

    • 507.1
      Chrissy says:

      Have read all of your books! Love them all, you are an exceptional author. Would love to win the books!!!! Haven’t ever won anything!! God Bless You!!

    • 507.2
      Janice Clark says:

      Hello,, I got an email about my post.. I tried to reply back.. It said I had done 2 post .. Check it out . My post is 507 and someone has posted in “” my reply”” It is so different than my post… That wasn’t me in the second one…lol.. Her’s is posted 507.1….. Please check it out and help me straighten this out ,,PLEASE .. Thanks.
      I tried to send a reply to email,but it wouldn’t let me.. THANKS and please help..

  123. 506
    Carol Iverson says:

    I love your books. I can’t afford them,but a friend buys them and lets me read them. 🙂

  124. 505
    Kay Bossard says:

    I am a homemaker with several health problems. My husband and I share the housekeeping jobs and what a blessing it is to me! I love to know that some days when I can hardly get my day going, I wake up to find the dishes done(if there are left over ones, the laundry going, trash taken out and my sweet man smiling about it!

  125. 504
    Jean mcgee says:

    Have read lots of your books have some on kendel. Really enjoy them .retired and enjoy reading.really would love to win these books .

  126. 503
    Moya says:

    I would love to win your books!

  127. 502
    Jean mcgee says:

    Have read lots of your books have some on kendel. Really enjoy them .retired and enjoy reading

  128. 501
    Barb Merriman says:

    Cindy ~ The last 6 mos. have been most challenging. Cancer for the second time! I could use all the positivity I can get. Got through it all with God, my hubby & oldest daughter for major support. Love the Amish simplicity of life and would be a welcome distraction right now.

  129. 500
    Melinda Mattern says:

    Love your books! In the evenings I read before I go to sleep! I figure one is never too old for a bedtime story!” 😉 It’s a great way to lay the stress of the day aside and lose myself in a time and place where life is simple. Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

  130. 499
    Claire says:

    Hi Cindy, I can’t wait until gathering the threads is published. I’ve read the first two books in this series. Lots of suspense.

  131. 498
    Nancy Durst says:

    Love it when you have new books! And I need a new one.❤️

  132. 497
    Kathy A Shuffler says:

    I love your books. Would love to win them.

  133. 496
    Tee says:

    I LOVE the idea of having a series of blog posts focusing on the positive sides of everyday life! But to be honest, I’m struggling to answer your question at this moment. I’m going to have to give it a bit of thought, return with the answer.

  134. 495
    Ruth Zimmerman says:

    I love reading wholesome books. I also like the way you present the Gospel in your books.

  135. 494 says:

    I work for a Thrift STore that is entirely funded by donations. The money is used to help the needy in Altoona Pa. It is so great to see people happy that have little get something they need. I also read and collect Amish books. Love to win these ones.

  136. 493
    Sandra Hatfield says:

    I would like to win. I work part time at a pizza place. I have been working there over 17 years.

  137. 492
    Joy Taylor says:

    We are starting our third year of retirement. We have been blessed to do a lot of traveling. But a sweet silver lining would be working with second graders who are behind in their reading skills. Every week is a new discovery of the potential of my 2 students. Their hugs of greeting makes my day!

  138. 491
    Carol Daigle says:

    Silver lining…. being retired!!

  139. 490
    LeVelle Calbat says:

    Work-related silver lining:I work part-time in my church office and volunteer in our church library. Love working in ministry and with books and would love to have your series for our church library.

  140. 489
    Chris McCracken says:

    Whether you work outside of the home, from home, are a homemaker, or a retiree, what work-related silver lining have you found lately?

    My silver lining in being a home maker & retired from jobs outside the home, is that I can sew, read, knit, spend time with my kids and grandbabies, but most is to take care of and spend time with my hubby who has recently had a severe stroke.
    Cindy… I love your books!

  141. 488
    Pam Jackson says:

    Cindy you are one of my longest loving writers. I fell in love with your writing at a time in my life when I needed it most! I have a really hard time putting anyone of your books down! Thanks so much for using the talent God gave you to bless me with!

  142. 487

    I loved your blog. Like you I’m tired of all the negativity on FB. I try to post encouraging things I like to be the silver lining to someones day. I do not work anymore except at home my silver lining is my husband because of his hard work I am able to be a homemaker. I love it.

  143. 486
    NARITA says:

    I am mostly a stay at home widow. My silver lining is my family and church family.

  144. 485
    Denise Moore says:

    Love ready your books. Sure helped to getting thru the winter months. We took a trip to California on the train so I got some reading done then. Would love to win the set of books. Thank you.

  145. 484
    Cheryl Turner says:

    Have always enjoyed Cindy’s books. Looking forward to these three!

  146. 483
    Nancy Fox says:

    I do love to read your books they always lift me up when I am down and just lately I have needed to be there for my husband just going through a hard time. I just want you to know your books help me so much and I always request them as gifts from my children. I have read all of them and have them all except the Amish Vines and Orchards and already cannot wait till your next books comes out. God Bless

  147. 482
    Lori W says:

    I have been blessed to be able to be a stay at home Mom the last almost 18 years! I would love to win your books!!!

  148. 481
    Laura P says:

    Love your books! Sisters of the quilt has been my favorite so far. I also really enjoyed Angel of Forest Hill.

  149. 480
    Diamond Jones says:

    I love Cindy Woodsmall books. I just finished reading Ties that Bind. I loved it!!!!!!

  150. 479
    Virginia VanHoost says:

    Love reading Cindys books. Have read all of them and always looking for her new books. What a great giveaway.

  151. 478
    Donna Buis says:

    I really enjoy your books.

  152. 477
    Tami Qualls says:

    My silver lining is that I get to work part time from home AND raise my little guy even though I was afraid it’s never happen. Trusting God brings blessings.

  153. 476
    Jenny Englody says:

    I have the first two of these books and would love to have the third one. I could not put the first two down.

  154. 475
    Sharon Henning says:

    Well, I just got a fantastic new job!! So I think the whole thing is the silver lining!!!

  155. 474
    Amanda Turner says:

    I would 💗To win a book!! This would be Neat to start a collection of Amish books!👍

  156. 473

    I’d love to win. Very interesting.

  157. 472
    Cheryl Roberts-Stephens says:

    My silver lining is that I have been fortunate enough to be able to take work trips several times a year which are like a mini vacation.

  158. 471
    Mary Spongberg says:

    After working in customer service for over 20 years, I learned that everyone deserves respect and a chance to explain themselves. My father always used to say, “You catch more bees with honey” and I found that to be 100% true!

  159. 470
    Jacqueline Robertson says:

    Would love to win and read. Thanks.

  160. 469
    Tammy Owens says:

    I am a huge fan of your writing and inspired by the Amish way of life. So its like I’m living the life through your writings.

  161. 468
    Cheryl says:

    I have learned that everyday is a chance to choose kindness (I work at a school).
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  162. 467
    Ruth Kingsland says:

    Boy do I need this dose of positivity right now! I want to win, win,win!!! 🤓😊💕

  163. 466
    Stella Potts says:

    I am a retiree and I sure do need some blue skies. I would love to win these books that would just absolutely make my day.

  164. 465
    Kathy Dean says:

    Would love to win these books!! Thanks for your giveaways!!!

  165. 464
    linda vanderweyst says:

    would love to win, would be a great birthday present to me Feb12

  166. 463
    Meredeth Cross says:

    Love your books!!!!
    My silver-lining in my job is that our employees still have an actual person (me) to talk to about issues with their benefits, FMLA issues, etc.
    I love serving people and being there for them!!!!
    Thank you again for your stories and your characters!!!!

  167. 462
    Peggy says:

    The silver lining in my day to day work is taking care of and helping raising my beautiful talented and wonderful twin niece and nephew. They are the silver lining in my day!!!!

  168. 461
    Mary Last says:

    Your books are a breath of fresh air!! It’s exhausting to think of what is happening in the world!

  169. 460
    Jeanie Edmonds says:

    Love Amish country and reading the various Amish books about the Amish lifestyle. Would love to win your books to read.

  170. 459
    Shirley Culpepper says:

    I would love to win these book because i am a leg amputee and homebound.

  171. 458
    Pamsie says:

    Interested in the GIVE-AWAY of the series of Amish of Summer Grove. TU

  172. 457
    Nyla Kay Wilkerson says:

    My hubby and I are retired. We have found not having to set an alarm or go to bed early is a shiny silver lining!

  173. 456
    Shelia Hall says:

    i have found that working from home allows me the freedom of working when i choose and taking a day off when i need to

  174. 455
    Hazle Walker says:

    There can never be enough Amish books!! I’m totally hooked on them. I would love to be considered for a winner! Best wishes for you and your new series!!!

  175. 454
    Kathy says:

    I have been the keeper of our treasured family heirlooms. Saturday night was the moment I have waited for, my silver lining. My son asked me if he could have my grandmothers wedding set to ask his love to be his wife. Giving him this ring gives me so much joy. I am so happy for them. It’s kind of fun knowing a secret. I’m sure she knows nothing about this. I can’t wait to see her so surprised.

  176. 453
    Terry says:

    I would love to own your Amish of Summer Grove series. You are my favorite Amish author, Cindy, I own many of your books. I really enjoy reading, it relaxes me, and I have passed that love of reading on to my 2 daughters. I homeschool my girls so a lot of my time is devoted to them. They also enjoy reading Amish books and request them for birthday or Christmas gifts, so IF I win your set of books, we would be 3 very very happy ladies.

  177. 452
    Kathy says:

    My silver lining at work is the relationship I have with my coworkers. We’re like a big family. No matter how trying the day, someone is always ready with a hug or a smile or a joke to lift you up. I am very blessed! 🙂

  178. 451
    Carole P. says:

    I’m tired of media negativity, news media Spin Doctors, and politics in general to the extent that I dread coming on the Internet, especially Facebook, so count me in. I am so ready for gardening season (have already started my very early tomato and pepper plants) and watching my bluebirds raise their babies right out my picture window (they stay all winter). Until then, I will catch up on sewing projects and read books.

  179. 450
    Loreen says:

    I work in a pre-k and I absolutely love all the hugs! When I get home at night I’m exhausted and like to curl up with a good book 😊

  180. 449
    Samantha says:

    Your books are amazing! I will look forward to reading more of them 😀

  181. 448
    Donna Herring says:

    I am a retired teacher. I love reading. Being retired I get to attend many activities with my grandchildren.

  182. 447

    Hi Cindy! I am excited to learn of your books! I am very recently widowed and am in a state of finding an adjustment in my life and some new experiences. Of course I now have a lot of time and looking forward to reading more. Your story lines sound interesting and very enjoyable. I am fascinated by the Amish as well! I look forward to meeting you through your books! Barb

  183. 446
    Jan Hall says:

    I am retired. The silver lining I have found is being able to take my time and work on whatever I choose. Lately that has been reading and reviewing books I get in the mail.

  184. 445
    Diane Watson says:

    The silver lining I have found at work are the people I meet and talk to for just a few minutes every day. I am a cashier and it can be a very tiring job checking our groceries every day. But those times when I meet kind people who have tidbits of inspiration for me make my day!
    Thank you so much for entering me in your giveaway !
    God bless you!
    Diane Watson

  185. 444
    Karen Stone says:

    I am currently a homemaker. My husband recently retired. I would have to say my silver lining is, besides spending more time together, he has been doing a lot of housework. He has always helped, but now he is doing things before I even get the chance to do them. I do have more time for reading though. As my birthday is in late July, it would be a fabulous gift to win these books.

  186. 443
    Gladys Graetz says:

    Love your books. Only read authors books who write about the Amish. Good clean reading. I have about close to 300 books
    Paper backs and e books. Thank you for your writings.

  187. 442
    Cindy Buresh says:

    I LOVE your Amish books! I have always been interested in the Amish and your stories are so uplifting! Thank you!

  188. 441
    Jane Penn says:

    Read e-books Ties that Bind & Fraying at the edge, been waiting for third book. I don’t watch TV but READ! Enjoyed so many of your books!! Need more!

  189. 440
    Anne Pierce says:

    We own our own business and it was a rough year last year. We did not think we would still be in business by now, but for the grace of God providing us the work, we are still going. Our daughter is starting college in the fall and received the full amount of financial aid (based on the previous year). When we finished our taxes we found we don’t have to pay any additional taxes because we had such a large loss for the year, my daughter commented that at least she will get financial aid the next year, too!

  190. 439
    Beverly Duff says:

    I love to read and about all I read are Amish books. It is so relaxing to read after you have worked all day

  191. 438
    Lisa Gallup says:

    I have an amazing job helping wounded Soldiers/veterans. I have truly been blessed to be able to bless them with resources, help, monies, homes etc. my silver lining is being able to bless those who bless us by serving our country!

  192. 437
    kay widdows says:

    Love your books.

  193. 436
    Renee Dobson says:

    Love all your books. Don’t have these ones yet and would love to own them. Will not read anything else. Thank you for all of your amazing books!

    • 436.1
      Renee Dobson says:

      My other comment posted before I could finish. I am a stay at home mother/wife of an amazing husband and 4 beautiful daughters!

  194. 435
    Kathy Bailey says:

    I love your books. They lift my heart and life.

  195. 434
    Becky Mathes says:

    As a retiree, with a bit more time available, I love the opportunity to ‘volunteer’ as ‘Reading Lady’ for my sweet grand children who homeschool. Seeing the smiles on their faces when my hubby and I walk into their home warms my heart like nothing else in the world. I hope that I can instill in them the love for reading that I have had since I was a young child.

  196. 433
    Cynthia Partain says:

    Would love to win. Thanks for using your talents of writing!!! 😊

  197. 432
    Sheila says:

    I’m a retired teacher who works part-time from home. My silver lining is that I can switch of the computer and television to insulate myself for a few minutes. Then reemerge recharged.

  198. 431
    Lynn says:

    Love all your books especially the Amish books I read one book a week I am a widow and work weekends only rather read a book than watch tv, It is just me and my 13yr old dog then when I am done with a book I give it too my mom and she passes it to someone else Thank you for your books and listening to me rattle on

  199. 430
    nancy in IN says:

    Seeing grandkids grin when they see us, papa and nana

  200. 429
    Judy Rickman says:

    Love your books!! All of them!!! I work with my husband in our accounting business and the clients we serve are all wonderful and we enjoy seeing them (especially the ones we only see once a year). Silver lining!!!

  201. 428
    Tanna Morgan says:

    I can’t get enough of your books! I have an Amish friend in her 80’s & these help me to understand some of her thinking!

  202. 427
    Pam Mowrer says:

    Can’t wait to read these books. Have loved all of your books that I have read.

  203. 426
    Elaine says:

    Would love to have this series!

  204. 425
    Tonja Schlosser says:

    Im always glad when i make customers smile with the good taste of food samples at my job.

  205. 424
    Sheri Rae Patterson says:

    Thank you for allowing us to share!
    A silver lining from my grocery store cashier job is the continued opportunity God gives me to pray with my customers and co-workers alike! I worked in the pharmacy and printed out 300 medicine bottle labels every night, and I was able to pray over them as I applied them to the bottles! What a blessing to be able to pray for some 1400 ailing people every week!

  206. 423
    patricia matney says:

    blue skies,smilin” at me nothin” but blue skies do i see thats all ever see is blue skies only when it rains then i see cloudy skies! i just work inside the home cleaning and reading my amish books,i help my sister out a lot she has aurturrize,and gives out of breath so i do most the house cleaning,and i read my amish books.

  207. 422
    Linda Handy says:

    Would love to win. Love your books

  208. 421
    Clayborn white 111 says:

    I personaly dont read your books, but I am entering in the hopes of winning to give them to my mother, who recieves great joy in reading amish books thank ypu

  209. 420
    Nancy Jo Horton says:

    My husband goes to dialysis treatments 4 times a week and I find it helpful to sit and talk with the other wives that wait for their husbands to finish the treatment any where from 3-4 hours. We discuss everything and anything and we have become like family. We have learned so much from each other.

  210. 419
    Marilyn J Brown says:

    My husband ;passed away Jan. 2nd, and my silver lining is my four children who have been such a big help and blessing to me while I adjust to a new type of living without him.

  211. 418
    Karen White says:

    Love all your books. So nice to sit inside a warm house and read a good book. Makes retirement special ! Then I share the books with my friends, so they can enjoy them too. God bless

  212. 417
    Kristina Kohler says:

    My sliver Lining is coming home to my sweet family. I work part time to help with family bills.

  213. 416
    Karen says:

    My silver lining is any opportunity I get to read read read! Those moments are few and far between with working full time and taking care of my family. But I savor them more and more

  214. 415
    Christina says:

    My silver lining is the smiles of the kiddos that I work with.

  215. 414
    Kathi Gadd says:

    I would love to win,love the cindy woodsmall books. I really read all kinds of Amish writers, Thank you

  216. 413
    Jeanette schardt says:

    Love to win any of them 😆

  217. 412
    Cathy Gill says:

    I have read all your books. Have enjoyed them very much. I have bought a lot of your books. Keep up the good work.i don’t have a website. Just a phone.

  218. 411
    Sharma Darby says:

    I stay at home now and I make quilts and crafts for family and friends.

  219. 410
    Carolyn Wilhelm says:

    I have read so many of your books. It is hard to pick which one I enjoyed the most. Keep them coming. Even if I do not win I know I will read this series.

  220. 409
    Gail says:

    Love reading your book’s. have a lot of them, can’t wait to read these. Take care and God bless.

  221. 408
    Kathryn Kanipe says:

    My silver lining is that the Good Lord has allowed me to live for 72 years to enjoy my family and fellowship with my church family. To be thankful for all the blessings God has given me. God is Good all the time!

  222. 407
    Louise Sewall says:

    Caught the bug that was going around and had to stay home and rest lots. What a silver lining. Caught up on my sleep as well.

  223. 406
    Angel says:

    I’m a stay at home mom and my silver lining is that it gives me a lot of time to volunteer at my kids’ school and other places around town.

  224. 405
    Pam Kenworthy says:

    I love reading your books.

  225. 404
    Nancy winn says:

    The silver lining to my day was finding out that my dear friend who was diagnosed with prostrate cancer found out that the cancer had not spread! PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW!
    And personally I was able to go to my beautician and have her trim up my head of hair. It was long over due. Now I feel so much better!

  226. 403
    Leslie Maguire says:

    Several months ago a co-worker left for another job. She was also a sister in the Lord. I felt so alone after she left. I asked the Lord to fill her position with another Christian. He did better than that. A few months later, He brought her back. God is so awesome. He knows and meets our every need.

  227. 402
    Bev Hosler says:

    Hi Cindy! I work in an Orthopedic doctors office mainly as a secretary but I do a little bit of everything. My silver lining is that God blessed me with great coworkers who are not only fun but faithful & supportive of each other. And the doctors are a pleasure to work with too. I LOVE your books and hope I am the “fortunate” one to attain this series. Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us!

  228. 401
    Doris Lankford says:

    Recently, a coworker’s daughter passed away and I was impressed at the showing of love and support she received from everyone, from the owners and even some of our customers.

  229. 400
    Carole Reinig says:

    I love your books and I love all the Amish books in fact that is all I read Hope to get your free book Thanks

  230. 399
    Marty Smith says:

    I am retired but work 2 part time jobs…I meet so many sweet people and become friends with them…
    I love people and am always willing to lend a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on…

  231. 398
    Steph J says:

    Thanks for the chance to win. I love reading Amish books. I am a stay at home mom to 3 kids. So I live a very busy life right now. My silver lining is all the time I get to spend with my kids and being able to watch them learn too.

  232. 397

    Would love to win love your books. Thanks for the opportunity.

  233. 396
    Cheryl Meadows says:

    Love your books

  234. 395
    Crystal Wagner says:

    I’m a stay at home mom, just had baby #4 :). One silver lining to doing work around here is getting the kids involved. They create more work, even in just teaching them how to do the work, but it is so nice to spend that shoulder to shoulder time with them and God has been teaching me to enjoy that particular silver lining more and more lately. 🙂

  235. 394
    Cindy Batdorf says:

    I am disabled and find it hard to do many things whether chores or fun without pain and shortness of breath. The silver lining is few and far to be seen. I must admit I am not always looking up to see it. Not a very positive day for me but reading is 90% positive for and is my silver lining. Thank you for writing so all of us can read.

  236. 393
    Polly says:

    My silver lining when I get chores done is a feeling of satisfaction after I’m done. I’m retired so I’m home a lot. I should really get out more!😉

  237. 392
    mitzi smith says:

    i love your books & when i get done reading them i carry them to our local nursing home so they can enjoy !

  238. 391
    Linda Compton says:

    My silver lining has to be my husband of 36+ years. Also God who guides and directs my every step. Your books also help fill empty hours with enjoyable reading. Thank you!!!

  239. 390
    Judy Springsteen says:

    New books by a terrific writer to brighten my day( or whomever wins them) -am definitely looking forward to “skies of blue”!

  240. 389
    Pauline Osborne says:

    I am finding that since I retired I have the time to actually see blue skies, Some really pretty ones at times and just makes me feel so close to our father in heaven.
    thanks for sharing -I love to read these types of books.

  241. 388
    Sherry says:

    I love your books, but I don’t think I’ve seen these. I would love to win them!!!

  242. 387
    Shirley says:

    I am retired so my silver lining is I don’t have to work anymore and I can spend lots and lots of time with my husband of almost 48 years.

  243. 386
    Ann Brewer says:

    Hi, I am from Gadsden Al, I don’t drive a lot, I have anxiety attacks, I read a lot. Would love to have some of your books to read, I have heard so many good things about your books, thank you, Ann

  244. 385
    Susan Bennett says:

    Can’t wait for the next one in this series to come out. Really enjoying this series. Thanks Cindy.

  245. 384
    Lynn Rhodes says:

    Gifted author awesome giveaway so hope I win.

  246. 383
    Angela Strong says:

    Absolutely love reading you book I really want to read these three I am hoping I get them for Valentine’s day or my birthday so I can sit and enjoy reading them. You are a great author.

  247. 382
    Lisa says:

    I’m learning new skills while practicing old ones.

  248. 381
    Emilie Hinton says:

    Need something cheery these days!

  249. 380
    Sheri wonderling says:

    Silver lining. I run a tarp shop. It taught me some great sewing skills now in my off time I quilt and sew as much as possible. Just finished 300 pillow case dresses for a mission trip I will be leaving in in less than two weeks I can not wait. Thank you for chance to win.

  250. 379
    carolyn dodds says:


  251. 378
    Brenda Ayers says:

    Cindy, I love your books and have a lot of them in my library. Would love these to read. I’m retired and in the process of moving. My husband passed away in September and we found this house and liked it. We decided to put a bid on it before he got really sick and passed away. Since that time I have moved forward and am living in the new house. The silver lining is all this is keeping me really busy and is helping with my grief process. Even though this has been hard for me because we planned on doing this together, I still think it’s best for me. We were married for 53 years and I have a lot of good memories. I miss him terribly but I know God will help me get through it all.

  252. 377
    Sharon Bennett says:

    I love this blog and the fact that I could win your new books. Thank you and God Bless.

  253. 376
    Katheryn Kusick says:

    I have the first two books and waiting for the third to come out. I like to get the whole series before I start to read them. Then I share them with friends. Love your books and have read most of them. Have an awesome day and I’l try and wait patiently for the third book.

    Katheryn Kusick

  254. 375
    Deana Dick says:

    Since I stopped working I have a passion for reading and reviewing books. I love to review books to bless authors for their hard work and to let readers know about amazing books. Thank you for the chance to receive your books.


  255. 374
    Nan Orpurt says:

    I am so excited to hear of your new series coming out. You are my very favorite author & I am ready to dive into yet another of your wonderful series of books.

  256. 373
    Mary Tullila says:

    Very timely post today….we need some refreshing hope amongst the trash. I heard some birds singing today in the cold….I think I can too !

  257. 372
    Nancy Miller says:

    How refreshing it will be to read these wonderful books. The political stuff going on has really got me down. Thank you so much for the offer.

  258. 371
    Janice Clark says:

    I would love to win this series…. Thanks

  259. 370
    Heather thrower says:

    Would love to have these!

  260. 369
    Pamela Fallin says:

    I work at Lifeway Christian part time and sells (really$ part time. I love my Lifeway job as there is nothing better than being around books & bibles all day. January / February is normally a blue time for me.

  261. 368
    Renate Sharp says:

    I would love to receive this new series. I visit my Library each month to find books written by you.
    Thanking you in advance. Have a good week,

  262. 367
    Jr St.Clair says:

    My wife would love these

  263. 366
    Melissa Leonard says:

    I am a stay at home mother , and I find silver linings daily ! It’s so easy to get frustrated with life’s daily tasks especially with little ones but ….. I have to choose to see the silver linings . I am thankful
    To have a dishwasher to unload , a washing machine to unload , a bathroom to clean , and if I don’t get it all done I will have another day to complete my work . If I want to stop and hug my sweet baby or rock him to sleep I can ! Silver linings !!!!

  264. 365
    Cindy Linthicum says:

    I work outside the home in an office behind a desk all day. My silver lining is being able to listen to upbeat music that makes me happy. During Christmas, I loved listening to the Christmas music all day long while working. Just made me happy.

  265. 364
    kim hansen says:

    Silver lining is that I have a lot more time to walk since I no longer work.

  266. 363
    Julie says:

    One of the silver linings to my office job is a library nearby. I walk there almost every day. They have books, audio books, movies, and candy. The librarians are friendly and visiting with them counts as a happy break in my book.

  267. 362
    Mona Norton says:

    I would love to have these books.

  268. 361
    Jo says:

    Retired. Love being home, having time to read and enjoy life.

  269. 360
    wilma says:

    home maker…and taking care of my hushand making sure he does not have another stroke and my 32 year old…who had a brain injury at 11months old

  270. 359
    CONNIE LYNCH says:

    I was asked to be the admin on the FB page Keeping Up With the Amish since the founder and her friend were unable to do so, I said yes not knowing what an adventure I would be undertaking. I have made so many friends (really good friends) and so many wonderful authors (in person and via the FB page) I know I am truly blessed. I have gotten to read so many wonderful books by so many wonderful authors whom I can truly say are friends. All because I said yes to a FB page. God do work in mysterious ways. Congratulations on your nomination.

  271. 358
    Sue says:

    My “work” for the past 23 years has mostly been being home bound with a disability, and utilizing that time in prayer and in studying Gid’s word. The silver lining is that a couple years ago, when the doctor put me on a supplement that enables me to get out a little bit, the Lord sent me to jail, where I have the pleasure of sharing with the women there the things that the Lord has taught me over all those years. Such a joy for me and for them!

  272. 357
    Lynn Asbury says:

    I love reading and with all the turmoil these days, it’s a gifted escape! I enjoy all your book and look forward to reading the 2nd and 3rd in the Amish of Summer Grove Series. I just finished Ties that Bnd last week and I couldn’t put it down.

  273. 356
    Denise Mohr says:

    I am a full-time Mom who with my husband we run 3 restaurants,I do all the bookwork. I just lost my father this week, but the silver lining is I will be moving my Mom in with us,and it would be great to read these books to her for she has very limited sight in one eye. She is my blessing!!

  274. 355
    S. A. Lollar says:

    Forgot to say am retired, 81 yrs. young, volunteer at hospital and substitute teach. Stay busy as possible but love to read also.

  275. 354
    Anita Brown says:

    I just love all of your stories. I’m a binge reader and usually finish the new book in a day.

  276. 353
    S. A. Lollar says:

    Love ur books. Love reading Amish books.

  277. 352

    I’m a retired stay at home grandmother. My silver lining is that I have a God who loves me, a loving husband, wonderful children and marvelous grand children. With all of these in my life, I will never be alone and unloved. Can’t wait to read your new books

  278. 351
    Amanda Fiedler says:

    The silver-lining I’ve found in my job as a senior in home caregiver is that most of my clients don’t ever leave their houses or rooms, so my being there gives me a chance to put a smile on their face and to make their day with the only human interaction they have.

  279. 350
    Tiffany says:

    I am a stay at home mom to 5 children. While my days are quite busy with the usual house work, errands, homework, baths, supper, etc. My silver lining is getting to be that person that gets to welcome them home in the afternoon and gets to spend a little quality time with them each evening doing something fun before kissing them all good night. And then of course treating myself to a good book after every one has settled in for the night😉
    Thanks for this generous giveaway opportunity!

  280. 349
    Felicia Holman says:

    I’m a stay at home Mom, with an Adult Special Needs son. I get pleasure in reading your books. Please enter me in your contest. Thanks

  281. 348
    LaShay says:

    I teach public speaking courses at a community college about 50 minutes from my home. It is the job I dreamed about having as a college student enrolled in speech class years ago, and I feel very blessed that God has allowed me to do this for over 10 years. I can’t help but feel grateful when I look back and see how God’s hand worked through some tough situations to develop something better than I could have imagined in my career. Since I can’t be a stay-at-home mom, He gave me the next best thing…a job with great flexibility and perfect hours that allow me to spend plenty of time with my family!

  282. 347
    Donna says:

    I love every one of your books that I have read!

  283. 346
    Christy says:

    The silver lining in my work is, I work part time for a childrens pediatric brain cancer research foundation. We have made amazing progress since I started with this foundation 10 years ago to find the homerun cure and give these kids and their parents hope who are told there is no cure you have 12-18 months to live.

  284. 345
    Sue Williams says:

    I love your book. Hadn’t been able to get the newest books yet. Please enter me. Thank you.

  285. 344
    wanda bell says:

    I just love all of your books. Would love to win these and add to my collection!

  286. 343
    Sue Allen says:

    I am a retired public school educator, a mother and grandmother, and a widow of 13 years. Reading at night, in bed, is relaxing and helps me fall asleep — Amish fiction is my only choice. I am not a fan of violence or scary stories in books or movies or on television, and Amish fiction rarely has that. I mix a good book in with my counted cross stitching (yes, my day is not complete with my needle and thread for a few x’s), and a few hours a week volunteering at my church. I hope you continue to write your wonderful books for many more years, and I would love to win this series.

  287. 342
    Tammy says:

    I’m interested in the giveaway, please!

  288. 341
    Jamie says:

    Hi. I am a mom to two beautiful girls and one angel. I started driving school bus this year due to both my girls being in school all day. I would love a chance to win the books. Have a wonderful day everyone! Right now where I am at it’s snowing like crazy.

  289. 340
    Marsha Chasteen says:

    I am a homemaker, army wife and a volunteer. It is so rewarding when you volunteer and someone says thank you for what you do. If we all lifted each other up nobody would be down. I had a bad day last week and another army spouse just dropped by where I volunteer to check on me and give me a hug. Take time to care about each other! I learned a lesson that day which is my silver lining. While some may not be kind to us, there are 10 more that are. Take the time to care! I adore you books and will continue reading them! They are uplifting and refreshing!

  290. 339
    Cheryle jandrey says:

    Would love to get these to read have many of your great books

  291. 338
    Cat says:

    I’m mostly a stay home mom and homemaker. But I do work part time as a Realtor too. (Or working bck to it at this point actually, since we moved to a different state.)

  292. 337
    Chaeli Meerman says:

    I am a stay at home mom/ homeschooling mom of two kids ages 4 & 6. My silver lining would be that we just got rid of half the kids toys so cleaning up is so much easier now.

  293. 336
    Barbara Steele says:

    This sounds like a wonderful series. Would love to win them. We need something that is less negative to fill our days.

  294. 335
    Leanna Morris says:

    I am a retired librarian. I worked 23+ yrs as head librarian in our public library. I always loved my job. It was my dream come true. But beyond that, the lifelong, life strong friendships I devolped and have maintained are the silver lining. We meet monthly for lunch…foid, talk, laughter. In addition 2 others and myself have developed an even stronger friendship and meet more frequently. We each have had some life circumstances and have been so supportive of each other. How blessed and thankful I am for these friends!

  295. 334
    Joyce says:

    I’m retired but I do my silver lining is I’m able to volunteer at my church doing things behind the scenes to be a blessing to my church. I thank The Lord for this opportunity to be around Christian people. It gets me out from the house and keeps me young!

  296. 333
    Tammie Law says:

    I work as a part time church receptionist. I love it, it doesn’t feel like work, but a calling. I really enjoy reading about the Amish.

  297. 332
    Sabrina Thacker says:

    I love your books! I worked for 25 years at 1 company. When I was diagnosed in 2013 with Stage III melanoma I was released from my job. Although that was most tragic for me, the silver lining in all this is that I am now a homemaker. I love being at home taking care of my family. God has richly blessed my life.

  298. 331
    Becky Lee says:

    My work-related silver lining is I get to work in a job I love, meet people from all over the country & he world & still be able to be home at night with my Mom who has dementia.

  299. 330
    Roxanne Workoff says:

    My silver lining at work is that I have several Christian friends who keep me grounded when things get stressful or crazy at work.

  300. 329
    Judy Gossett says:

    Am a retiree who volunteers at school here in town, plus a food pantry, so try to keep busy, but love to read and your books are tops on my list! Thanks

  301. 328
    Dawn Carlson says:

    I am “retired” but I call myself a “reassigned retiree.” Retirement has been a bit of a hoax for my husband and me. He was forced into retirement when he became very sick 4 years ago after a routine procedure – sepsis, kidney failure, 1% chance of surviving, 107 days in hospitals, but so many miracles – the great of which was getting his kidneys back after 13 weeks of dialysis! Our 4 grandgirls and their mom live with us, which is certainly not an ideal situation. But the silver lining is watching them grow every day. The twins are 9 and still in a very fun age, amazing me every day with their understanding of life and love for Jesus.

    I love your books and would so love to win this set. But if not, I’ll be reading the new one as soon as it comes out. Thank you for this challenge and opportunity to see blue skies and instead of gloom and doom!

  302. 327
    Donna Freebourn says:

    Love reading your books

  303. 326
    Donna Harmon says:

    My silver lining is my second job. I work as a 911 Operator/Dispatcher 40 hours a week fulltime, but keep my cousin’s baby (she just turned 19 months), 20 hours a week. My time as her “Nonna” is so precious that it takes the stress & negativity away from my fulltime job.

  304. 325
    Thelma Hawks says:

    I am a homemaker, but I also babysit some of my grandchildren. On days they are coming over I feel like I have a real reason to get out of bed. They are my silver lining! I also love your books, and of course would love to win! Thank you for the chance.

  305. 324
    Patricia Kansky says:

    I’ve read every book that I could get my hands on at the library in Georgia. Since I moved to South Carolina a year-and-a-half ago I have not been able to get to a library since I don’t have one within walking distance. I would love to be able to read more of your books and I would be so happy to be a recipient. God bless you Cindy

  306. 323
    Diane Crile says:

    I work as a housekeeper on a campus for elderly people, everyday is like a day with a silver lining because of the beautiful people that live here and their shear will and determination to live life to the fullest!

  307. 322
    Sandy Hass says:

    Love reading your books. I always pass them on to others when I finish, so they enjoy them too.

  308. 321

    I had a total hip replacement in November. As I rest and heal, I’ve been reading, and in my reading, I have been blessed with courage and hope for my future. I have been sending cards to all my friends and neighbors who need a special lift or congratulations. I’m a retiree with a wonderful family. I am doing great and can’t wait to get book 3 of this series when my library gets it in. Thank you and blessings to you for adding scriptures to your books for all of us need reminded dailey.

  309. 320
    Angie Rush says:

    I really enjoy your books! Always waiting for the next release. 😀

  310. 319
    Sharon Proffitt says:

    I love getting away from all the negativity

  311. 318
    Tammy tomez says:

    Hi Cindy! What an awesome idea to get away from social media negativity! My silver lining for my job would be that I have had the same job for ten years. I work in the accounting department for Tyson Foods and feel very fortunate to have been able to have a good job to provide for myself for so long when there are so many that do not. I love your books and look so forward to this whole series!

  312. 317
    Kelly Green says:

    Love all your books ! Would love to win 😆 I grew up around Amish people in Ohio and have always found there life so interesting ! God Bless you with such a talent ! Thanks in advance .

  313. 316
    Martha Peace says:

    Love your books,thanks for a chance to win

  314. 315
    Judy Tulloch says:

    First I guess I should say that I’m a divorced senior citizen with many health issues living on SS. I live in a mobile home by myself. I do not drive. Needless to say, I have many doctors which means frequent doctors appointments and regular testing done at the hospital. All of my doctors are affiliated with this hospital which allows me to go to and from appointments and the hospital for tests via their free hospital transportation buses. There is one County bus service that I can take, for a small cost, to go anywhere within the county. That for me is shopping, library, etc.. This allows me my independence. These wonderful bus drivers, for both hospital and county bus are the nicest people who go the extra mile, so to say, to help you. I have become good friends with some of them. They are my silver lining!

  315. 314
    Elizabeth Suiter says:

    My silver lining is a few things, I finally got a job after being home for to many years. Plus meeting new friends that are positive, supported, funny and Godly .
    I’m so glad I came across your books many years ago, thank you for sharing your beautiful stories.

  316. 313

    I would love to be entered into your drawing. I enjoy reading your books so much, thanks for sharing this amazing talent with others!

  317. 312
    April Bernd says:

    I have finally found something that I love to do and can do it from home. Teaching DIY website design classes for beginners was a HUGE blessing for me and my family.

  318. 311
    linda vanderweyst says:

    would like to win, Share books with my sister and husband

  319. 310
    leslie myers says:

    I love your books and would love to win your new books

  320. 309
    Karen Tackett says:

    Hi Cindy, so enjoyed your blog! We work from our home to stay connected with many pastors, leaders, spiritually adopted family unless we are traveling around the country seeing folks one on one. I love staying in touch so as we pray we can pray specifically. A silver lining in our work life is when one of our precious friends shows up at our door for a personal visit and that happens quite often with those living here in town. We are so blessed and know that these special times are all ordered by the Lord and He has a plan and a purpose for our time together. We daily pray Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek His will in all you do, and He will show you which path to take.” Another translation says that He will order our steps. So we love these divine appointments! Negativity is not in our vocabulary!!

  321. 308
    Glenda Alexander says:

    Awesome – Love your books! Thanks for the chance in the giveaway!

  322. 307
    Leah Roesch says:

    Simply put love what you do and make everyday count. Whatever job you do work to the best of your abilities always putting forth a full effort. Be happy for all your blessings. Life is a wonderful journey. There is always something to be grateful for. That is the silver lining that I live by.

  323. 306
    Marilyn Brown says:

    Love your books.

  324. 305
    Christine says:

    The silver lining to my daily activities is just that, having something to occupy my time and let me be creative. I love quilting and painting. I make quilts for foster children, so that blesses my heart at the same time it comforts a child. I am a mother of one son who is grown and on his own. Of course the other thing I love doing is reading. I go through a book a day practically. So thank you for filling my
    Mind with lovely stories.

  325. 304
    Marsha Ifft says:

    This would definitely be a breath of fresh air from all the political news…..

  326. 303
    Esther says:

    Love your writing!

  327. 302
    Melissa Bowers says:

    Well, I am “just” a stay-at-home/homeschooling mom of four kids, but one of the silver linings of staying home with my kids is getting to hear my toddler try out new words and phrases in her cute little voice! Some of her recent additions are: cool, I see, cocoa, and onion.

  328. 301
    Wendy Perkins says:

    I am blessed to have been able to leave corporate America behind and stay home with my children, who we homeschooled. They are grown now (the youngest is finishing up his college work). I am thankful to have a husband who supports me in all my endeavors. He has been unemployed for a year now, but God has been faithful, and we still hope for work for him that will utilize his many talents! Meanwhile, I take joy in the fact that I can save money the old fashioned way – making bread, cooking from scratch, making homemade gifts… I’m very thankful that I already know how to do these types of things.

  329. 300
    Barbara Peterson says:

    I have read most of your books and would love to win some of them.

  330. 299
    Suzanne Spotted Bull says:

    Thank you for writing such inspirational stories. I’d love to add these to my bookshelf.

  331. 298
    DJ Perkins says:

    My silver lining…
    I would say I have found the silver lining in my weekends. I work both from home, at our local tiny general store here in our small town & running my boys around to their activities. I find my silver lining when my husband comes home on the weekends and spoils me with affection and gratitude for ‘holding down the fort’ in his absence.

  332. 297
    Debbie Ross says:

    I am blessed to have a job that I thoroughly enjoy! Working to put books in the homes of the 61% that have nothing suitable for a child to read or be read very rewarding. Hearing the success stories of the program warms my heart and creates blue skies!

  333. 296
    Jay davis says:

    My silver lining is based on the miracle and belief that god can change our lives,no matter how shattered. My silver lining is finding the strength in my current job,which is fixing my life and trusting god to my recovery. And,the best part,relying that by giving each day ur best and focusing on how u can be the best u daily, I learned that u can reach ur ultimate goals…by having faith in god and this process I just landed the best career in social work,helping individuals with disabilities. My faith is renewed and that’s the silver lining in my life right now

  334. 295

    After years of trying to get work as a Veterinary Nurse (spending a lot of money on study and being unsuccessful) I am now retired and working from home. My passions are animals and sewing. My silver lining is the sales I am getting from my Etsy online shop. I happily stay home and sew to my hearts content. Maybe one day will be able to visit the USA and our friends again.
    No sewing at night though, that’s reading time.
    Thanks Cindy for wonderful books. My favourite so far is “Sisters of the Quilt” series. Love the series.

  335. 294
    Sue Sims says:

    While we are “waiting on the Lord” we should be working for the Lord and our strength will be renewed!

  336. 293
    Nora A. Scott says:

    We love your books and I would love to win this prize. I work as an Administrative Coordinator and get to work with a lot of great people. Sometimes in the day to day you feel like it is all taken for granted. I recently celebrated my birthday and the office crew brought me a cake and card. It was a blessing to feel appreciated. We all need a silver lining occasionally.

  337. 292
    Linda Morgan says:

    I currently do not work outside the home. The silver lining for me in this is that by being home, I have been able to get involved with our community theater and am currently directing my first musical…which is very exciting

  338. 291
    LeAnn Mooneyham says:

    Working from home. My husband n I are making handmade stones into jewelry. We have made some positive progress n beautiful pieces. My husband is disabled n we love making them.

  339. 290
    Anna Sanford says:

    I need to get back into reading, I miss my Amish books and good cup of tea in the morning.

  340. 289
    Kathi Longcoy says:

    I thoroughly enjoy your books & always look forward to them.Many blessings to you & your family!

  341. 288
    Phyllis Kemp says:

    So happy to see new books with your name on them! I would love to win. Thank you.

  342. 287
    Kristi Roberson says:

    I work in a nursing facility. My silver lining is all the smiling faces and the stories of the people we take care of. Almost always brightens our day.

  343. 286
    Judy Lomax says:

    I’d be be so blessed to receive the set. I’ve bern reading your older books again; can’t read enough!!

  344. 285
    Ruth says:

    I am blessed to work part time as the treasurer of my Church and the daycare/preschool that operates in the Church. My silver lining is to work in an environment where my fellow workers share my faith and I am able to serve my Church in this capacity.

  345. 284
    Deena Hays says:

    I am in customer service and I answer phones all day helping pepole with their polices and the silver lining is that the policyholders that are truly appreciative of my help.

  346. 283
    Susie Crocker says:

    First time I blogged. did not take at first. I love your books. Thank you ffor sharing your gift with us. As a retired person, I love being able to read. God Bless you and yours!!!!

  347. 282
    Susie Crocker says:

    I love

  348. 281
    amy guillaume linderman says:

    My work hrs allow me to take my kids to and from school and take them to appointments

  349. 280
    LaDonna Fager says:

    I work in the medical field as an assistant to technicians who do sonograms, CT scans and Nuclear Medicine scans. The silver lining being that I thought I was going to be going part-time soon, as I receive my first Social Security check in February. However, my Dept. head did not put me down for part=time when he made his budget for 2017. So, since I am still going to be working my normal hours I will be able to purchase a badly needed car. Looking forward to this series. God has blessed you with amazing ability to write “real” characters.

  350. 279
    Cynthia Fernstaedt says:

    As a single mom to a 12 yr old and 16 yr old, both with disabilities, my silver lining each day is relaxing at night and listening to them talk about their day.

  351. 278
    Jonna Marsh says:

    The joy of watching my 6 yr. old grand daughter finally learning to read! I home school her.

  352. 277
    Debbie Madison says:

    I am retired, but my silver lining is the joy I get from making my home cozy for my family and nourishing them with healthy meals. Also, I LOVE your books and would love to read this series!

  353. 276
    Sandy Miner says:

    My silver lining is my husband is retiring tomorrow! The summer heat at his job is oppressive and hard on his health. I’m so happy that he won’t have to work under these conditions any more.

  354. 275
    Sharon Soderling says:

    Love your books and would love to win this series. I love to read the Amish books after a long day at work to wind down so I can sleep.

  355. 274
    Melissa Fowler says:

    My one work related “silver lining” I have found is my love of reading
    is shared with several co-workers. We pass books back & forth!
    What a blessing!

  356. 273
    Jackie Tessnair says:

    I am a homemaker,and with the cost of living going up everyday I am always having to look for bargains.I try my best to not pay full price for anything,so my silver lining would be finding bargains on things we need so we can put the rest of the money toward bills.

  357. 272
    Cheryl Coulthard Callan says:

    I am a home maker. My silver lining is downsizing 45 years of stuff. Feels good.

  358. 271
    Donna Groves says:

    I care for my 92 year old mother and spend a lot of time reading Amish books and making quilts. I love all Amish stories. They are so inspirational and relaxing to me. Would love to win these books…

  359. 270
    Connie Fields says:

    I love your books

  360. 269
    Ola Norman says:

    I’m retired now and have more time to read. Love your books!

  361. 268
    Julie Finke says:

    I decided to become a substitute teacher until I can get a full time job in the school system I once worked in. But until then, my silver lining is that I can take off anytime and travel with my husband. And visit with my sons. Life is good.

  362. 267
    Linda Laird says:

    I am a stay at home mom. I have a child with special needs that keeps me busy. I love reading all these novels about the Amish and I get wrapped up in the stories and the characters. I do want to go visit some Amish communities so much. I have only been to Kalona, IA and I would love to visit Penn, Indiana and Ohio. I’m on a fixed income so I look for books on eBay and get great prices on them. Would love to win this set for I only have one. Keep writing these wonderful novelS. Thanks for the chance to win your books.

  363. 266
    Sherri says:

    Yay!! I would love to win these 3 books.

  364. 265
    Charlotte Lawson says:

    I’m retired from an Antique Store. I had never seen an Amish book until then. I love to read so one day at work I bought one and from that day on I fell in love with the Amish! I only read paper books don’t like Kendle or what ever they are, I’m old school. Do a lot of camping with my family and have for 35 plus years.

  365. 264
    Denise Arnold says:

    I have really enjoyed all of your books and I’m looking forward to reading the new series!

  366. 263
    Phyllis Vander Meer says:

    Love your books!!

  367. 262
    Denise Hallman says:

    I am a homeschool Mom but work part-time. I was just telling my husband that I am so thankful to have had the privilege to teach our children. It has helped to know them at a deeper level. I have two that go to school now and two that I continue to teach but I treasure the days with each of them.

  368. 261
    LeAnn Kelly says:

    I always enjoy reading the stories you have penned. I enjoy stories about the Amish and like to visit the Lancaster PA area often.

  369. 260
    Virginia Dover says:

    I work at a country store in the gift shop. Many of our customers are elderly. I enjoy chatting with them and sharing in their lives. I think so many are lonely, we may be the only smile and interaction they have. They have become friends….

  370. 259
    Michelle Braun says:

    My silver lining at work is watching new life brought into this world. It’s a miracle each time. Yep I work in labor and delivery.

  371. 258
    Sherry Kemp says:

    I would absolutely love to have these books. I have read so many Amish novels that it is becoming hard to find ones that I have not read. Thanks!

  372. 257
    Rossinna Ippolito says:

    A work-related silver lining for me is that I work from home!

  373. 256
    Connie Elrod says:

    My son and I like to get a blanket and watch the clouds and see the different shapes. We think of the different figures and laugh about them. We wonder what God was thinking of all the different clothes it’s. The silver lining is spending precious memories with my son. He is 27 and still talks about it

  374. 255
    Dyane says:

    I don’t work, but I have the silver lining that my kids get to do their school at home through virtual school.

  375. 254
    Liz Dewsnap says:

    I have been working at a non-profit thrift store – I LOVE the interaction with our customers – they are the best!

  376. 253
    Dianne Casey says:

    I am happily retired and my silver lining in my life right now is my two kittens, Hamilton and Jefferson, that I have just adopted. They make me smile and add so much to my life. I love reading Amish fiction and I would really enjoy reading the “Amish of Southern Grove” series. Thanks for the chance.

  377. 252
    Debi Smith says:

    Would love these books. Your books are so awesome.

  378. 251
    Heather Comer says:

    I just started a new position at work and it has been such a blessing. I am really enjoying my job and coworkers.

  379. 250
    Sandi Ansell says:

    I am a retiree. My silver lining is my granddaughter. She is a senior this year and watching her participate in all her activities is such fun. I have most of your books, but I have, somehow, missed those. Would let ‘ve to have them God bless and thanks!

  380. 249
    Sandra Herrick says:

    thanks for the wonderful books that you write, i have read the first two of this series and am waiting for the third to come out. I would love to have these books.

  381. 248
    Marsha Saenz-Jones says:

    In a couple of weeks we’ll mark the fifth anniversary of my mom’s passing. Although we miss her dearly, the silver lining is that the extended family gathers every year for a memorial mass and family dinner where we remember the good times.

  382. 247
    Jenifer Loker says:

    Love your books!

  383. 246
    Sherlyn Bowersox says:

    You are a great Author. I enjoy reading your books

  384. 245
    Christine says:

    We have a small whiteboard and I write a word(s) of the day with some creative help from a coworker. Today was “Muskrat Love Monday.” Everyone comes by to see what we have each day – lots of laughter 😉

  385. 244
    Kristy Raines says:

    Haven’t read theses yet. I love your books. 🙂 Thank you for doing the giveaways.

  386. 243
    Charis Zdrojewski says:

    I can’t wait to read the third book! Keep up the great work!

  387. 242
    Doris Reedy says:

    Thank you so much for this give-a-way! I love your books and would love to win these.

    I made a really big flower garden last fall and planted lots of flowers. I have roses, irises, bleeding hearts, tulips, crocuses, daffodils, phlox, lilies & others. This spring I hope to add many more such as dahlias, cone-flowers, asters, morning glory, bee balm, orange glory’s to name a few. I hope to have lots of butterflies, humming birds & honey bees. So while I’m tending flowers this spring, summer & fall I will give thanks to God for all His glory.

  388. 241
    Theresa Keeling says:

    My silver lining is knowing God’s promise. I love Amish books. Wish money wasn’t so tight as I’m on disability and live alone, winters are hard on the money and spring and summer play catch up on oil prices. Thank you for your stories !

  389. 240
    Bobbie Gore says:

    I hope I am one of the lucky winners of your wonderful books.

  390. 239
    Cindy Merrell says:

    I read a lot, but I must be honest. I have not read any of your books. As a matter of fact I had never heard of you until today. I’m always looking for new reading material, and I love series, so this would be a great start to get to know you!!
    I am a retired nurse and reading 📖 keeps your mind active.
    My dad and I visit a Amish community about two hours from where we live, at least twice a year. That’s why I think I would find this series a great read.
    We love to see (and honestly buy all the handmade stuff).
    So that’s a little about me, now I am looking forward to learning more about you and reading your books.

  391. 238
    LaGail Lenoir says:

    I love listening to audiobooks It is so convenient I listen to it everywhere. Who needs TV? Your imagination starts the minute you press play. I always have my headphones on at work. It is like I’m off into another world. I have listened to over seventy books in 2016. I offen share a book to a co-worker. I work as liaison in medical records.

  392. 237
    Lori Slate says:

    Thanks for the opportunity. Would love to win. 🙂

  393. 236
    Bernice says:

    ‘Just love blue skies & your books. Thanks for another chance to hope I’ll be lucky enough to win this series of books. 🙂

  394. 235
    Linda Critcher says:

    My silver lining is God’s grace through which He gives me strength from day to day. Even when I feel like I can’t go on or understand the reasoning for things in life, He assures me that He’s my strength and I must depend totally on Him. I don’t understand why God allowed my baby of 42 years to be mentally handicapped due to a childhood illness, and now why the greatest home & care we could ever have asked for her is being “stopped” after 25 years by our state government. We parents worry about our children/grandchildren but when we have an adult child that can’t speak or care for themselves, we become quite concerned when her safety and security is in jeopardy. But through it all, I have to believe that God will answer, even if not in my way or desires…He WILL answer my prayers. So yes, the silver lining is God’s grace that He does hear, give strength and ultimately will provide.

    Love reading your books. They give me a time to reflect on the characters in the books and their needs and how God provides and works in the lives of even these fictitious characters. Thanks for the encouragement and enjoyment! A time to just rest and read. God bless. Would love to read this series.

    • 235.1
      Kathy says:

      The day I have been waiting for finally came Saturday night. My son asked me for my grandmother’s wedding set to ask his love to be his wife. I have been the keeper of our treasured family heirlooms. Handing him that ring gives me so much joy. I don’t think his love has a clue as to what he is up to. I love it! That has been my silver lining!

  395. 234
    Mary Mckeeman says:

    I love your books. I read alot and would love to add this series to my collection of Amish books. Thank you and God bless ya

  396. 233
    Mary McCauley says:

    I love watching tge sky as i travel in the semi with my husband. God has brought us through many storms out here and given us many rainbows

  397. 232
    Megan Parsons says:

    I love to read Amish books each evening. It’s a great way to relax after a long day. Love your books. Blessings to you!

  398. 231
    Marie says:

    Enjoy your writting. So peaceful and enjoyable reading. Thank you

  399. 230
    Sharon Tucker says:

    I have read a lot of your books, and am presently reading “Fraying at the Edge”. I have the other books in the set reserved at my local library.

    Thank you for writing clean books, I enjoy the referral to verses of the bible, also the prayers that I read from your writing.

    I sure would like to be chosen to win these books.


  400. 229
    Tilda Bowling says:

    Love your books. Free would be great!!!

  401. 228
    Gail Hollingsworth says:

    I love reading Amish stories and would be thrilled to win this collection!
    I retired a year ago and spend my time helping take care of my four yr old grandson, my aging mother and helping my husband with his 93 yr old dad. In my spare time I love to read and crochet….

  402. 227
    Jane says:

    I am the only person in my office that reads Amish Novels. I tell all of my colleagues they are great books to escape to!

  403. 226
    Sue Mason says:

    Recently retired and enjoying taking care of my identical triplet granddaughters, such blessings! Always enjoy your books, anxiously waiting for book #3.

  404. 225
    Stacy Herron says:

    What a wonderful idea to get away from the negativity on Facebook!

  405. 224
    Rita Vanderwarker says:

    Whether you work outside of the home, from home, are a homemaker, or a retiree, what work-related silver lining have you found lately?
    I love this! Having a place for positivity is definitely needed these days. My silver linings are the students I work with at school. I assist a teacher in a small classroom with four deaf children. My job is such a blessing!

  406. 223
    Bonnie Allen says:

    My silver lining is getting to spend so much more time and quality time with my husband now that he has retired. We can get back to US!

  407. 222
    Angie says:

    I haven’t read any of these books, but I am in need of a great book and would love to read this set!

  408. 221
    Jo Anna says:

    Yes! I am ready to be taken away into one of Cindy Woodsmall’s novels!!!

  409. 220
    Myrtle Thorn says:

    Can’t wait to read this series

  410. 219
    Marie Martinez says:

    I’d like to win one of your books!

  411. 218
    Judy Kramer says:

    I have recently retired form a Day Care out of my home and moved into an apartment. I enjoyed taking care of the children but now I can enjoy reading more books.I would love to win these books.Thank You for writing them & God Bless you,Judy

  412. 217
    Fay Grace says:

    Your blog was very true about winter time blues. I would love to win this, and I would be happy to share with someone because I have already bought books 1 and 2 so it would be great to win book 3. The book are just wonderful!!! Thanks for the opportunity.

  413. 216
    Jennifer Hill says:

    I have a job with the local school system, so I am on my 2nd grade son’s schedule. My job also includes helping those with disabilities get jobs. Every day is silver-toned!

  414. 215
    Carol Daigle says:

    I am retired and what a beautiful silver lining that is!! I now have time to read and do the things I have always wanted to do. I would love to win your giveaway. Thank you.

  415. 214
    Laura McLendon says:

    Thanks for some “Light” 👍😀

  416. 213
    Ernestine says:

    I have always wanted to tell people about the Amish books I read so join a dream team

  417. 212

    Getting ready for surgery and it would be a great time to read you great books.

  418. 211
    Teresa Kifer says:

    My silver lining is that I get to travel and meet new people.

  419. 210
    Michele Moore says:

    Whether you work outside of the home, from home, are a homemaker, or a retiree, what work-related silver lining have you found lately?

    I’m a high school English teacher, and my work-related silver lining is that I always have a break to look forward to. And it seems, just when I need it most, it’s time for a week off here, a week off there, or best of all, summer break. Inevitably there is work to be done on breaks, but the freedom to turn off my alarm clock for a week is a huge blessing! Thank you for another generous giveaway!

  420. 209
    Cindy Ruyle says:

    Having a room at work with no windows keeps me from knowing how dreary it is outside! That’s a silver lining, right? I’d love to read these books! I’ve loved everything I’ve read of Cindy’s so far. 🙂

  421. 208
    Mary Van Dijk says:

    The silver lining we have found is being healthy and able, to be able to work together doing some minor renovations and decorating of our beautiful 1880s home. We are both recent retirees and are busier now than we were when we worked!

  422. 207
    Susan cherniawski says:

    My silver lining is my dog. We adopted him from a rescue. He had been badly abused. Its been fun watching him change from a scared puppy to knowing he is loved. When we got him he literally stood in corner. Now he actually plays with a ball.. Life is such a blessing when you can change a life of an abused animal.

  423. 206
    Robin says:

    I just love your series!!!

  424. 205
    Cynthia Adams says:

    The silver lining in my work would be the joy I see in the students’ faces when they learn new things. I love sharing nrlew information and ideas with students and seeing them get excited.

  425. 204
    Pam Schaefer says:

    This book series would definitely lift my spirits this winter!

  426. 203
    Sharon holweger says:

    I am a retiree who is downsizing to a new place this spring. My silver lining connected with this work is finding memories in the things i am sorting as i find new homes for some of my things. Some with family or friends and some left by mailbox for others.

  427. 202
    Juanita Sternenberg says:

    Being a caregiver for my disabled brother is difficult at times. My strength fades and tiredness takes hold. The silver lining is that I have a wonderful brother whose care God has entrusted to me. Since caring for him, I have seen him turn to the Lord and make great strides in his health.

  428. 201
    Roy Wahlgren says:

    Ready to have you ship these 3 books to me. I need more GOOD reading material! I do all the cooking and grocery shopping and enjoy discovering new foods to try! What fun!

  429. 200
    Hazel yeman says:

    Love your books!!! Would really love to win these! Thank yuou for the giveaway!

  430. 199
    Lori rusak says:

    My silver lining in my life are my pets. I have a dog and two cats that fulfill my days as I am a stay at home (disabled) housewife whose husband works in a different state and is gone quite a bit. My pets give me a purpose!!

  431. 198
    Christina Thomas says:

    Would love to add these books to my library

  432. 197
    Paula says:

    Im a homemaker and I watch my granddaughter when her Mommy is at work.

  433. 196
    Ann Leigh says:

    Would love to add these books to the ones I already have.

  434. 195
    Susan Warner says:

    I Love all your book!!! Would love to win these!!

  435. 194
    Margaret says:

    The highlight of my life is my family!

  436. 193
    Teresa Kalmey says:

    I am a homemaker and a silver lining for me is time I get to spend with my almost one year old granddaughter.

  437. 192
    Bonnie Garcia says:

    I baby sitter for my daughters. Grandchildren always brighten the day. Love reading your books.Thank you for this opportunity.

  438. 191
    Marilyn says:

    Love your books! My silver lining is a work Monday, Wednesday, and Friday so when I make it through the day I have the next day off.

  439. 190
    June Woodyard says:

    I love the books about the Amish and your books.

  440. 189
    Autumn Farley says:

    I’m very blessed to have some Christian friends at work. I have worked in other places where that wasn’t the case. When I’m feeling frustrated at work it is always nice to have a friend to turn to for encouragement. Love your books!

  441. 188
    Gloria Perry says:

    This is wonderful series. What an awesome thing to do. I’d read these books whether I won or not. Nice wholesome books.

    Thank you

  442. 187
    Sandie Freeman says:

    I love your stories, I can get away from my life and enjoy someone else’s adventures.

  443. 186
    Becky T says:

    My job right now is a college student; I’m young and haven’t really had a real job other than retail a couple of years ago. But I just recently switched my major since the first one became quite stressful. The silver lining in this whole situation is that I will get to graduate a year earlier than if I had stayed with my first major and that I have quite a bit more free time to read or play piano or spend time with God.

  444. 185
    Gail Michael says:

    Enjoy reading your books so much. My silver lining is having 4 grandchildren to love ❤️. They are all different and special.

  445. 184
    Donna Wingo says:

    Love your books.

  446. 183
    Lisa says:

    Love all your books…and after a hard day at work my silver lining is coming home, sitting in the recliner with coffee and a good book, always Christian authors to cancel the negativity of the world…

  447. 182
    Pam Hensley says:

    Currently I don’t work, this is my silver lining……Worked for 25 years, but now enjoy my pleasure of reading more inspirational Christian fiction books about the Amish and historical romance. Also, enjoy time Spent with my grandchildren, sons, D-I-L’s, my husband and other family. Have also had the pleasure of being a reviewer of two series by two different authors, very enjoyable!!!

  448. 181
    roxie says:

    My silver lining… How God shows He cares. My husband job had gotten eliminated. But, with prayers and faith, 3 weeks passed and he got a call that they had created a job so he could stay with the company. God is so good…..Because at our age 8 years before retirement we know how hard it would have been to find a job. God taught my patience and faith…

  449. 180
    Joanne Keith says:

    I work outside the home, a very physically demanding job…the silver lining is that this one actually pays the bills! Many that I have had previously came close but didn’t cover everything, which is a recipe for stress and eventually disaster. Reading has always offered an escape from the worry and the stress…even if only for a little while. Would love to escape to Amish country for a bit!

  450. 179
    sheila dains says:

    I love your books! Thank you for your Christian perspective!
    May God bless you and yours!

  451. 178
    Debbie Hazelton says:

    A silver lining for me as a retiree is that here in the East it is staying light out longer. Looking forward to see what the ground hog will show for how much longer winter will be. Love your books. Have a blessed week and thanks for the chance to win.

  452. 177
    Carol A Fabianovicz says:

    Read “Ties That Bind” & can’t wait to read “Fraying at the Edge” & “Gathering The Threads” to see what happens with Arianna & Skylar… Your books are always so exciting… I say that I am going to read about 20 pages before I go to bed but end up reading like 50 pages… I have read all of your other books & enjoyed everyone….

  453. 176
    Evelyn (Peggy) Bryant says:

    I love the anticipation in waiting for the next book in a series. The wait usually begins when I finish one of your books. I absolutely love this series, Amish of Summer Grove. Thanks for your beautiful writing..

  454. 175

    I’ve read so many of your novels and I’ve not been disappointed!

  455. 174
    ola says:

    Love Amish books

  456. 173
    Lucy Reynolds says:

    Work related silver lining is that even though things are rough with hubby being laid off since Christmas, I get to spend my days with him. Lots of talks and hugs.
    Congratulations on the book nomination. 💐

  457. 172
    Fraulein Adkins says:

    Our son in law got laid off this time last year and since then my husband who is a retired school teacher was able to get a long term sub job this past Fall . This week we were finally able to bring that family up to date on their house and car payments. This is truly a silver lining for us! GOD is faithful and always provides a way!

  458. 171
    Ruth Haer says:

    My silver lining was the support I received from colleagues when my brother was dying of cancer July of 2016.

  459. 170
    Dawn Schout says:

    I work outside of home and I have some really good friends because of this.

  460. 169
    Robin Birchfield Delawder says:

    I love your books

  461. 168
    Susan Hale says:

    Keep the books coming

  462. 167
    Carrie McNair says:

    Love how you are keeping it positive. My work silver lining is this. My mom has been sick all of 2017. She went into the hospital with pneumonia 7 days ago. My work has been so supportive in letting me be off. I am actually going back tomorrow. The first time in 6 days. My students and parents have been beyond supportive too.

  463. 166
    Sue Gimmi says:

    I would love this set. My hubby is having his 3 back surgery in 8 months and this one will be invasive so it would be great to have a fun new set of books to read

  464. 165
    Connie bates says:

    I lost my husband two years ago so I have to work to make ends meet. I really enjoy reading your books they take me to a different place for awhile.

  465. 164
    Dawn says:

    My silver lining is generally vacation time and holidays! Plus coworkers who care about me as an individual. But lately my real silver lining is my volunteer job at a local library branch.

  466. 163
    Melissa says:

    I’m a homemaker and enjoy being able to do that, and my silver lining is my daughter stopping for a couple minutes and letting me see my little grand daughter after school sometimes, she brightens up my day.

  467. 162
    Lynne says:

    My silver lining is full. Blessed with a wonderful family, ( 7 gradchildren) a rewarding job with Hospice, and love volunteering at a local food bank. My family of 7 passes your books from one to another we all love your books. Keep writing for us please! 🙂

  468. 161
    Sara Johns says:

    Currently I’m at home while I finish college and it’s really gave me a appreciation for the art of homemaking. Home with your family is a special place to be because that’s where all the big moments in life take place.

  469. 160
    Sheila Duncan says:

    I love your books. Such great stories and they just suck you right into the story. Lol

  470. 159
    Debbie Wilks says:

    Your books are inspirational.

  471. 158
    Rhonda Amos says:

    Love your books

  472. 157
    Donna Shepherd says:

    I work at a preschool, and I teach the PreK class. I find my silver lining when I see my kids get excited about learning. I also love the big hugs and excited cries when they see me.

  473. 156
    Rene Garrabrant says:

    I have read all your books and I have discovered the meaning of family and friends and the lord by reading your books God bless you and your family

  474. 155
    Carrie Ann Willoughby says:

    nothing could make my winter cruise more enjoyable than taking your books along!

  475. 154
    Cathy Bailey says:

    I work night shift at a hotel. A silver lining I’ve noticed lately is the regular customers. They are awesome!

  476. 153
    Tammy layton says:

    Absolutely love your writing. It helps me to be at peace. Thank you so much

  477. 152
    Melody White says:

    I neeeed this series! I have purposely waited until they are all available before purchasing and reading them.

  478. 151
    SARAH TAYLOR says:

    My silver lining is canning and I love to read read read! Don’t like the e books but love getting the paper back books! Thank you so much for this awesome giveaway!

  479. 150
    Sharon Lewis says:

    The silver-lining to have been a homeschooling mother was that I was able to have a very close bond with our children. Now they are grown with children of their own and I’m free to visit and help out with the grandchildren as much as they need me. I feel very fortunate, and am thankful for this, every day. ~Sharon~

  480. 149
    Sandy Seifert says:

    I would to continue reading your books by winning these. Such relaxing and refreshing moments with your books in hand!

  481. 148
    Tracie Nolan says:

    I am a stay at home Mom with 2 E-schoolers and my silver lining is that our library has plenty of computers so the girls can do school while I read!

  482. 147

    Found out last week that my new boss is connected with a very dear friend of mine that I lost touch with after I married and moved, almost 18 years ago. She is going to try to get us back in touch.

  483. 146
    Bonnie H says:

    Becoming a grandmother for the first time is a day brightener every day! Babies make everyone smile. What a blessing! Although we’re far away, today’s technology keeps us connected through pictures, and chats. This keeps my gray days brighter.

  484. 145
    Mamie Kirk says:

    Love this series. Waiting for Gathering the Threads. Love the way you write.

  485. 144
    Kathy adamski says:

    Thank you for the chance to win this generous giveaway,LOVE reading amish books.Reading your books is one of my favorite pastimes.

  486. 143
    Maria thomas says:

    I work at the library & deliver books to homebound patrons. My silver lining is getting strength from my patrons. No matter what their health is, they are upbeat, ready to conquer each day.

  487. 142
    Connie says:

    After working 25 years with a telephone company, I retired 4 years ago and then decided to get a part-time job a year ago; so I guess I’m now semi-retired. I enjoy quilting and knitting and work 1-2 days a week for a small business owner selling quilt fabric, yarn and many other craft//sewing supplies. I’d have to say my silver lining is all the above as I enjoy each and every day.

    I have enjoyed reading many of your books. Keep them coming!!

  488. 141
    Patricia Smith says:

    Having retired after teaching mostly Kindergarten for 42 years and being recently widowed, I find my “Silver Linings” in being able to stay in contact with a number of my former students via FB…being retired, I am also available to provide transportation for my grandson to various school activities, and I also have time to do more at church during the week….Another fringe benefit ( though my income is quite limited because I have Texas Teacher Retirement and can’t collect SS from myself or my late husband) is that I try to encourage new businesses that open in town and spread the word about them on FB….found a great new Tea Room, a small family operated bakery, and a new Polish restaurant in recent months and have spread the word about them to others…:) Love your books…can’t wait for the last one in this series to come out because I am one of the weirdos that gets the whole series before binge reading them all….:)

  489. 140
    Denise Dudney says:

    i am a minister. I have been a pastor and youth pastor. I preach where God opens the doors. God bless

  490. 139
    Tiffany Vaughn says:

    The silver lining that I found lately at the museum I work at is that always make sure that people are having a great time when they come and visit. If I can make one person laugh or even smile and know they are having a good time that’s all that matters. Or even help out in anyway to find out answers for them or find what they are looking for and make sure their having a fun time.

  491. 138
    Jamie says:

    This might not sound like a silver lining, but I’m having surgery to remove some bones from my foot next week. I know when the foot is healed I won’t hurt any more. I will be able to walk and stand without pain.

  492. 137
    Amanda says:

    So excited to read this series

  493. 136
    Terri Myers says:

    I would love to win! I have loved reading your books!!

  494. 135
    Pam Myers says:

    Love your books this was a great series can’t wait for #3 and my silver lining is I love to read am retired and work part time at a library and love giving people new authors and series

  495. 134
    Mary Hake says:

    I work from home so have that comfort and freedom.

  496. 133
    Lisa Knipp says:

    My silver lining at work is ‘I get to work tomorrow not I got to work tomorrow.’

  497. 132
    Pamela Pavkov says:

    I have a woman that I work with that is so insecure that she has made it her personsl mission to get as many as she can to ignore me but be her friends. This is because of a big mistake she made with a customer. I thought she was gaining ground with this craziness until 3 coworkers came to me to tell me they weren’t going to listen to her because they know what type of person I am. They were so gracious with how they described me that it brought me to tears. Then each one of them gave me a hug. I now know with taking the high road and not acting the way she was that these other women would know where the truth lies. I’m so grateful for these ladies that they are my silver lining to a stressful job.

  498. 131
    Maryann says:

    My silver lining is being able to do the shut in and sick card ministry for our church. I remember how blessed I was to receive a card and encouragement during my cancer journey and I try and encourage those with a note and scripture who are going through physical trials too.

  499. 130

    My silver lining? I’m an avid reader. Always have been. In December I was added to an author’s street team. Now I’m doing reviews for a few authors and some publishing houses. I’m having so much fun and meeting some wonderful people!

  500. 129
    Heidi Hurtado says:

    As a stay at home mom my silver lining lately has been not having to be gone to work while the kids have had so many snow days off of school. The Idaho winter has been fierce this year. It leaves me time to read my favorite authors books 😏

  501. 128
    April Sutton says:

    I am blessed to be a stay at home mommy. Although I may forget some days how good I have it, I always know those cute faces looking up at me are my silver lining, my rainbow, my whole sky.

  502. 127
    kerry says:

    I’m a librarian, and my silver lining is the opportunity to recommend great books to readers.

    I adore this series! Can’t wait for book three!

  503. 126
    Teresa Stafford says:

    I would love winning these and adding to my collection

  504. 125
    Joy Burke says:

    If you can call it a silver lining, I know when my mama passes away she will feel no more pain. The cancer will be gone. And she will be walking the streets of gold. I love reading your books, they take me away at least for a little while. Thank you for the opportunity to win your books.

  505. 124
    Stephanie Ziegler says:

    I’m not working at this time and the silver lining of that is more time to read. Your Amish Vines and Vineyards series was my introduction to Amish stories and I fell in love. Thank you for that!

  506. 123
    Laura says:

    My work related silver lining has been the fact that this is my last semester at community college before going in to a state school to finish my bachelors degree in sociology.

  507. 122
    Jennifer Horning says:

    I would love to have your books I love reading them

  508. 121
    Debra Brown says:

    Cindy, my silver lining in my work life is that I am blessed to have a job for 31 years that is family focused and only 7 minutes from my home. We are empty nesters now and just talking about the changes that means for us as well as our daughters. They have both become RN’s and have their own new homes with the loves of their lives. It is a blessing to be here and watch their Joy. Still waiting on grandkids….
    I love reading your books. Keep up the great work!

  509. 120
    Roksanna says:

    I would love to win this offer!! Thank you for such an offer.

  510. 119
    Ellen says:

    I love all your books, Cindy !!!

  511. 118
    Susan Campbell says:

    Love reading your books. What a nice giveaway.

  512. 117
    Cheryl Moser says:

    It took me a little while to think of my work related Silverlining. I often find my work unchallenging and tedious giving me a feeling of dreading to go to work every day. But I have realized that I am fortunate enough to be able to go to work on a daily basis, unlike those to me physically be unable to.

  513. 116
    Judy Hayden says:

    I enjoy your books very much. Always look forward to all your new books.

  514. 115
    Diane Leon says:

    I am a first time entry. Love your blog and books. Looking forward to reading more about the Amish Lifestyle.

  515. 114
    Karen F says:

    I am reading the Amish Vines and Orchards series right now, and I have read many of Cindy’s other books. Would love win some of the books to put in my library! I love the story lines and the relevance of the books.

  516. 113



  517. 112
    Jayne noble says:

    My silver lining would be that I am able to spend quality time with my grand kids. I am also available to minister to others because of my being at home and not tied to a schedule.
    I would love to win these books!

  518. 111
    Andrea Bregstone says:

    Hi Cindy, I am a speech/language pathologist working in the school system with developmentally and intellectually delayed children. The silver lining is seeing the joy on the faces of the children when they learn or do something and can tell you about it. I too love reading about the Amish in my spare time.

  519. 110
    Marion Gilmore says:

    Cindy, I help my friend out at her office and she really appreciates it when I correct her spelling and organize her filing…:)

  520. 109
    Hope Moyer says:

    I just started workin at our local elementary school where my 3 children attend! The silver lining of my job is seeing my children every day at school as well as at home!
    I enjoy reading any kind of amish book in my spare time

  521. 108
    Donna Algren says:

    Due to my bout with breast cancer I was retired early from being employed at a longterm care and therapy home as a Registered Nurse. You are one of my favorite authors and I wait excitedly for each of your new books to come out. I would love to win in this Giveaway! My husband and I are alone in our home now as our 4 children have married and/or just moved on. In my Mother’s last years I was one of her caregivers and she loved for me to read to her as she could no longer see. She really liked your books. The one thing I’ve discovered along the bumpy road is that GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!

  522. 107
    Christine Clark says:

    I am a retiree and enjoying having the time to devote to my family. I have a husband who is disabled and going to physical therapy twice a week and I transport him. We have a grandson who has cerebral palsy and is wheelchair dependent. I help with him also. When I have free time reading is my go-to enjoyment! Our family loves God and feel blessed to minister to each other. I love the song Blue Skies. It brings back memories of growing up.

  523. 106
    Louise Gullion says:

    Hi!!! Congrats on being nominated.. I’ll be crossing my fingers that you DO win… Now on to leaving my comment to enter the contest……….. I’VE NEVER READ A BOOK OF YOURS THAT I HAVEN’T ENJOYED. When my mom was alive she used to enjoy your stories on CD ( she was blind and could not read anymore) so you also made her very happy.

  524. 105
    Nancy Lou Johnson says:

    When I hear that song I think of Willie Nelson, he sang it too. I would love to win these books. I always look forward to your new ones to come out.

  525. 104
    Donna Ratliff says:

    All the hatred being displayed in our country is the burden, but the silver lining for me is your books, so full of love. I am a caregiver so not so much time to read, but when I do, I get your books, and go from one to the other. Amazing gift of God you have, and such a blessing to read. Want you t know how much you are appreciated.

  526. 103
    Dorothy Stickler says:

    Well it seems some how my post ended up as a reply on 92 …. that was as error however it is what it . Maybe God has a reason I am not aware of …. So keep watching for silver linings! LOL
    God is Good!

  527. 102
    Claire says:

    I have read your first 2 books in this series and am looking forward to reading the next book. My heart goes out to you regarding the miscarriage. My daughter has miscarried a number of times. When she finally carried one to full term, this one has the autism spectrum. Now he is trying to process the passing of his father who died of cancer. My daughter is a testimony of God’s grace in all the losses she continues to process.

  528. 101
    Linda Hansen says:

    I am retired and sometimes I don’t want to do the “work” it takes to keep my house clean and in order. I have felt a leading in my heart to simplify and clean out clutter. I have started doing it and have felt so blessed. It is so wonderful to take care of what the Lord has blessed me with!! Love your books and thank you for a positive blog.

  529. 100
    Loretta Shumpert says:

    Happy to be retired. Love having time to pick grandkids up from school when needed, just happy to be able to do things on the spur of the moment 🙂

  530. 99
    Joy Gibson says:

    I love being retired. It gives me more time to read.

  531. 98
    Patricia Woodward says:

    Love reading these types of books. Thank you for the chance to win.

  532. 97
    Roseanne Impellizzeri says:

    Thank you Cindy for your posts. It’s always such a delight to read. I like this month’s question. It makes me dig for the positive which is easily overshadowed. My husband has Parkinson’s, prostate cancer and mild dimentia. I’m only 58 yrs old & I find the most challenging disease is the dimentia because of how frustrated I get. I can easily let the frustration blind me to the beautiful man he is. What do I do? I take care of him and that is a privilege. Thanx for the challenge! 😉

  533. 96
    Kathie says:

    All I have to do to bring back the sunshine in my life is spend time with my grandchildren! They are discovering new things all the time and it is so refreshing to see the world through their eyes. It is impossible to go away feeling down or blue when a child takes your hand and leads you into their world.

  534. 95
    Trixi O. says:

    I’ve always been a stay-at-home mom and now my son has graduated and going to college, so my silver lining is this: when my husband has his days off, we can do something together! Whether it be a lunch date, or finding garage sales or even just going for a drive around town 🙂 I love spending quality time together!

    Thank you for the giveaway chance Cindy! I’ve long loved your writing.

  535. 94
    Peggy Waldbillig says:

    My silver lining of being retired is the opportunity to go on road trips with my husband, and of course stopping at as many resale shops as we can and the first place I go is to their book section with my book list. I have so many authors that I enjoy reading that I try to buy used books that way I can buy more books. I will not start reading a series until I have the every book in the series, so needless to say I have a lot of books waiting to be read which is another silver lining.

  536. 93
    Hannah Kilpatrick says:

    The silver lining in my job is seeing the lightbulb turn on in the mind of my students. I love seeing their faces when they get something we are studying or learn something new.

  537. 92
    June Horne says:

    Silver linings are found in the children’s smiles at church! They love giving and receiving hugs from as many people as possible on Sunday mornings before Sunday School starts. My work involves working at church on Sunday mornings. During the week I am no longer able to hold down a full time job due to disabilities.

    • 92.1
      Dorothy Stickler says:

      Blue Sky’s …. how delightful! So many Silver Linings out there day to day…. too many Blessings to Count!
      Gods Gifts to me in my Senior Life are looking out my kitchen window through out the day and watching the Birds, as well as the little Squirrel enjoying the seed I give them. Always warms my heart!
      Another Silver Lining of my life is watching the Sun rise up through the trees and enjoying Gods Paintings in the sky….. Spectacular Beauty!
      I am blessed to be able to lead a class of seniors in Tai Chi at the local Sr. Center three times a week! It gets me up and moving early and keeps me healthy as well as helping others.
      I enjoy your books Cindy and look forward to reading more! A true blessing is having good vision ….. I am so thankful for my sight!
      I will continue to watch for more Silver Linings in my days… hope you all reading will too!

  538. 91
    Connie Saunders says:

    I am a retired librarian. For 22 1/2 years I was able to work every day with what I have always loved. Books. Books. Books. I was also able to promote the value of reading. I have witnessed children who seemed to come out of the womb loving books and rejoiced when a reluctant reader discovered the joy of reading. I loved my job and I will carry those memories as long as I have memory!

  539. 90
    Linda Hallas says:

    thank you, love your books. God’s blessings to and you and your family

  540. 89
    Helen Salabak says:

    As a retiree, most of my work is home related. I still enjoy making delicious meals for my husband and it is wonderful that most of the time he remembers to compliment me on a job well done.

  541. 88
    Syble Ditzler says:

    I am a retired teacher and really enjoyed getting to know all types of people. I like knowing what life is like in other places. It’s always interesting to learn new things. I think that is why I enjoy reading so much – it is a way to visit places that doesn’t cost a lot! Thanks.

  542. 87
    Linda D. McFarland says:

    Dealing with a diagnosis of a rare cancer, my silver lining is an understanding husband who works very hard and understands when I am not feeling well and insists on bringing home dinner. He is a blessing! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  543. 86
    Tara M says:

    Having returned to the work force, it is nice to discover that I can keep up with my younger co-workers doing physical work. It has also helped me to tone up, lose about 15 pounds, and have more energy.

  544. 85
    Jan B says:

    Your post was very timely. This is the time of year when it may be harder to find the positive, but listing one or two things we are thankful for each day will help. Would love to have the set of books you are giving away. Look forward to reading the third book even if I don’t win. God Bless!

  545. 84
    Bonnie says:

    I just try to stay positive and I love to read. Thank you for the chance to win.

  546. 83
    Sharon Jones says:

    I am a totally in sync with you and your blog and comments being kept right here! Thanks for your insight and cheers for your good judgement!

  547. 82

    Thank you for this generous giveaway, Cindy. I love your novels. 🙂 Blessings to you!

  548. 81
    TAMMI TAYLOR says:

    my silver lining I don’t get out much in winter time and don’t drive take a taxi ! But today I did there a thrift store next to the grocery store! I found three books! I HADNT HAD ANY BOOKS TO READ FOR A MONTH AND WAS SO GLAD TO FIND SOME BOOKS TO READ!

  549. 80
    Robin in NC says:

    There are so many silver linings about being retired from the work world, it’s hard to choose! I guess the very best part is being able to spend time with hubs, traveling more, enjoying weekday church functions & breakfasts with friends! Silver linings indeed!!

  550. 79
    Mary Ellen Ashenfelder says:

    I am retired and I take my grandson and our neighbor girl to school each morning. This gets me up early to “get things done”. I visit my 87 year old mother-in-law several days a week to help her with whatever she needs. I also have 2 friend/neighbors with health issues that I take for appointments, shopping and other errands. That keeps me busy until I pick up the kids after school. I am way behind on my reading a d hope to fix that in the near future. Would be thrilled to add these books to my collection. Thank you.

  551. 78
    Janet Estridge says:

    I volunteer in the church library and have for almost 40 years.
    Every Tuesday we read to the pre-school children. What a delightful surprise to see all these children coming into the library with thank-you cards made by their own little hands.
    It made everybody’s day and then some.

  552. 77
    Donna Repsher says:

    What an amazing giveaway–I love your novels.

    I retired when I sold my bookstore back in 2011, and inadvertently found a post-retirement career as a copy editor. I did that for 4 years and decided that I really wanted to relax and enjoy my retirement and then I discovered Netgalley and the wonderful world of writing book reviews, which I’m still enjoying today.

  553. 76
    Elli Strukel says:

    Retiree——–I volunteer at a soup kitchen and also visit nursing homes and shut-ins. Pay it forward I always say.

  554. 75
    Nancy Brown says:

    A silver lining I’ve found is, after the cloud of my husband having skin cancer was discovered, the silver lining is that he was cured very quickly due to the surgery, and now he has very few worries in that area.
    Praise Jesus!

  555. 74
    Shelley says:

    I enjoy reading all your books. God Bless.

  556. 73
    Laura Peet says:

    I love your emphasis on being positive. I just found your books in our library and started with book one in the Amish Vines and Orchards series and hope to find the rest of the series soon.
    I have been a stay-at-home homeschooling mother since about 1990 and just graduated our youngest son in May. One blessing of my “work” environment I noticed this month was the chance to go sledding with our two college students when we had a rare snowstorm here in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. It was a beautiful time.

  557. 72
    Marcia White says:

    I am retired, but I work the polls on election days. I thought it was a volunteer position, then I found out everyone is paid! Not a lot, but pay none-the-less. I love working the polls as I get to meet many new people and greet neightbors, firends and acquaintances who I don’t see on a regular basis. Silver lining for sure!

  558. 71
    Brenda says:

    I am able to listen to Christian music at my office!! Such a blessing!

  559. 70
    Janice Clark says:

    I would LOVE it win this series… My silver lining is ,I have had a lot of Test run this week and the Lord has blessed me with good reports so far.. I love good clean books to read.. Hope I win.. Thank you…

  560. 69
    Therese says:

    My Dear Mother would have loved your books! I share her love of reading. Thank You! More Blessings!

  561. 68

    Yeah! Another chance to win some great books to cozy up and read

  562. 67
    Brenda Williams says:

    Today’s Friday, that’s my silver lining. It’s been a long, tiresome week and today’s also payday!
    I love the quote from the song. I just remember Willie Nelson singing it. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  563. 66
    Sharon Henning says:

    I am currently looking for a job! But when I am working, I think the silver lining is working with a great bunch of people!

  564. 65
    Sandra Davenport says:

    Love your blog as I too am sick of the way everyone is always so depressed or acting upset over everything and need some calming in what life I have left to live.

  565. 64
    Cherese says:

    I worked for several years as a surgical scrub tech for Labor and Delivery and also on the Labor and Delivery floor for general deliveries. I’m on a disability now,however my Siliver lining is after such a job who the average person would thing it’s the best of job which it was it also was at times the worst of jobs. It was during those times we as a staff became closest to not only each other but the families and God as well. I now never take any day for granite life is precious each and everyone has a very special purpose in life.

  566. 63
    Betty Rhodes says:

    Hi Cindy, I am a 78-year young lady, who adores you and your books.

    As I stated in an earlier post on your blog, I have never enjoyed reading, because
    my mind wanders too much. But about four years ago, after being encouraged by
    a dear friend who is an avid reader, I started listening to Audio books.

    Of course, you know at my age I am retired. Since my retirement, I have enjoyed traveling with my husband of 58 1/2 years, gardening, both veggie and flowers, along with my most loved hobby of Ceramics. Ceramics is supposed to be a hobby that I enjoy spending time on, but my husband tells me, that I make a Job out of it. That
    is the way I am. Anything I do, I go at it as though I am on a time limit. I make all kind of things, such as the Ceramic Christmas Trees, all the Christmas delights, along with seasonal items. I just love doing it. It is a very costly hobby, but I never sell anything I make. I always give it away and enjoy seeing the excitement and joy on one’s face when they receive it. Each piece is truly a treasure, because I have put so much love in it just as you do in your writing.

    When I first started listening to the Audio Books, I started out with Amish books and absolutely fell in love with the Amish. After I had gone through all the books the Library had, I started looking on the computer for some new Authors. That was when I found you. Unfortunatley, I live in a very rural area and our Library is small and does not have a lot of Audio book, so I started listening to some of yours, where there was a place to listen to a sample. That was when I realized I was missing on of the best Author out there. I started looking for your books on eBay & So now when my kids and grandkids ask me what I want for Christmas or Birthday, etc. I tell them I want Audio books by Cindy Woodsmall or a gift certificate so I can buy them. My Granddaughter who is in her last year of college, was looking for one of your books for me before Christmas and she searched & searched and finally found it at a Library in Ohio. She lives in NC. It was the first series of Sisters of the Quilt, so you know, after finishing it, I went on a mad search to find the other two. I just found number three yesterday and ordered it. Can’t wait for it to get here so I can finish the story. So sweet. You have such a God Gifted Mind to be able to write such sweet stories. When I am done with all of your books, I can open my own Library.

    I hope this gets me entered into the drawing you have coming up.

    One of your great admirers
    Betty Rhodes.

  567. 62
    Amanda Kinzel says:

    I work outside of the home, 40 hours a week, 7:30 – 4:00 Monday thru Friday. But my silver lining is that I read your books and they take me away to happier places! I’d love to win this series of books! Oh, and another work related silver lining…at least I got a raise at the beginning of the year! Lol

  568. 61
    Tina Dewe says:

    I’m pretty sure I’ve already commented on this, but I sure would like to win these books, so just in case I didn’t already…. here’s my entry!

  569. 60
    Diane Reams says:

    I have read all your series books plus others. You are the best writer telling the Amish story. Thank you

  570. 59
    Diane Reams says:

    I have all your series books plus others. You are the best writer of the Amish!! Thank you

  571. 58
    Sonia Crooks says:

    I do work as a nurse tech in a hospital and I enjoy it a lot. I was a single mom and now I’m a grandmother who is also helping raise my granddaughter. It gets hard and stressful when it seems I’m the only one concerned with her schooling, general care, clothing, etc.. but to have these moments with her are beyond priceless.

  572. 57
    Kris Ross says:

    Hi Cindy, I am retired….we recently moved to the Georgia mountains…most of my life, while I worked at secretarial jobs for a local City Hall or in a school office….most of my married life when I had children, I was most proudest to be able to stay home and be a STAY AT HOME Mom….I loved the years being home with my children….before retiring I was a FULL TIME Grandma …started off with my first grandchild Taylor, who is now 14….I thought I would babysit for 2 years and she’d go to Day care …but then another and another so I was FT Grandma for 12 1/2 years…..I wish more Moms could stay home with their children….but I do know about the economy …. Thanks for the chance to win this series…..

  573. 56
    Cindi says:

    The silver lining in my job is the joy I have knowing that God is using me to touch lives in ways only known to Him. It may just be a friendly smile, or assisting someone in need, but regardless of my inadequacies, others see God reflected in me. JOY!

  574. 55
    Autumn Greenwell says:

    I have worked as a Medication Aide for the elderly & developmentally handicapped for 7 years . Before that, I was a CNA for 28 years. My silver lining is going into work after being off awhile & one of my clients coming to me & saying “I thought you weren’t coming back! ” They are the sunshine in my days!!!!

  575. 54
    Dana says:

    Hi Cindy, I work in an office part time and take care of 45 rescue kitties the rest of the time. Well, except when I’m In my happy place, my sewing room. I love caring for all my kitties. My silver lining is being blessed to be able to care for them. And the love that they show in return.

    I am a big fan of your writing and look forward to future books. Thanks for a chance to win this series!

    Dana in GA

  576. 53
    Darlene Rardin says:

    Your writing makes me feel like I’m back home, in Ohio. I has the best memories visiting with my family Amish country, sharing my baking and cooking from my tattered Amish cookbook.
    Thank you for your devotion to us 🙂

  577. 52
    Teresa Collett says:

    Thank you for this give-away! Looking forward to reading this series!

  578. 51
    Andrea Woodard says:

    I have found a family of people at work who really care about me. If I am feeling down, they cheer me up. If they see me and notice a change, they comment or ask what I’d doing and why. Can’t beat my work family. Love them all.

  579. 50
    Randi says:

    My silver lining in my job is working for truly wonderful people after leaving a very difficult work situation.

  580. 49
    Andrea Woodard says:

    You are one of my favorite authors. Love all your books. Please keep writing them.
    Would love to win this collection from you.

  581. 48
    Patricia Shrader says:

    How wise you are, Cindy, knowing that we can all use a good dose of positivity! It seems the media is so full of negative stuff right now, and as you said, even if one makes a positive or complimentary remark on social media, people are quick to disagree, or pounce. Having our own little “positive space” where we can be free to express ourselves will be a blessing, I am sure. Bravo, Cindy! You are a wonderful author, but also you are very sensitive and caring about the lives of your readers.
    ps: looks like many of your readers are retirees, like me. My days seem full of “silver linings.” When I say my prayers before bed, I often thank the Lord for my many blessings, which are as numerous as the stars in the sky. I also have a knee replacement, which makes walking without pain an incredible blessing. God is indeed good! Bless you, Cindy! ~Pat in Florida

  582. 47
    Margaret L. Courter says:

    Hi Cindy, I am, as of tomorrow, an 86 year old retiree and a great grandmother of 20 great grandchildren ranging in ages of two thru twenty one. I enjoy sitting with the younger ones and have until recently attended the older ones sport activities. I an no longer able to sit on the bleachers at their games or to drive after dark. This has limited my activities and I have become an avid reader. As a young girl my mother couldn’t pry me away from my books. I so enjoy the Amish books but also read others. This winter I have read 4 or 5 books a week. I also knit and crochet and have been doing some research into my family tree to keep occupied. In the summer I work in my flower garden. I really like your books and am hoping I might be one of the lucky ladies to win the giveaway.

  583. 46
    nancy seitz says:

    Love your books. Am anxiously waiting for next one.
    Silver lining for me in retirement is time to sew and time to be with grandchildren.

  584. 45
    Judy says:

    I really enjoy your books. My silver lining is being able to volunteer in two kindergarten classes at 2 different schools. I am in my 11th year as a volunteer at one and my 2nd year at another. It is a joy to be able to love on these kids and watch as the light bulb comes on when they have learned something new. They bring sunshine to my life every week.

  585. 44
    Sharon Miller says:

    A silver lining coming from my husband’s death is a ministry to grieving people in my community and as a facilitator in GriefShare. I really enjoy your books!

  586. 43
    Karen Waller says:

    Hi Cindy – First, want to thank you for emphasizing the positives in our lives. Knowing we will have a monthly Blue Skies post is pretty special already! Then for my own work-related silver lining, i am being permitted to telework a couple of days each week from an office only 12 minutes from home, versus a full hour drive each way for my regular office. This might actually be more of a platinum lining 🙂 as i can certainly find things at home to fill those reclaimed hours. I so look forward to each of your books, whether stand alones or next in a series! Blessings–

  587. 42
    Maureen says:

    I enjoy all your books and am looking forward to your next release. My job is really a ministry. I am a quilter and many of the quilts are make are for people in distress. The silver lining is that I am blessed doing what I enjoy to bless others.

  588. 41
    Bernice says:

    Being retired offers me a new silver lining every day. I have plenty to do these days with helping friends and relatives when needed, being active in a club, enjoying my hobbies and my main focus is keeping my family healthy & happy. It’s great to have time to read whenever I want. Any day on this side of the grass is a good one and for that I am thankful. 🙂

  589. 40
    neva says:

    I have enjoyed this series very much. This is a great give away. Thank you for all the stories you share with us. I have read all your books and I always look forward to the next one.

  590. 39
    Suzanne Sellner says:

    As a retired teacher and administrator, I’m having a great time this semester substituting for the entire semester for a regular teacher who is moving out of state because of her husband’s job. What a fun way to spend time where I used to work with the fabulous teachers and students there! I’m having a great time with this work-related silver lining.

  591. 38
    Rhonda says:

    Love your books hopping I win.
    Keep the books coming.

  592. 37
    Kathy Kanauer says:

    I love your books! I work part time and greatly enjoy my time off! My silver lining is creative time for hobbies.

  593. 36
    Bob says:

    I am a volunteer at a local hospital 2 mornings a week! I am Patient Ambassador on the unit I worked on before I retired! I greet each patient offering a newspaper, tv schedule, warm blanket, ice and water, etc. But, the most important thing I am allowed to do is pray with a patient if they want me to pray!
    That is my ministry and it sure makes life worthwhile!



  594. 35

    I work outside the home, and a silver lining is that I work in a Christian environment and don’t have to worry about the negativity surrounding our country to invade the work day. Sure we have issues, but nothing like those in secular jobs often have to deal with.

  595. 34
    Moya says:

    I am not able to work, but my silver lining would have to be my pets (a corgi and a cat) and my husband, because with being sick, he has been very supportive to and for me

  596. 33
    Judy Weaver says:

    What an awesome giveaway!!! Loved your blog!! I am retired so I don’t work at a job. I am very active with my book club and do a lot of the “paperwork” type things. The silver lining there is my friendships that I have with these wonderful ladies. It also helps me keep my skills up.

  597. 32
    Lisa says:

    I am now retired which leaves me more time to read, spend time with the grandkids and be a member of The National Christian Choir. My silver linings are family and ministering to others through the message presented by song.

    I would love to win!

    Thanks for the opportunity to take part.

  598. 31

    my silver lining is that in being a home maker , im always there and available for my children and husband . no 2 days are same and im there for my teenagers to talk to me . i get no better satisfaction then being helpful to my family and community .

  599. 30
    Alberta Kliem says:

    I am retired and no longer work outside the home, however I am devoted to helping others to see the value in reading the Bible and I go to their homes and help them in learning to study the Bible in such a way that it helps them copy with every day life and gives them the Bible hope of a life without worries and pain the Jesus spoke so much about when he was on earth-he also showed by his miracles the way it would be when the earth is cleaned of the conditions we see today. This brings me great joy in my life and I am now 77 years old .

  600. 29
    Suzanne Cumbie says:

    I am a “stay at home Nana” and so very blessed to have 3 of my 5 grandchildren close enough to see every day. Since I am at home it enables me yo attend a Bible study with ladies who are my age. Another blessing because we moved to a new town 3 years ago. I am auickly becoming friends with these ladies, a beautiful silver lining that I was in hrest need of!

  601. 28
    Barbara says:

    Love your books. Would love to win them. Looking forward to reading them!

  602. 27

    Cindy, I love your books. When I start reading one, I can’t put it down! I own a B and B on the Appalachian Trail in Southwest Virginia. I love meeting people from all walks of life. This past year I had a van load of 7 Amish girls stay with me. They were hiking part of the Appalachian Trail.
    This is my winter season when I close for a few months. Right now my husband and I are on what I call the “Grandchildren tour”! We are blessed with 12 grandchildren, ages 12-1. We have been to Memphis to Lacombe, La. and then will head back to North Georgia to visit the rest of the grandkids.

  603. 26
    Mary McCauley says:

    I ride with my hubby in the semi. While the storm made roads bad the snow on the trees was beautiful as were the drifting.

  604. 25
    Julie says:

    I homeschool my 2 children. We don’t have to rush in the mornings. I can take my time to drink coffee, spend time with Jesus, and read books.

  605. 24
    Beth Davie says:

    Now I’m in the ‘retirement phase’ of my life, but was blessed to a business for over 30 years that took me into homes of many folks from all walks of life! These folks had called upon me to help them make their homes more beautiful with wallpaper installations and some interior design. I always felt humbled that I was invited into their most intimate space: the home! Over the years, tho it was hard, hard physical work, I made many good friends from my clients! Hard work really can become a silver lining when it gives you the opportunity to get to know and love so many great folks!

  606. 23
    Connie Roberts says:

    My silver lining is I don’t dread going to work everyday, I work in one of our local public schools in the library. Growing up I always thought it would be boring to work in a library but it is far from boring! I so enjoy talking to all our kids that come in, some come in several times during the day, I think just to get out of class, lol. I love to read & Amish fiction is my favorite, my home life is busy with my husband, our daughter & two grandkids who live with us & church so I don’t have a lot of spare time to read. I love my job, our librarian is awesome to work with & it’s just her & I so no drama! We have so many kids that love to read & to watch them get excited about a book makes my heart full. Now, we’re just waiting for some snow days! Thank you for having this giveaway, I’d love to win! Have a very blessed day!

  607. 22
    Susan Fletcher says:

    I teach 3rd grade. (33rd year) From August until December, I was teaching, then going to one of my student’s houses (with cancer) to teach him 2 nights a week. This month, he was allowed to come back to school. He still misses a lot of days, but we are all so happy for him! He loves his class and classmates!
    Susan in NC

  608. 21
    Brenda Anderson says:

    I’ve been retired for awhile and very much enjoy reading. Thank you, Cindy, for the excellent books you provide. It’s so good to know I’ll get a good, meaty story without bad words or sexual enuendos.

  609. 20
    Elaine Rieder says:

    When I was working, I loved the work I did. Since I am retired I love volunteering at the local hospital.

  610. 19
    Gwenda says:

    What a wonderful give away! Would love to win and relax with this.

  611. 18
    Dawn L. Martinez says:

    I’m retired & love that I can enjoy God’s creation wherever I go. I enjoy reading & having free time to do what I want. Would love to win your books to add them to my collection. Have a great winter, Cindy!

  612. 17
    Jean Smith says:

    Being retired gives me more time to read. My sister and I swap books. It gives us twice as many books to read.

  613. 16
    Barbara Wenner says:

    I’m a retiree my silver lining is , I can get out and get to know people as I live in a gated retirement center theirs 50 apartment all on the ground floor,it also let’s me to read a lot.thanks for the change to win.

  614. 15
    Kay Hilton says:

    I love all your books and would be so happy to win these!

  615. 14
    Joy Gibson says:

    I love being retired. It gives me more reading time!

  616. 13
    Nancy says:

    I have been retired for 25 years or more.I used to color when I was a child so I thought I would start doing something I liked to do when I was young.So I went to a craft store and bought me some colored pencils and an Adult coloring .It brought back so many of my childhood memories of me and my sister coloring.I fill more relaxed and peasefull.So I would like to win your book reading relaxes me a lot.
    thank you

  617. 12
    Kathryn Voss says:

    Silver lining: the end of the day!!! Being able to rest with my baby and savor those moments once the work day is done.

  618. 11
    Carolyn Hutson says:

    Though I am a stay at home wife, “retired from teaching”, my husband and I do monthly events at our apartment community. That means I plan the events, make the flyers and monthly calendars, cook the food (if it’s a food event), decorate and then serve our residents. I just had surgery in December and on Tuesday, we had the first event in which I was “back” to work. I was still exhausted even before the event happened, but the silver lining was that we met three new residents! The kids had a blast too!

  619. 10
    Sandy Arnold says:

    I retired a year and half ago, so my silver lining is I get to see my granddaughters often, have the freedom to say yes when my daughter needs help, freedom to fly east coast to WA too see my twin toddler grandsons, freedom to help at church…and God has provided financially beyond my imagination. I am blessed!

  620. 9
    Marion says:

    I finally got back to learning sign language that I had started a while ago.

  621. 8
    Luanne Bailey says:

    My 88 year old mother is spending the winter with me, and we’ve spent a lot of mother/daughter time just doing simple home chores together like doing dishes, etc.

  622. 7
    Linda Finn says:

    It has been amazing ! We have had blue skies and the birds seem to have never went away this winter ! The birds and the geese stayed and though some days were overcast most of them were blue for sure !
    Linda Marie Finn

  623. 6
    Joan says:

    I finally got to sort out my Christmas wrappings I have saved over the years. Many of them were wrinkled and not worth keeping.

  624. 5
    Molly Frederick says:

    I have found I need to be happy in wwhatever I am doing, home , work or play, because this is the day our Lord has given me, be glad and rejoice!!

  625. 4
    Marilyn Dotson says:

    I would simply love to read this Series! I am sure they are just wonderful! 😊😊😊

  626. 3
    Kathryn Riley says:

    What a fantastic giveaway! As a homemaker I’m always on the lookout for good books. Anytime I have a free minute, I pick up my current book.

    Thanks, Kathy

  627. 2
    Marilyn says:

    I found time to finally clean my bedroom and polish some of the furniture. Thanks for the giveaway.

  628. 1
    Erin Woodsmall says:

    I’ll kick off this comment section. 🙂

    My one month old baby (and his big brother and sis) slept well enough that for the first time in several days my thoughts have been relatively coherent. It may be rare but I’ll take it!